AIR PIX – Your Drone Can Be Your Next Photographer

Air Pix
  • AIR PIX enables you to click the best selfie portraits with its high resolution 12 megapixel camera.
  • AIR PIX is a small lightweight device which can fit right in the pockets of the user without any added effort.
  • AIR PIX uses various technologies to maintain flight balance and offer smooth flying experiences to the users.

The AIR PIX is a new innovation from AirSelfie Company which allows its users to click the perfect selfies from whenever and wherever they want. Many people like to click the perfect shots and selfies that capture the full extent of the moment but with the mobile phone cameras it is almost impossible because of the limitations of the camera hardware or the limitations of the photographer. Although one alternative may be using a selfie stick but many people don’t deem it very convenient to carry a stick around with them everywhere they go.

Problem Solving By The Product


People experience many problems when it comes to clicking selfies or capturing the moment. Sometimes, there are just too many people that can fit in the lens, at the other times you just have to crop the background to fit in the photograph. Many people use aerial cameras to obtain the perfect photographs. But, most of the aerial cameras are quite bulky, at least a lot more bulky than the selfie sticks which people avoid to use. This is solved by the new AIR PIX. This aerial camera can fit right in your pockets and click just the perfect photographers you desire. Whether it is a group selfie or the best landscape selfie, it can manage it all while being small enough to fit inside the pocket.

Detailed Specifications


Size And Weight : The main area of focus for the AIR PIX is undoubtedly its size and lightweight. The portability of the device is maintained by small size. The dimensions of the device are merely just 4.01 x 3.34 x 0.51 inches. This makes this drone even smaller than an iPhone X. The AIR PIX is also made of an ultra-light weight plastic material. The device only weighs 52 grams which is very light so that you do not feel the extra weight when the drone is inside your pocket. The Reinforced Lightweight ABS Plastic Chassis maintains the durability of the device.

Motors : The 4 Brushed Coreless Motors powers the one of a kind Chassis Integrated Propellers which allow the use of the drone inside a room easily. This setup provides a smooth air travel to the device easily without any hassles or jerks. The device has a flight range of 18.2 m or 60 feet which should be enough for anyone to click the perfect selfie of their desire.


Battery And Flight Time : The lightweight battery inside the well protected exterior of the device easily provide it a flight time of 6 minutes. Although this might feel like a little less but it allows the device to fulfil its core responsibility. The drone is not meant for long aerial videography but can click perfect portraits easily by itself. Although it is just 6 minutes of flight time, even if you lose the track of time, the drone will return and land safely on its own in case of a low battery so you do not need to worry about the device if it has a low battery.

Air Pix

Camera And Storage : The AIR PIX has a high resolution 12 megapixel camera for the capturing of best quality photos. This camera hardware also enables the AIR PIX to be able to record short videos of the resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 fps. The device has a slot for a micro SD Card which can hold up to 8 GB of storage to store the photos and videos it shoots on the device itself easily. The camera has a wide field of view of 70 degrees to help it capture wide shots and portraits without going past its maximum range.


Smartphone Control : The AIR PIX aerial camera drone can be easily controlled by through your smartphone by the AirSelfie mobile application through the advanced One Touch Autonomous Flying and Imaging. The camera also has a SYNControl and Gesture Control to allow you to capture the portraits with ease. The device uses the calculations from the Optical Flow, Internal Barometer and Gyroscope to maintain the flight balance. You can also adjust the flight pattern with the feature of having pre-Programmed Flight Patterns to allow the smooth flying experience provided by the device. The Camera also has an active Face Tracking Capture Me feature which tracks your face and adjusts the focus so that you can obtain the best portraits.

Plans For Launch

The AIR PIX was initially launched with a small goal of 15,000 USD. On its launch on 30th May 2019, the device gathered a lot of attention and surpassed its goal in barely 40 minutes. The Company took this opportunity and stretched its goal to widen the area they served with the device. By the end of its campaign on Indiegogo, the company reached more than 650,000 USD easily. The Production of the AIR PIX launched on June 26 2019 and the Company was ready to ship the finished product on 10th September 2019. The Company had successfully completed their shipment goal and are looking forward to establish more and more distribution centre to get this device to more and more people all over the world.

Company Details

The AIR PIX is brought to you by the Company AirSelfie. The AirSelfie is a Company which focuses mainly in the development of Aerial Selfie cameras. The Company started back in 2014. With hard work and innovative minds it gathered, the company introduced their first product as the original AirSelfie. Since then, the AirSelfie group never looked back and has developed and designed better and better camera hardware making the selfies better. With their latest technology, they introduce the AIR PIX which takes the level of the company to the next step with the best aerial selfie camera that can fit conveniently in the pocket of its users.