ZenEgg Brings Zen Moment In Busy Life

Zen Eggs
  • ZenEgg helps a person to relax and think about the decisions he made
  • ZenEgg gives a hidden message to its user to always stand right up
  • ZenEgg keeps reminding you to divide some part of your life for thinking about what you did

In today’s world as people become more and more successful and start working more they forget one of the most important things about life. The give so much of their life for others like their bosses, their jobs, their families that they start to forget the person who made it all possible. The person they should really thank for the beautiful life they are living, themselves.

Everyone needs to provide some time to themselves in this vast busy life. The me time in a person’s life is the most important as it helps the person to evaluate his actions and think about his life making it better as a whole. ZenEgg brings a finely carved and perfectly balanced wooden egg which always comes back upright no matter how hard it is knocked down.


Problem Solving by the Product

The ZenEgg helps a person to relax and think about the decisions he made in the day and moreover in his life and thus evaluate them in order to answer the most important questions in life which make them the person they’d like and love. If someone asks what a ZenEgg actually does, the answer would be nothing.

All it does is get back up no matter how deeper it is. The beauty of the ZenEgg is not in what it does rather it is in what it represents by its actions, A person need not worry when he/she is at their deepest because now they have nowhere to go than to rise upwards. And upwards is where the dreams come true.

Detailed Specifications

The ZenEgg is a finely crafted piece of art which signifies a hidden message to its user to always stand right up. Nowhere else just straight upwards. Each ZenEgg is perfectly carved by hand to be precisely balanced and tested though a complex process all to make sure it fulfills its basic purpose which is to be perfect. To be what it is supposed to be.


Moreover every ZenEgg is treated with Organic Oils to increase the durability of the ZenEgg. Due to the use of these organic oils, the ZenEgg should not be used with water. Soaking it with water can drastically reduce the quality and life of this product. Cleaning of the product should also be taken care with a dry towel only.

When people become too busy with their lives they need a reminder what all this was for. All their efforts, all their hard work was always meant to be solely for themselves. But often everyone forgets this basic and simple thing. When they are growing up they begin worrying about their parents and their expectations.

When they are grownups they begin wondering about their life partner and work more than anything and in old age they begin to think about their kids and their life. All their life they never thought about themselves. They never stopped and thought what they are doing. Why they are doing it? What good would it do?

And then finally in the end, they are left with not the sweet memories of what they did, but the regrets of the things they could have done. ZenEgg is the innovation that when kept on the desk of a person keeps reminding them to divide some part of their life for thinking about what they did. When you start to play with the egg it keeps oscillating back and forth for a few seconds until it comes back to its balanced position.


The ZenEgg has a perfect body and can come back to its uptight position from any initial angle it is subjected to and the fine curves in the top and bottom of the egg also enables its user to use it as a massage press. You can press it against your body and relax your tense muscles after a hard day at work so you get the energy to keep going for the rest of the day. Relaxing you physically as well the mental implications are beyond counting when you start to think about your life.

You can play with it in your hand and start relaxing while thinking about your life, past and future both. There is very less effort you need to put in for relaxing. All you need to do is not think about anything else. The sleek design of this ZenEgg needs no effort to be put and relaxing your muscles along the process, it leaves you with no worries other than yourself. The best companion to think about yourself is the new ZenEgg.


An average ZenEgg weighs about 100 gram and the product dimensions are at a height of 60 mm and a width of 45 mm. An average order from the ZenEgg official website takes almost 3-5 days to whip worldwide.

Plans for Launch

The ZenEgg was first introduced in 2016 through a Kickstarter campaign. The company did not expect much response from the audience as they had never been introduced to such a device. The initial pre order target as set by the Company was a mere 2200 American Dollars which was supposed to fulfill 200 customer orders.


The company completed this target with ease and exceeded it. This allowed the company to expand its production and widen the customer scopes. The 2200 Dollars when already reached in a matter of hours the Kickstarter campaign actually got funds of more than 110000 Dollars. This was 50 times the expected value. This allowed ZenEgg to become a great success.

Company Details

The ZenEgg creator Gasper Premoze had always been compassionate about creating complex design and sensing a deeper insights in psychology and branding. The designer had always been a mentor for many growing entrepreneurs and designers in development of their own product and brands. In his entire career Gasper Premoze had been involved in various innovative and deep insightful inventions like the Eureka Pen and the ZenEgg included.

The Company which helped launch the ZenEgg globally was Mikropis Holding. The supporting company is based in Slovenia, Europe. The official website of the ZenEgg has also been developed with the support of the Mikropis Kolding.