Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight High-Performance eBike

Provides the best two-wheeler thrilling experience.

Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight

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  • Zooz Urban Ultralight is a high-performance thrill seeker eBike specially designed for riders with premium materials.
  • Zooz eBike has 35E Samsung large battery with a peak power of 960W and lasts long for 40Km with 5 levels of pedal assist.
  • Zooz eBike has a throttle installed with Maxxis Hookworm with Tektro Hydraulic brakes and has a 48V gear drive with a max speed of 32 kph.


eBikes are great & riding them will give a new level of experience, but not all of them have the performance or the style you want.

This Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight high-performance eBike is designed for the bike riders in mind, this eBike let you seek the style you need. This Ultralight bike is available in three versions.

All these Zooz bikes has Samsung cells in the battery and has premium components like Tektro Brakes, while the top models there will be more power, speed and distance.

They also provide choices in handlebar and wheels for high performance and promises to deliver exceptional features to their consumers.

Problem solved by this product


This Zooz Urban Ultralight is specially designed for city riders who are seeking thrill and style in the street roads made with premium quality and cool design.

Zooz eBike will cover if you are looking for the best performance & provides a two-wheeler thrilling experience with quality components by paying attention to every detail.

This Zooz eBike will fit for many riders and available in the different wheel and handle sizes, while the Samsung large battery last longer for 40km and can carry load capacity of up to 136Kg in the top series.

There is a 5 level pedal assist in the Zooz eBike which can boot up to 27mph with pedal boost on the motor of 48V, battery is concealed under the seat which offers comfort to the riders.

This 840Wh battery will charge under 5 hours and there is throttle installed on this model and all the frames, fork and bars are made with Chromoly Steel.

Detailed specification


Zooz Bikes Urban is a classic chrome plated steel frame, which is reminiscent of early days of BMX which reminds your childhood and packs a serious punch performance in the city streets.

They have used high quality Maxxis Hookworm tires in the Zooz Bikes and has hydraulic Tektro brakes which becomes standard in these days. Mounted with a 48V motor and waterproof controller deliver a nominal 48V at 15 rated amps.

Zooz Bikes has a peak 25A throttle speed of 20mph and with manual pedaling you can booth the speed gear ratio easily up to 27mph. Packed with Samsung 35E cells of 840Wh removable battery.

This is the bigger battery to be last longer for more miles and this large battery case is partially concealed under the seat design, which they call banana seat style provides a comfortable riding position.

The design and their perfect utilization of the space looks cool while you are doing it, Any size rider will feel comfortable with the design with the overall dimensions, which kept to minimum.

The weight of the eBike is also well balanced even with steel frame and having large battery. There is a 5 level pedal assist and there is a throttle installed in the Zooz Bikes.

There are three eBikes UU250, UU750 and UU100 which has different rider profiles and in each bike there are different optional available in the tires and handle bars height.

They used Tektro HD-350E Hydraulic with front of F 180 mm and Rear 160 mm and can be charged within 4 hours.

Rider Profile Experienced/ Thrill seeker
Load Capacity 230 lbs. / 104 Kg
Rider Height 5’0” – 6’5” 1.21m – 1.95m
Rated/Peak Power 575/ 960W
Set Max Speed 20 mph / 32Kph
Weight w/ battery 55.7 lbs/ 25.3 Kg
Charging time 4+ hours
Battery 17.5aH / 840Wh
Cells Samsung 35E
Motor 48V gear drive
Pedal Assist 5 levels
Throttle Yes (installed)
Frame, Fork, Bars 4130 Chromoly Steel
Tires Maxxis Hookworm 24×2.50
Brakes Tektro HD-350E Hydraulic
F/ 180mm R/ 160mm
Class Class 2

This Zooz Bike Urban Ultralight eBike is priced at $1500 for pre-production sale and the regular price is $2000.

Plan for launch

This Zooz Urban Ultralight is launched in the year 2020 and will be made available in later quarters of the year, when the manufacturing process is completed, after the design & prototyping is done.

Company details

This Urban Ultralight ebike is developed by company called Zoozbikes which is a US based company, started in a garage and designed in the cloud and created by a unique group of friend.

This Zoozbikes offers premium quality combined with classic lines with big battery, designed to explore new modes in the ebikes and enables with a unique twist of talent.

After the design, they posted on the Instagram and these models caught winds, then a two wheeler was rendered. Two years later then the ebike is released.

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