ZipBag: No More Plastic Bags. Lifetime Warranty


ZipBag is a new name in the area of reusable products market. It has been known since many years that the consumption of plastic has indeed been consuming the planet Earth as we know it. From Toxic waste to Global Warming, plastic has been responsible at different levels in all of those problems. The plastic generation on this planet is a very serious problem. We generate 3-400 Metric Tons of plastic every year. To put this in perspective this much plastic can encompass the entire planet 4-5 times. The generation of plastic is a big problem not only because it is so high and affects the environment but also its degradation is next to impossible.

The shoppers worldwide use approximately 5-600 Million plastic bags every year to give out stuff or pack food. Not only is it bad for the environment but also packing hot food in the plastic bags affects it and when we consume it, it may affect our digestive system as well. Helping the people of Earth comes the new ZipBag.

Problem Solving by the Product

Although plastic has become a daily need of people these days but they need to understand the harms of using it. Plastic is one of the worst enemies of the environment. ZipBag helps fight it as it serves us better than plastic bags used for packing food. This multipurpose bag is also very degradable and harms the environment in no possible way. ZipBag can be used over and over again for storing or packing food and is more durable than a plastic bag.


The worries of health also just fade off by the usage of this product as it harms your body in no such way as done by plastic bags. All you have to do is wash it and reuse. Not just storing food but it has many more inbuilt features too. It is just as user friendly as it is environment friendly. There is much more to the ZipBag than it seems.

Detailed Specifications

ZipBag is a beautiful and helpful innovation which takes us a step closer to saving this environment. It comes with a durable material which can be used over and over again over a lifetime. It provides its users with a lifetime warranty.

You can store all kinds of food materials in the bag. From Dry Fruits to Gravy Soups, it can take it all. The perfect zipper never lets anything out unless you want it. Unlike the other zipper bags, which of course are made of plastic, it is very much spill proof. The accidental knocks will never be a problem as the ZipBag can withstand them.


Storing your food and taking it to Lunch has never been more compact and easy. It is slim as any other zipper and can be easily stored inside your bag unlike bulky Lunch Boxes and with a suitable base of support you can enjoy your food whenever and wherever you want.

It preserves the taste, health and crunch off your food over a long time and keeps it fresh so you can also store dinner leftovers in the fridge. Say goodbye to Plastic containers as this can just stand inside the fridge by itself because of the base support.

Tracking your food too is easy as the ZipBag provides a dial on its top with the Seven days of the week marked and adjusting it you can keep a track of the leftovers so that you consume them in time and know when they have gone bad.

To store the food in it for a long time you can store it in a freezer as this invention can withstand the negative part of the temperature scale too. It is freezer friendly as well as Microwave friendly.


You can take the food out of the fridge and microwave it in case you like to consume it hot. This never affects the taste or health of the food as it is made to withstand all those conditions. It can withstand a temperature of -392o F to 200o C. Also what comes next is the reusing. It can be washed inside a dishwasher being dishwasher friendly. As well as if you like it, just wash it by hand. Let it dry and use it again. It is just as simple.

The company also provides a heat provider for your food which can keep your food warm for hours so your lunch doesn’t get cold and you can enjoy it at its best taste. Along with a Hot it also contains a cold pouch to help you in either ways.

When not in use it can be hung in a corner of the kitchen where you wouldn’t even notice it. Saving your kitchen space by providing a hanger in the corner.

Made of premium quality Silicone, it is BPA free as well Non-Toxic. It has been approved by the FDA and marked food safe. Also to keep a better track of your food it provides a writing space on it so you can write on it what you are storing in it to help the kids.

Plans for Launch

The Company had kick-started the production campaign in November 2019 which went for 2 months. Through Indiegogo the company started taking pre-orders at the start of 2020. Partnering alongside Indiegogo, the company has started producing it.

The production stage is scheduled to take almost 5 months up till May 2020. In June the product will be tested for its quality before it is sent off to customers. The company has promised to fulfil the demands of the ZipBag by July 2020.

The product will be shipped out to the world in July.


Company Details in Short

The ZipBag is a product provided to the world by the Two Pillars. The Two Pillars is a group of designers and creators from San Francisco, California. The have been in the process of developing the ZipBag for 2 years.

After countless tests and iterations, they have given the world this gift to replace and fight the plastic waste. They have been providing the world with many eco-friendly innovations for Kitchen which have been thoughtful and always helpful to save the environment and reduce efforts of people.



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