Xiaomi Electric Bike HIMO T1 With 120KMs Mileage, Can Carry 100Kg Weight

Foldable bike to take much more space for storing items.

Xiaomi Electric Bike HIMO T1
  • Xiaomi Electric Bike Himo T1 is made with the fire-resistant materials and can travel 120 Km with single charge packed with massive 14000 mAh battery.
  • Xiaomi Electric Bike Himo T1 has the Brushless 350W motor which can pull heavy loads with the back trunk with maximum weight of 100Kg.
  • Xiaomi Electric Bike Himo T1 has the double braking system with hydraulic disc brake on front and drum brake on rear, comes with three riding modes.

We see the need of electric bikes day by day as with increase in the pollution around us with the emission of the harmful gases from the vehicles as they are getting increased which leads to the concept of electric bikes again they are getting failed, when in terms of mileage they are offering and speed they are reaching, security and many more.

Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike T1 which looks smart and simple which is based on the new patented design and parts are selected very carefully which are based on the fire resistant materials and the paint of the Bike as well, As of the speedometer of the Bike T1 is a high sensitive digital display which is adaptive to the surrounding light to be visible all the time.
Xiaomi HIMO Bike T1 headlights comes with 18000 cd brightness which are derived from the HIMO English Logo element and offers you a travel range of 120 kilometres for single charge packed with the massive 14000 mAh battery to enjoy the long rides and heavy duties.


HIMO Bike T1 is powered with the 350W magnet motor which is brushless permanently which provides you high end performance for long time, the tires of the HIMO Bike T1 are 90 mm wide for fine grip on roads and 8mm thick and made with high elastic rubber.

HIMO Bike T1 has hydraulic disk brake system on the front and durable drum brake system implemented on the back and allows you to carry heavy loads or bulky items and even second passenger but the total weight should not exceed 100 Kgs.

Problem Solving By This Product


Xiaomi Electric Bike T1 materials are fire resistant and the paint on the Bike also which ensures the safe journey and weighs only 53Kg.

Xiaomi Electric Bike T1 comes with the three riding modes, fully electric modes where the motor pulls all the loads on the bike and can travel 60Km without stopping. You can also extend the battery to double the distance to 120Km.

The mixed mode on the Electric Bike T1 will help you to pull the Bike with motor in difficult areas, rest of the time you can pedal the bike in this way saving the battery for the required situation.

Xiaomi Bike T1 has a trunk on the back for carrying other persons load and can withstand maximum of 100Kgs, the headlight in the Bike T1 will illuminates the road up to 15 meters to give you safe journey even in the darker areas and has two beams (high and low).

Xiaomi Electric Bike T1 can go with a speed of 25Km per hour which is a good speed for safe and comfortable journey with the 350W motor. There is one button start function on this Bike T1 and monochromatic LCD display to shows the statistics like speed, beams, signals etc.

Detailed Features


1. Powerful Motor : Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike T1 is featured with the powerful 350W brushless motor which can pull the heavy loads and can reach up to 25Km per hours and can run for 120 Km with single charge.

2. Innovative Design : HIMO Electric Bike T1 comes with the new innovative design juts look like moped but there are pedals for the Electric Bike T1, the entire body of the HIMO Electric Bike T1 is made up of aluminum alloy which can withstand up to 100Kg and these materials are selected very carefully to be fire resistant and even the pant on the Bike too, to the Bike T1 more safer.

3. Smaller Size : HIMO Electric Bike T1 weighs 53Kgs and can be pedaled when ran out of battery and not a foldable bike to take much more space for storing items and size of the Electric Bike T1 is smaller when compared to other Bikes.

4. Luggage Carry System : Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike T1 has the trunk on the back which is used for carrying heavy loads or even second companion while traveling, but the total weight on the Bike T1 should not exceed more than 100Kg and equipped with the large LED Flashlight on the front which has a brightness of 18000 cd which can illuminate the road at a distance of 15 meters so that you can even ride this Bike in dark areas.


5. LED and Display : The HIM Electric Bike T1 has a switching functionality between the high and low beams and there is a large monochrome LCD display as the speedometer which shows ride mode, battery charge, speed and distance with hole under the display for the ignition key and has buttons to switch between the ride modes, light beams, signals and break levers.

6. Battery : The battery in the HIMO Electric Bike T1 is equipped with 14 Am with 48V and 14 or 28 A, which will be enough to travel 60Km with single charge you can even add the secondary battery to double the distance to 120Km. HIMO Bike T1 also has an application on smartphone which shows the previous statistics, functions and software updates for the HIMO Bike T1.

7. Riding Modes : Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike T1 comes with three riding modes as a standard for most of the electric bikes, first as fully electric modes where the motor pulls the bike. The second one is mixed mode where you actually pedal the bike, but in the tough situations the motor will help you and third is fully manual mode without help of the motor you have to pedal the Bike.

8. Advance Mechanics : Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike T1 has the hydraulic break system for front wheels and drum break system for rear wheels and shock absorbers for both wheels, the tires are 90mm wide and 8mm thick which stick to the road for safe journey.

Models and Price

The Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike t1 is available in three color variants, they are white, red and grey. The Bike T1 is priced at $447 or 2,999 Yuan.

Technical Specifications


  • Type Of Vehicle : Electric Bike
  • Dimensions : 1515x665x1025 mm
  • Running Speed : <=25 Km/h
  • Power range : <=60 Km (with additional battery >=120 Km)
  • Energy Consumption : 1.12 kWh/ 100 Km
  • Max. load : <=150 Kg
  • Battery Type : Lithium-ion
  • Battery Capacity : 14Ah (28Ah with additional battery)
  • Motor type :  DC Brushless
  • Colors : White, red and gray

Plan For Launch

This Electric Bike HIMO T1 concept and idea has been selected in April and after many prototypes of the concept, the bike is being manufactured on 2019 after crowdfunding and will be shipped to the customer homes in June 2019.

Company Details

This HIMO T1 Eclectic Bike is developed by the company called Xiaomi which is knows as MI for global, which has been the best IOT manufacturing company founded in the year 2010.

Xiaomi is with the vision of being friendly to the users and fulfilling their needs with the continuous innovation products without compromising on the quality and efficiency, designed new products with affordable prices to ensure that every user is getting the worthy products for their money to enjoy better life with innovation.

MI as the leading company in world being fourth largest smartphone brand with their products available in market in more than 90 counties.