Y-Made Electric Motorcycle Comes With Eco-Friendly Approach, Live At Kickstarter

Y-Mate Bike
  • There are four models of the Y-Made electric motorcycle: the Velec V1, Velec V2, Memn V3, and Memn V4.
  • The materials that are used to build the Y-Made bike are tough, resilient, and durable in every weather condition. Selected wood, glass, carbon, and reinforced epoxy composite are infused in the bike to make it everlasting.
  • The maximum speed that is offered by Y-Made Electric Motorcycle is 90km/hr and it weighs only 48kgs.

There are many hobbies to go around when it comes to traveling. Traveling in itself is an exquisite hobby that requires nothing but the will of the person. No matter what be the weather or the situation, traveling is something that gives one adrenaline to live on. Of course, it does matter that one remains safe! But if that is alright then there’s no harm. Traveling doesn’t only mean you go to other places; it can be considered as to commuting from one place to the other. And no matter what one might think, the way of commutation and traveling matters a lot. I prefer having a personal two-wheeler for commutation but as far as short distances are concerned, public transport such as buses also go well with me.

However, having a personal vehicle for commutation and traveling is a boon. Why is that so? You may ask and the answer to that is Flexibility and comfort. Whilst the general transport might not be flexible but your vehicle only moves when and where you want it to. Also, the comfort it brings with it is so pleasing; nothing is unfamiliar and everything is according to your own. But there is one problem that comes along the idea of personal vehicle and that is the amount of pollution and the maintenance cost. Hence, there is a darn need of a vehicle that would consume much less bucks and do less pollution.


When the need arises, minds start to think and produce something extraordinary that leaves an impression on the mind. One such creation by Y-made will surely blow your mind up because there is a potential chance that it might be everything that you are looking for. Motorcycles are surely fun to ride, but when eco-friendly joins with anything, the pleasure of using that thing increases two folds. The Y-Made Electric Motorcycle is an electric bike and not just any bike, it’s an actual motocross bike that is lightweight, has the same fun as that of riding a motorbike and to add the cherry to the cake, it is electric. Hence it can be the perfect replacement to your daily commutation with just one thing different; more fun!

Detailed Description


Y-Made Electric motorcycle is a thing of beauty. It’s attractive and lightweight design turns heads no matter where you go. The bike in looks is very fancy in its looks and so is its performance. There are four models of the Y-Made electric motorcycle: the Velec V1, Velec V2, Memn V3, and Memn V4. The first two are the first and second generation of electric bikes and the latter two are the third and fourth respectively.

The first two models are no more into production and are not available, thanks to the success of Memn V3. The model came out on top as people’s favorite no matter where it shipped to. The key to its beautiful design is that all the parts of the motorbike are handcrafted which means that there is no lack of quality whatsoever. What is more mesmerizing is that the maximum speed of the bike that can be achieved is 90 km/hrs. Other e-bikes can achieve a maximum speed of 50-60 km/hr and that too if the settings are tweaked properly. But with the Y-Made Electric Motorcycle, one gets both, the Eco-friendly approach and the proper feeling of riding a motorbike.

The materials that are used to build the bike are tough, resilient, and durable in every weather condition. Selected wood, glass, carbon, and reinforced epoxy composite are infused in the bike to make it everlasting. Due to the materials used, the weight of the bike is only 48 kgs! The bike has a Li-ion battery of 20Ah battery which lasts up to 30kms. The battery is upgradable to 40Ah battery which gives you a juice of total 60kms.



And what’s cooler is that you can test drive the bike by contacting the company on their official website. And this is not the end of the product. Just when you thought that the company couldn’t give anything more to you, here is something out of the box. With every bike you buy comes a Bluetooth soundbox with immense power. It has surround sound which is provided by the two speakers (both front and back) and a capacity to run for 12 hours at full volume. The soundbox is made up of metal, wood, and 3D printed parts.


Generally, the electric vehicles have low maintenance and the Y-Made Electric Motorcycle is no exception. It has a long-lasting design, helping it to deliver you for as long as possible. The electric motor is rugged and the battery parts are all up to date. In short, no compromises at all with the quality promised by the firm.

Plan For Launch

The prototype for the Y-Made Electric Motorcycle has already been made and tested. The reviews of the prototype were amazing and hence Y-Made considers this project as a fail-proof one. However, they do plan to keep the production small (2 units at a single time) so that their goal is reachable. Y-Made has posted an update on Kickstarter that they hope the COVID-19 situation doesn’t affect the availability of parts. It is to be seen how the situations turn out to be. For now, there is no specific date as to when the delivery will start.

The campaign for the product is still ongoing and one can head out to Kickstarter to see what the perks are. A minimum pledge of $4400 has to be made to receive a bike alongside some other perks.

Company Details

Y-Made is not only a company that builds bikes and futuristic approach product but it also provides companies with assistance by providing them with quality products. Y-Made has made a statement that if the Motorbikes’ campaign goes successful, soon there will be an electric car with all the latest technologies.