Zero Translator – Perfect Travel Companion Can Translate 40 languages

Zero Translator
  • Zero Translator is one stop solution for translating any language to yours.
  • Zero Translator is cheap with 69$ price tag.
  • Zero Translator is home to approximately 40+ languages and houses 90+ accents.


ero is the one-stop solution for your difficulty in expressing thoughts in alien places. The translator steps up to remove every language barrier that exists to ensure a clear-cut communication. No matter where you are or what services you have at a particular place, Zero will always stay with you to assist you in every way. The device has mobility and versatility. Alongside that, it is cheap and affordable. That nearly sums up what capability this device has and to which extent it can go.

Can you remember all those embarrassing moments you had to face whilst in another place where neither you could understand the language there nor they could understand yours? Not only while traveling one can face, issues related to language in business meetings and interviews too.

So, the creators of Zero Translator have come up with a smooth solution that just slots in during any conversation that involves two or more languages. The product is minimalist with no requirements at all. One just needs a smartphone to plug it in.

Even so, there is no procedure whatsoever to initiate it. Just plug in the device and the app will start its work. Now, there is no need to hire a translator that cuts up your pocket for a huge amount of money. Just a tiny device and you can express freely whatever you want.

Zero Tranalator

Problem Solved By This Product

Traveling is considered as an activity of leisure and sooth. The whole idea of leaving your place of comfort to go to explore a new one is just intriguing and adventurous. However, no matter how exquisite it might seem, with travel comes difficulties. Not only one is in an unknown place, but it is also scary because apparently everything is new. The cultures are different, the climate is different and more. So there is nothing one can do in a case of emergency if there is no one to guide them. One of the most difficult of the situations is to communicate with the people around. A new language is hard to understand and therefore it becomes more and more infuriating with time. That can lead to your travel experience turn into a frustrating one. But then again, to every problem, there is a solution and for this one, Zero comes to the rescue!

Zero Translator – Features

Zero Translator

Zero Translator has a body of metal and on it, there are 4 microphones. Precisely, the portability of it comes from an extremely small size. A 4*1.5*0.7 cm body ensures that it doesn’t create any carrying problems during travel. The device can be easily stored in bags, pockets and even in purses. The four high-quality microphones support active noise cancellation so that there is no hurdle in translating what one person is saying to the other.

Zero tends to make conversations more comfortable and interactive. It picks up everything one says and that lessens one thing to worry about. The device has three modes. Meeting mode is where it can pick up the speeches of as much as 4 speakers.

Due to advanced voice recognition, one doesn’t have to worry about anything missing. The device catches everything! So, you can just put it in the center of the table and forget that it exists. The second mode is the interview mode. The device differentiates the voices of 2 speakers and ensures smooth interview conduct.

The third one is a simple translation mode which can be customized according to needs. Another feature that is intriguing about Zero translator is its speech to text conversion. The memos containing translated and original dialogues of both parties are automatically stored on the smartphone. There is an option to either save it for future references or an option to e-mail those logs is also available.

Zero Translator

The device also features an offline mode. No need to worry if you don’t have an internet connection, the communication won’t stop. Alongside this, ‘Global Chat’ is another feature. It allows one to chat with anyone across the world in any language they desire. Zero is home to approximately 40+ languages and houses 90+ accents. The creators are currently working on adding more and more languages.

The on-hand reviews of Zero have been absolutely nuts. It has been reviewed by or featured on platforms such as CNN, NBC Universal etc. The user experience is rated very high as the device itself is very easy to use. One just has to plug the Zero Translator in their phone to bring it in operation.

The accuracy of the translator is considered to be more effective than the existing translators such as Google Translate. It is injected by an algorithm of neural network which allows it to start when you start speaking and stop when you stop.

That removes the hassle of pressing a button every time you wish to say something.

Zero – Price and Availability

zero translator

The device was introduced to the world on Indiegogo on 20th May 2019 with a funding goal of $25,000. The concept was cherished so much that at the end of the campaign (only two months) the funding reached almost $541k. The device was launched at a cheap early bird price of $39 and gained more than 6000 backers from all around the world. The current price of the device is $69 which still stands as a relatively affordable option than the other translators offer. The product is available worldwide and the shipping has already started. The company has met all the batch requirements to date.

About Company

Timekettle has been working on the idea for a very long time. They started long back in August 2018. Great initiatives such as minimization of technology to make the product smaller and slimmer were taken and fulfilled too. The company had its tie-ups with VecSense, whose technology of neural network algorithms helped the company reach its desired product design and specifications. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen and has a motto to replace all the handheld translators to provide a smooth way to communicate.

So, what are you waiting for? Change the way you communicate in alien places. Bring in the new Zero Translator.