• YHE BP Doctor can detect blood pressure levels with medical grade accuracy.
  • YHE BP Doctor has patented design for the auto inflated cuff.
  • YHE BP Doctor brings the blood pressure monitoring more easy and manageable fashion.

These days many people develop a problem of tension which can be harmful. People have tensions from their work, tensions from their families, as well as tensions of themselves. This can prove harmful as it leads to an increased Blood Pressure and high chances of Migraine and Anxiety Attacks. Although there are many ways to control the heart rate, such as drinking water or yoga, people need to be in full check of their blood pressure. They need to know when they need to sit down and just relax. The YHE BP Doctor brings the new Smartwatch which can serve the purposes of a regular smart watch along with the measurement of the Blood Pressure accurately with its high quality sensors.

Problem Solving by the Product

This product solves many of the day to day problems of a common man. These problems generally include the constant need for monitoring the Blood Pressure, Hydrating Level of the body, Fitness Level of an individual, etc. The need to maintain a fit body also requires you to have full knowledge of the body. The need to monitor the blood pressure is also necessary for the heart patients as overworking may lead to increase in Heart Rate which increases the vulnerability of their Nervous System and puts even their life at risk. All these problems are very serious and require person’s full attention.

Detailed Features

The YHE BP Doctor stands above the traditional Blood Pressure measurement devices as it is very portable, convenient, and easy to use as compared to the normal Blood Pressure measurement devices. The accuracy of portable devices has always been an issue as the devices generally measure the Pulse rate to tell the Blood Pressure of a person. The YHE BP Doctor uses the traditional methods of Blood Pressure measurement using miniaturized cuffs along your wrist and measuring the BP through the traditional method.


The YHE BP Doctor inflates the systolic and diastolic pressure which is the measured by the cuff fitted in the wrist watch. It basically is the normal Upper Arm Oscillometric Machine used by a doctor except it is much smaller than that machine. The BP Doctor device includes of more than 30 miniaturized componential patents raging from cuffs, sensors, and chips not larger than a grain of rice fitted in it which helps to make this device portable and convenient as well as accurate for a Doctor’s grade Blood Pressure measurement.

When you have to go to a workout or a run, you can rely on the YHE BP Doctor to monitor all the workout activity and the amount of oxygen flow which allows your body to absorb all the needed amount of oxygen needed and the BP remains normal. You can constantly monitor your workout and heart rate to maintain the needed heart rate while working out. Whether it is the heart rate, distance, calories burned, or number of steps, etc.

The YHE BP Doctor not only helps you work out perfectly but also ensures you get enough sleep so as to be fresh for the next day and not have a stress going into the new day. We generally spend one-third of our daily time in the bed, so it is very important that we sleep well. The YHE BP Doctor monitors your heart rate and tracks your sleeping pattern to suggest you helpful changes that may help you rest more efficiently. The Vibrational alarm inside the watch wakes you up slowly and softly so as to welcome the new day with full energy.

The danger of a person having heart conditions in today’s world is very high. Although the attack occurs pretty suddenly, the doctors and heart specialists track your heart rate throughout a period of time to see the pattern and tell if you possess a risk to a heart attack. The YHE BP Doctor also allows you to maintain a Heart Rate Variation (HRV) chart to monitor the status of your heart and take all the necessary precautions to avoid the risk of your life. The monitoring of the Heart Rate Variation helps in predicting various heart diseases like heart failures, hypertension, or coronary heart diseases. All the increasing problems make it really important for a person to constantly keep a regular track of his heart rate.

YBH App can be connected

The YHE BP Monitor can also be linked with the mobile application which increases the history limit and analysis interface as well as scopes to provide you with an easier and better visuals and data about your heart. All this enables you to know the problems and plan the treatment and medicine for the conditions especially for you.



The BP Doctor has an Amoled 1.4” screen and a 220mAh Lipo battery. The 208MHz CPU is helped by a 4 GB RAM and a 2 GB Flash memory. At a normal workload the BP Doctor can easily work for 5 days. It is IP67 waterproof standardized and supports Bluetooth 4.0/2.0. It has a Silicone strap attached to it and weighs a mere 60 grams for all the facilities.
Having an advantage over the other portable Blood Pressure measurement devices the YHE BP Doctor Uses the Oscillometric machines rather than the pulse readings. The measurement is way too simple. You just have to tap the measure button and the contraction and expansion of the Oscillometric machine measures the BP by itself and will give you the reading in either green, for safe or healthy reading or red, for risky BP.

Plans for Launch

The first concept for the YHE BP Doctor was presented in April 2019. The company had tested three separate prototypes until September with the testing going through the most part of November. The Testing was finally passed in December 2019 and the product was launched through Indiegogo and Kickstarter in January of 2020. With the fundraising stage being successful the company is set to produce a Beta version of the device by February and plans mass production during May 2020. The company promises the product to the customers by June 2020 including sales as well as shipping.

About Company

The team that developed the BP Doctor device mostly consists of misfits from various fields who found themselves and worked together in harmony to develop something magical. Most of them have been from the Wearable Wellness and technology field. The Medical consultant team and the engineers developed this useful device. With the help of the people the company aims to keep building more and more innovative technologies in the coming future for the use and convenience of the common people.



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