Yoga Flexer : Perfect 5 in 1 Portable Training Device For Your Home Gym

  • The Yoga Flexer device has 5 features in a single device
  • The Yoga Flexer saves you a lot of time which you would have to waste in a gym working out.
  • Yoga Flexer need to just set up and start working out.

Staying fit in today’s world is a very important entity to keep up with the fast running competition. Those who cannot keep up need to start again. Yoga Flexer brings the Portable Training Device which can help you to stay fit anywhere you are. All you need is a suitable place to start your workout.

This place can be anything from your home to your office or any park or a garden you are comfortable at. This innovative workout device packs in itself many features which will allow you to work out completely and forget about ever going to the gym.

It is packed with several inbuilt features which can be useful by you. First is the Yoga Mat for stretching your body in postures. Secondly, the Resistance Bands, the Stretching Roller, the Fitness Bar and lastly the Handle Weight Bars. All these 5 helpful capabilities help you work out completely without worrying about time or money for a gym membership.

Yoga Flexer

Problem Solving by the Product

In today’s world every person wants to be fit. Especially, with the consumption of the fast foods, staying healthy is a big challenge. The amount of toxic intake by any person on average is very high. Any person in today’s world can no longer stay fit without any amount of workout.

Yoga Flexer

The quality of food we eat Is also a big factor affecting the modern lifestyle of any person. Although any person would always want to be healthy and fit all the time, one of the most vital reasons keeping them from a fit and healthy lifestyle is time itself.

No one has the time after attending the hardships of a normal day and then attend a gym in the evening or in the morning before going off to work. The Yoga Flexer device solves this problem as providing 5 features in a single device it saves you a lot of time which you would have to waste in a gym working out.

Working out has never been easier as the Yoga Flexer enables you to take out only a small amount of time from your vast busy day and start working out no matter where you are. The office, the home or the garden which you walk by while your regular morning walk. Just set the Yoga Flexer up and start working out.


Tired of going taking out a lot of time from your day to day schedule only to go to the gym and work out and moreover paying a high fee to the gym just for the facilities. Moreover, equipping your home with the basic gym facilities and equipment can be a bit heavy for your pocket.

The Yoga Flexer brings its latest innovation packing up everything you will need for your basic workout in a very compact and concise device providing numerous functions and features which will cover up every part of your workout and exercise while saving your precious money and time you spent at the gym.

Yoga Flexer

The 5 in 1 Yoga Flexer is equipped with resistance rollers, yoga mat, handle weights, fitness bar and a stretching roller. The various equipment are designed to cover every part of your basic workout.

You can stretch out the mat for starting Yoga to loosen up your mind and gather the natural energy to go through with your busy and exhausting day. The yoga mat is held with the foam roller with a zipper. Unzip it and begin your workout session. It also provides two foot holes for your comfort. The mat provides a stable and soft base for your exercises and prevents from injuries.

To stretch the Yoga Flexer provides you with a Stretching Roller which has resistance bands attached inside it and an external handle to help you to stretch. The Stretching Roller is the main component of the Yoga Flexer which enables its portability as the Stretching Roller is the component which basic keeps the rest of the components of the Yoga Flexer attached.

The resistance bands are the component which will allow you to start intense training. The resistance stretch training helps your muscles to tense up and exert effort. Various types of muscle pain can also be aided with the help of the Resistance Training.

The resistance bands can be locked with the handle and the length of the resistance bands can be shorten up making the resistance training more intense. The resistance bands provide a smooth weight of 3 – 25 lbs.

Yoga Flexer

The handles are one of the most useful parts. Providing two handles each of which can be attached or detached with the roller when needed, the handles can be connected with the resistance bands and used similar to the dumbbell weights. The handle can also be detached and added external weights to help you lift weights and work out.

When the Yoga Flexer is rolled up, it can be used to do lungs or squats workout. The handles act as dumbbells and the external weights too allow you to perform intense workout and replicate a gym intensity workout wherever you are.

Plans for Launch

The Yoga Flexer was launched as an innovative idea both on the Kickstarter and Indiegogo and several other platforms for fundraising. It achieved its basic target of 30000 dollars in June 2017 and went in the production stage.

The company provided the experts and the testing teams with a prototype for better understanding and quality control before going towards the Mass production stage. The company had been taking pre orders with the plans for fulfillment of the pre orders by September 2017, which it did.

Company Details

The founder of the Yoga Flexer Anthony Kokakis was initially encouraged to this innovation because of the efforts made by his wife to maintain her good physique alongside completing her graduation and maintaining the perfect balance to take care of her family too. His wife, Janie Kokakis had to face too much trouble because of all that as giving time to their son and graduation and also going to the gym was next to impossible.

Thus, he decided to invent something which combines their basic requirements of a gym into a Yoga Mat. This is when he came across the idea for Yoga Flexer.