V-Coptr Falcon Drone can take 4K Videos, 50 Mins Flight Time

  • V-Coptr has V-shaped dual-rotor propulsion system which helps it to take 50 mins flight time.
  • V-Coptr comes with patented design propeller which has lower noise profile’
  • V-Coptr comes with 4K Video capturing capabilities

Generally drones make sound while flying around the air and they aren’t designed to change the direction of propeller to make a move mast with and what if they get lost while controlling it.

This Zero Zero Robotics V coptr drone can do these things while the other drone functionalities comes to it naturally and is capable of recording the video in 4K and has the great feature that only few drones offer is the RTH feature with the 3 Axis gimbal stabilization.



1. This Drone is V-shaped dual rotor propulsion system combined with rotating motor technology help in moving the propellers.
2. This V shaped dual propulsion system is more efficient and offers you a great battery life due to only two wings it will long last about 50 mins.
3. Unlike the other drone this will not make any noise while flying in the air due to the slower rotation of the propellers and their design create a lift with high efficient in the flying height and produce less noise.
4. They have equipped with the tilt rotor technology with the compact industrial design with the control algorithm that empowers the stable flight with high quality.
5. This drone is equipped with the 3-Axis mechanical gimbal stabilization so that you can take the videos in smoother way not getting interrupted by the movements of the camera.
6. The camera has the 1600 degrees field of cover the entire scene in front of you.
7. The camera has the 1/2.3 inch 12MP CMOS sensor that takes the 4K crystal clear shot and video form the aerial view.
8. This device has the auto follow algorithm which follows the subject or target accurately and stably.
9. This V-Coptr falcon is equipped with advanced VIO (Visual inertial Odometry) and a front facing camera. It can map its surroundings and detects obstacles and avoid them.
10. You can have the Cinematic shots with the pre-programmed flight paths and post editing help you to do that.
11. This device can be operated form the 7 KM distance so you can still see the view of the camera in the screen and you can fly as high and as far you want.
12. The device is light in weight than the other drones and that is the reason still it can fly high even in slow rotation of the propellers.
13. The maximum wind speed that this device can resist is 10m/s and it is allowed to operate only between the 0 to 40 degrees.
14. There is an 8GB internal storage and you can expand it up to 256GB of storage so you never think about the storage ran out while you storing the videos.
15. The Falcon remote and the drone are operated at 2.4Ghz bandwidth for the transmission signal the controller used to manoeuver the V-coptr Falcon called the blast off feature and a built in battery that can last long up to 2.5 hours.


  • Dimensions : 220x148x72 mm
  • Weight : 730g
  • Max Hovering Time : 50 mins max
  • Wind Resistance : 10 m/s
  • Operating Temperature:  0 degree centigrade – 40 Degree
  • Operating Frequency : 2.4GHz
  • Internal Storage : 8 GB
  • External Storage : Expandable up to 256GB
  • Stabilization : 3- Axis gimbal
  • Obstacle Avoidance:  Max obstacle avoidance 7m/s
  • Image Sensor : 1/2.3 CMOS
  • Effective Pixels:  12MP
  • Lens Field of view:  800
  • Focal length : 28mm f/2.2
  • Image size:  4000×3000
  • Video Resolution : 4K
  • Photo Format : JPEG, RAW (DNG), RAW+JPEG
  • Video Format:  MP4
  • Control distance :  7000 meters max
  • Battery life : 2.5 hours
  • Battery capacity : 4500mah
  • Intelligent Battery Voltage: 15.4 V
  • Energy : 69.3 Wh
  • Weight: 329 g
  • Operating Temperature: 0- 40c
  • Charger Output: 17.6V-3A, 5V – 2A
  • Power: 56 W
  • Charger output: 100v-24v 50Hz- 60HZ

Plan for Launch

This product is launched in the year 2020 January and the company claims that it will be shipped to your home if you pre ordered it in the website.

V-Coptr Falcon

Editor’s Pick

This drone is operable only in the below the 40 degree centigrade where it is not useful in many places since many places are either above 40 degrees easily. The wind resistance is only 10m/s which is quite low and the drone can be easily be damaged, there is no 4K 60 fps resolution to capture the things. The battery only itself weighs the half of the drone size.

There is the RTH feature in this V- coptr but they haven’t mentioned any word about this one, There is no official announcement about the water resistant about the device with will be an issue again since the drones fly in the air at any time they may be hit by rain. They also not mentioned the time to charge the drone and the console.


This device is priced at 999$ (71,500 RS) which is very high for this product since it even don’t have the 4K 60 fps it will be interesting that the propellers will rotate.

Out of box

Out of the box you will get the drone controller 1 extra battery and extra propeller and gimbals cover and screwdriver set and USB cable.

About Company

This product is developed by the company Zero. Zero which is founded in the year 2014 by Stanford Wang and Zhang, they are specialized in embedded AI technology to create intelligent devices with high precision control system.

They launched their second product Hover 2 in 2018 on kickstarters Based on its design it added numerous innovative features such as optical radar for 360 degrees obstacle, the palm pilot remote controller and intelligent flight modes like Auto frames etc.

In 2019 company launched the world’s first consumer bi-copter, the falcon with extremely long flight time and it is well known for v shaped multi patented dual rotor propulsion system, the company team are comprised of dreamers and engineers, inventors and builders hailing from top universities and research institutes.

The head Quarters of the company is located at Beijing with offices in San Francisco, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Taiwan.



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