YSMART Magnetic Quick Release Flashlight

The tiniest flashlight that you will ever see.

YSMART Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight for Everyday Carry
  • YSMART produces five times brighter light and is almost a hundred times smaller than its competitors.
  • YSMART has a potent magnet that can lift to 4 kg of weight.
  • YSMART is as tough as it is small. It won’t break even if it falls from a skyscraper.

The ability to generate artificial light has been humanity’s greatest achievement. In the days when we were hunter-gatherers, we used fire for light. It remained the primary source of artificial light for thousands of years. That was until the incandescent light-bulb was invented. Those two events were very critical in shaping human history.

These days we are surrounded by artificial light sources, from our cell phones to our TV screens. Before the arrival of cell phones, everyone used to carry a flashlight with them. That abruptly changed as phones made them redundant. Also, flashlights were bulkier and consumed a lot of energy as compared to cell phones.

What if we told you that flashlights are about to make a dramatic comeback? That’s right; we are going to present a brand new product that will entirely change how you view flashlights. This product is the YSMART Magnetic Quick Release Flashlight.

You might be wondering; flashlights are supposed to provide light, what is so special about this one? Well, that is what we’ll be exploring in this article. Keep reading to gain more insights on this ground-breaking product.


Meet the tiniest flashlight that you will ever see, YSMART. At first look, you’ll confuse it for a keychain, and it can do that job correctly as well. But, in the shape of a keychain, a tiny and powerful flashlight is hiding. It is only 1 cm wide and 3 cm long, which means it is half the size of your pinkie finger. Made from high-grade Aluminium and Titanium, YSMART is as tough as it is small. It won’t break even if it falls from a skyscraper; you’ll find that it is working perfectly. Weighing less than 20 grams, YSMART has to be the most lightweight flashlight ever made.

For power, it uses the tiny LR41/AG3 button cells that you must be familiar with. The button cells power a Micro SMD LED which shines brighter than any of the traditional flashlights in the market. Overall, YSMART is a one of a kind product that has many more features.

Problem Solving By This Product

YSMART promises to solve the fundamental problem that humankind has been facing since its inception. To able to see in the dark. For that purpose, YSMART has come out with a creative way to solve the problem. On paper, it is a tiny flashlight, but when you go deeper it is much more. It has a size less than that of a pebble and yet it is mighty. It produces a light of 100 lumens. If you want a comparison, then the light from any average flashlight is around 20 lumens. So you can imagine that YSMART produces five times brighter light and is almost a hundred times smaller than its competitors. The traditional flashlight is no comparison for YSMART. And if you’re wondering about whether you’ll end up losing it because its too small, you won’t. It has a potent magnet that can lift to 4 kg of weight. This means that you can place it on any metal surface or attach it to your keychain without ever falling off.

The best thing about this flashlight is the way it stitches on. Forget turning or twisting, pull it off your keychain, and it turns on automatically.
YSMART is one of the most innovative products of this century and has massive potential.

Detailed Specifications

Here are the detailed specifications for you. Check them out.

Weight: Titanium- 12 g and Aluminium- 8 g
Width: 1 cm Length: 3 cm
Materials: Premium Aerospace Grade Aluminium Alloy and Grade 5 Titanium
Battery: LR41/AG3 Button Cell (NOT INCLUDED)
Type of Bulb: Micro SMD LED 2.0

Plan For Launch

As of now, YSMART Magnetic Quick Release Flashlight is up for a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. You can pledge as little as 18 dollars and get a copy of this flashlight for yourself. The company aims to start shipping to its first backers by May 2020, which is an ambitious target. They have managed to raise more 160,000 dollars from this campaign. If everything goes well, the company can expect decent returns in the future. We suggest you go and buy this product before the prices rise.

Company Details

YSMART is also the name of the company that produces this fantastic flashlight. They are a tech start-up based in London, and this is not their first campaign on Kickstarter. Earlier, they launched a similar product called YSMART 1.0, which was also a success. The company managed to ship more than 8000 units of YSMART 1.0 to more than 2500 backers. The company still has a lot of room to grow, and if they keep producing innovative products, then the future is bright for them.

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