Xiaomi FiMi X8 SE Foldable 4K Drone Comes With Return To Home Feature

Xiaomi FiMi
  • Xiaomi FiMi X8 SE Foldable 4K Drone is one of the brand new products from Xiaomi.
  • Xiaomi FiMi X8 SE is also one of the fastest drones to be released to date.
  • FiMi X8 also has return to home feature in case it loses signal.

Drones have become increasingly popular in this day and age. From military to individuals, everyone uses them for one thing or another. Since their inception, drones have offered a unique way of capturing our surroundings. Earlier, taking air shots meant hiring a helicopter. Drones have solved this problem big time. Now by spending a few hundred dollars, you can get your drone with a high definition camera.

Xiaomi is a leading Chinese firm that is known for making quality electronics at realistic prices. After conquering the mobile market, now they are all set to enter the ever-growing drone market.

Drones used to be a costly affair when they were first introduced to the market. However, with the passage of time, their use has become more widespread, and prices have dropped significantly.


FiMi X8 SE Foldable 4K Drone is a ground-breaking product from Xiaomi that defies all the standard conventions of drone manufacturing. This drone is unlike any other product in the market due to its numerous unique features.

The most apparent of these features is the foldable option. This is a handy feature as it effectively reduces the space taken by the drone by more than half. This folding feature makes this drone a highly portable device and which is very easy to carry around.
The FiMi X8 has many other impressive features which we’ll be talking about shortly. Keep reading to gain more insights about this terrific product.


xiaomi fimi

Xiaomi FiMi X8 SE Foldable 4K Drone is one of the brand new products from Xiaomi. Everyone, especially in Asia, knows who Xiaomi are and what they do. They are back with something unexpected up their sleeve, and that product is this drone.
This drone is a great product and a direct competitor to many of the other market offerings. It has powerful 4K camera that takes stunning photos and videos. The bitrate is also very high at 100 Mbps, so you don’t have to worry about lag.

Xiaomi FiMi X8 SE is also one of the fastest drones to be released to date, with a top speed of nearly 50 kmph. The range of 5 km is pretty impressive as well.
Arguably, the best feature of this drone is the folding ability which makes it effortless to carry around.

Problem-solving by the product



Photographers and videographers were frustrated by the lack of an exceptional drone for quite some time. There was a need for a world-class drone that could record high-quality videos and has a long-range. Now with the entry of a reliable player like Xiaomi in the drone market, you can have a sigh of relief.

Xiaomi has designed this product as a tool that has a great camera and fantastic range. It used both GPS and GLONASS, so you won’t ever have to worry about losing your drone.
It also has a protective feature in the form of stability sensors which are located underneath the drone. These sensors detect the presence of obstacles and help in avoiding them.

FiMi X8 also has return to home feature in case it loses signal.
All in all, if you are looking for a drone that delivers value for money and doesn’t compromise on quality, then FiMi X8 is the perfect drone for you.

Detailed specifications


Here are the detailed specifications for you.


• Dimensions – 204 x 106 x 72.6 millimetre
• Diagonal size – 372 mm
• Item weight – 790 g
• Hover accuracy – Vertical: ± 0.1m (within the ultrasonic range), ± 0.5m (when GPS positioning active); Horizontal: ±1.5m
• Max ascending speed – 5m/s
• Max descending speed – 4m/s
• Max cruising speed – 18m/s
• Flying limit altitude – 500m
• Max flight time(no wind) – about 33mins
• Wind resistance – less than or equal to 50kph
• Satellite positioning systems – GLONASS + GPS

Remote Controller

• Dimensions – 203.8 x 91 x 46.6 millimetre
• Weight – 370 g
• Operational Frequency – 5.725 – 5.850 GHz
• Nominal Voltage – 3.7V
• Charge Port Type – Micro USB
• Max Controlling Distance – 5000m
• Battery – 3900mAh lithium battery


• Controlled rotation scope – 0°- -90° angle
• Angle control accuracy – ±0.004°
• Stabilization – 3-axis gimbal


• Field Of View – 78.8°
• Aperture – f2.2
• Focal distance – 4.73mm
• Equivalent focal distance – 26mm
• Sensor – 1/2.3-inch CMOS
• Video resolution – 3840 x 2160 @ 30/25/24fps, 2560 x 1440 @ 60/50/30/25/24fps, 1080P @ 100/60/50/30/25/24fps, 720P @ 200fps
• File system – FAT32 / exFAT
• ISO range – 100 – 3200 for video, 100 – 1600 for images
• Shutter speed – 8 – 1/8000s
• Maximum bitrate – 100Mbps
• Max image resolution – 4000 * 3000
• Photo format – JPG; JPG+ DNG
• Video format – MP4


• Charging limit voltage – 13.05V
• Voltage – 11.4V
• Capacity – 4500mAh / 51.3Wh


• Length – 8.5inch
• Pitch – 3.3inch

Plan for Launch

Xiaomi has already released the FiMi X8 SE Foldable 4K Drone into the market for almost a year now. The product has many competitors in this segment, but there are not many products that can deliver such high-quality service. The current price is slightly over 500 dollars, which is pretty reasonable if you ask me. If you are a vlogger and want to record amazing videos, then you shouldn’t waste more time and buy this Foldable Drone from Xiaomi.

About the company

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company based that came into existence in 2010. Initially in the mobile phone business, Xiaomi now sells a wide range of products including laptops, TVs, trimmers, earphones, suitcases and even shoes. Despite being a newcomer when compared to other electronics giants of the world, Xiaomi has spread like wildfire, winning hearts wherever they went. With the FiMi X8, Xiaomi plans to enter yet another market that has tremendous potential.