Xiaomi Master Incredible 65” OLED TV


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  • Xiaomi TV comes with 4K OLED Panel with higher refresh rate up to 120Hz and also supports variable refresh rate from 40Hz to 120Hz and APU neural network for pixel dynamic adjustment.
  • Xiaomi TV has 1ms response time with 10 bit display that can produce one billion color with accuracy and has 178 degree view with 98.8% screen to body ratio & thin bezels.
  • Xiaomi TV has 100 nits brightness with 9 unit speakers supported by Dolby Atmos & DTS audio and powered by quad core MediaTek processor.


Product overview

There are many smart TV’s available in the market in which some of them has high refresh rate, while some has rich color accuracy.

Xiaomi OLED TV is one of the top end TV which offers high color accuracy with 10 bit display with up to 4K resolution to enjoy the stunning visual right in front of you.
Xiaomi TV has the dual band Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth connection packed with powerful 9 unit speakers which support Dolby Atmos and has the mounting capability to mount on the wall.

Xiaomi TV has the 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution with smooth 120Hz display which also supports the variable refresh rate in between 40Hz to 120Hz and the 1ms response rate along with always on display which is available in AMOLED Screens.

Xiaomi TV has the DCi-P3 color gamut with 178 degrees viewing angle with screen-to-body ratio of 98.8% and high color contrast 1000000:1 with HDR 10+ support for online streaming and powered with the powerful quad core MediaTek CPU with 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

Xiaomi TV offer you cinematic experience with the 65W speaker output with Dolby Atmos support and has three HDMI ports, one AV port, two USB ports, an Ethernet port and optical fibre port. This TV runs on MIUI which has the smart in-built apps and also supports AIoT ecosystem devices as well.

Problem solving by this product


Xiaomi TV has the largest display with higher refresh rate when compared to others and has the greater display of 65” for cinematic experience while the TV also supports variable refresh rate from 40Hz to 120Hz depending on the content.

Xiaomi TV has the 4K OLED panel with 3480 x 2160 resolution with 10 bit display which we never seen so far in the TV which can produce 1 billion colors with DCI-P3 color gamut and has 98.8% screen to body ratio for immersive experience with 178 degrees of view.
Xiaomi OLED TV can be mounted and can be used with stand and has very thin bezels around the screen and has the dedicated gaming mode, while the MEMC motion compensation will adjust the pixel level adjustment.

Xiaomi OLED TV has 9 unit speakers in which 12.5W two speakers are placed right and left surrounded with two 10W speakers along with 20W speaker and they support Dolby Atmos & DTS audio for crystal clear sound experience.

This Xiaomi OLED TV has HDR10+ support for streaming and also has 4 mics in-built for their personal assistant, powered with quad core chipset with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage and has many ports like 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and Ethernet port along with AV port.

Xiaomi TV support dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 and made with high quality material with cloth finishing for stunning looks and polished at every level to make sure that you enjoy the premium experience.

Detailed specification

Xiaomi TV Master has the 4K OLED panel which is the premium Screen with rich color experience with a higher refresh rate of 120Hz and even supports variable refresh rate from 40Hz to 120Hz.

Automatic Low Latency mode in the Xiaomi 65” TV which offer low response rate of 1ms and has great screen to body ratio of 98.8% for stunning visuals with DCI-P3 color gamut, while the 1000nits brightness in the screen will take the experience to next level with 17 degree viewing angle.

Xiaomi TV has the thin bezels of 4.6mm at each side of the screen and there is also a dedicated gaming mode for the TV with MEMC motion compensation and has the dedicated APU neural network for pixel level dynamic picture quality.

Xiaomi OLED TV has the impressive speaker system with 12.5W speakers both left and right while there are 10W surround speakers along with 50Hz 20W low frequency subwoofers supported with Dolby Atmos & DTS audio support. There are also four mics available in the Xiaomi for their own assistant in the TV called Xiao AI.

Xiaomi OLED TV is powered with MediaTek MT9650 chipset which is a quad core processor and comes with 3GB RAM along with 32GB of internal storage which makes the TV Smooth and the MIUI software in the TV which has the smart in-built apps for streaming and download any other things if needed.

Xiaomi OLED TV offers many ports, 3 HDMI ports, 2USB ports and 1 Ethernet port along with AV port and also supports dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. Xiaomi OLED TV has the 3840 x 2160 resolution with HDR 10+ support for amazing experience in streaming and part of the back panel is made with cloth material which gives striking visuals with 10 bit display which can show one billion colors.

Display Size 65 inches
Resolution Ultra HD (4K)
Processor MediaTek Cortex A73
RAM capacity 3GB
Storage Memory 32GB
Wi-Fi Dual band Wi-Fi 2.5Hz and 5Hz
No of HDMI ports 3
No of USB ports 2
Ethernet port Available
Number of speakers 9
Sound Technology Dolby Atmos
Color Contrast 1000000:1
View angle 178 degrees
Refresh rate 120Hz
Panel Type OLED
Dimensions 1448.7 x 872.8 x 248mm
Weight (without stand) 31.7Kg
Weight (with stand) 36.7 kg
Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels

This Xiaomi OLED TV is priced at $1840.

Plan for launch

This Xiaomi OLED 65” TV is launched in the year 2020 July after the changes in the prototype and design, this 65” OLED TV will be made available in the market in the later quarters of the year 2020 after the manufacturing process and will be shipped to the customer in 4th quarter of this year.

Company details

This OLED TV is developed by the company called Xiaomi which is knows as MI for global, which has been the best IOT manufacturing company founded in the year 2010.
Xiaomi is with the vision of being friendly to the users and fulfilling their needs with the continuous innovation products without compromising on the quality and efficiency, Designed new products with affordable prices to ensure that every user are getting the worthy products for their money to enjoy better life with innovation.

MI as the leading company in world being fourth largest smartphone brand with their products available in market in more than 90 counties.

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