Xiaomi Mijia: Smart and Convenient Dishwasher

The dishwasher that provides several features like auto disinfection, drying, etc.

Xiaomi Mijia: Smart and Convenient Dishwasher

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  • The Xiaomi Mijia Dishwasher provides the users with the best Sterilization and Disinfection cleaning your dishes completely.
  • The Xiaomi Mijia Dishwasher can be integrated to the Xiaomi Home Application to be controlled through your Mobile Application.
  • The Xiaomi Mijia Dishwasher provides a dish cleaning which consume lesser amount of power and water saving both of them for your ease.


We all look towards making our life easier with the help of technology. Even during cleaning we always hope to have a better machine which can provide us the comfort and ease we expect in today’s world. Xiaomi has always been leading in providing the world with the latest technologies at the most reasonable pricing. It provides many appliances and machines as a part of its smart home. Now it brings you a dishwasher which is probably the smartest and most convenient to use. The Mijia dishwasher provides you with a full control over the many functions provided by the dishwasher through the OLED panel at the machine itself or more conveniently through the mobile application provided alongside the machine. This ensures that you do not even have to be in the kitchen to do the dishes. The Xiaomi Mijia dishwasher provides several other features like auto disinfection, drying, etc.

Problem Solving By The Product


People these days are very much dependent on technology. Imagining a life without the many machines and technologies we use throughout the day would almost be impossible. Such are the things with the dishwashers. Before the dishwashers came into using, people used to do the dishes with their hands. But, with the increasing usage of the machine, imagining to do the dishes nowadays with hands just seems like a very difficult task. Also with each passing day, the home appliances are becoming smarter. Almost everything can nowadays be controlled conveniently by your mobile phones. So why not the dishwashers. Xiaomi brings you exactly what you ask for, this modern and smart Mijia dishwasher can provide you many features with the ease of control through you mobile phone. It is one of the smartest and most convenient dishwashers currently available in the market.

Detailed Specifications

Xiaomi Mijia: Smart and Convenient Dishwasher

The Xiaomi Mijia Internet Connected Dishwasher was launched in 2 variants as a Table Dishwasher and a normal Dishwasher. Both of these variants offer their users with the best in class features. The Dishwashers can easily be setup inside your home and can be controlled through the Xiaomi Home application. The Normal Dishwasher has a larger size which fits directly into the Kitchen Cabinet and the Table Dishwasher is much of a standalone version of the device which can be set up on a platform and used instantly. The Larger Cabinet version has the dimensions of 560 x 605 x 520 mm while the Table version has the dimensions 442 x 461.5 x 419 mm.

The Xiaomi Home Application is a useful mobile application is very useful. It allows you to easily control your Xiaomi Smart Home devices like the Mijia Dishwasher and others. You can easily control the Dishwasher commanding it to wash the dishes easily along with changing modes and other features all through your Smartphone. The device uses the Internet to connect to the mobile application and allows easy controls. The Mijia Dishwasher also provides an OLED panel on the device itself which allows the users to manage the setting on the device along with providing a better interface to the users.

The Dishwasher itself ensures that the dishes in your house are free of all the harmful bacteria and viruses. The Dishwasher has a Sterilization and Disinfection dual effect clean which provides a high quality 99.99 percent Sterilization ensuring the health of the users. The Dishwasher has a 60 double spray system to clean the dishes all around. Thus, the Dishwasher can easily be used for Washing, Sterilization, Disinfection, Storage and Drying of the dishes. All of these features can easily be controlled through the mobile application which also provides you voice control for the device.

The Drying method used in the Dishwasher uses Fan Drying and Residual Temperature Dry and has a 6 Spray Type Washing System. The Table Top Dishwasher system has a loading capacity of 4 Sets and the Standard Water Consumption of 5.3 L to provide Energy Saving Washing. The water pressure for the device is 0.04 to 0.4 MPa. The device works on the Power Rating of 900 Watts running on 220 Volts and 50 Hz. The Charging Time for the device is approximately 4 – 6 hours which provides a working time of 90 – 120 Minutes. The Table Top version of the product weighs 12.5 kilograms. The package of the Dishwasher includes a Female Fine Thread Adaptor F22, a Thread Adaptor, a Small Wrench, a Male Adaptor, a Sucker, a Water inlet Pipe, a Drain Pipe and a Clamp along with the Dishwasher itself.

Plans For Launch

The Xiaomi Mijia dishwasher was launched by Xiaomi on 24th February 2020. It was launched through crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunding for the product began on 26th February 2020 at 10:00 am. The product currently is only available in the Chinese market but is expected to launch globally soon seeing the vast support and response achieved by the product. The price of the product is also very reasonable. The Xiaomi Mijia Dishwasher can be bought through many websites shipping inside China at the moment.

Company Details

The Mijia Smart Dishwasher is developed and manufactured by Xiaomi Corporation. Xiaomi Corporation was founded on 6th April 2010 having their headquarters currently in Haidian District, Beijing. The Xiaomi Corporation is most famous for the manufacturing of one of the best quality smart phones around the world. It is one of the leading companies which currently is capable of development of their own chipsets for the mobile phones. The Company currently develops products Mobile phones and IoT devices and owns many popular worldwide famous brands like Pocophone, Redmi, Mi and Black Shark. The Xiaomi Corporation also develops some best in class Smart Home devices which help creating the life of the users in their homes easier and more convenient.

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