XGIMI MoGo Pro Mini Projector – 1080P HD Quality, Portable, works with Google Assistant

  • XGIMI MoGo Mini Pro is a portable 1080P Android TV with google assistant support Projector with built in dual speaker sound system.
  • XGIMI MoGo Mini Pro is featured with the Autofocus system which can adjust to any type of the screen you would like to project.
  • XGIMI MoGo Mini Pro has 300ANSI Lumens brightness and it makes the screen clearly visible in any condition.

Most of the projectors in the current technology are not quite as easy to setup anywhere and heavy with manual focusing makes it irritating the colors will worn off form the picture quality and heavy to carry along with users, traditional projectors needed wired power supply which disappoints you when the power’s off.

With the XGIMI MoGo Mini Pro you get a proper bit of android TV action stuff with slick highly customizable UI with full Google Play app support & Google Assistant support, Mini pro includes many more features like Auto Focus action and offers you a great picture quality for your entertainment or for meeting with 1080P quality.


Sometime the brightness really matters the most when need this MoGo Pro offers you 300 ANSI Lumens which is incredible in any situation to see the screen, focusing on the audio system is the company priority so they equipped MoGo Mini Pro with Harman Kardon Sound system along with the native apps more than 5000.

XGIMI MoGo Mini Pro has a battery built in it which can last longer up to an entire film making your enjoy the every moment in it.

Problem solving by this product

With the MoGo Pro you can project anything you want without fearing about the visibility of the screen, since it is powered with the 300ANSI Lumens brightness can handle any lighting conditions easily.

No need of carrying speakers along with you, MoGo Mini pro has built in dual Harman Kardon Sound speakers to enjoy the music form it.

MoGo pro projector provides you a sharper, crisp images with 1080P resolution which are clearer than the other projectors and give pleasurable experience while watching the screen.


MoGo pro has a built in high capacity battery to run the projection for up to 4 hours which is more sufficient to watch an entire film and listen to music for 8 hours, but not like the traditional projectors powered up with wire system.

XGIMI MoGo pro has built in google assistant with google play support you can even use it as android TV and do more stuff like streaming and playing games and much more than a simple projectors. This MoGo Mini Pro supports more than 5000 Native apps along with it.
You don’t have to adjust the projector lens accordingly to the screen to see the things clearly it will adjust itself automatically with the Autofocus system in it.

You can also use the MoGo Pro as a Bluetooth speaker to listen up the songs by connecting via Bluetooth to the device and play them with one tap and enjoy the music quality.
Never let the angles bother you, you can place the MoGo Pro which are up to 40+ degrees both horizontally and vertically will be corrected automatically to the screen surface with the patented smart keystone.

MoGo Pro utilizes the LED light source allowing the image to stay crisp and sharp enough, which has a life span of 30,000 hours with watching of four movies a day for 10 years.

Detailed specification

XGIMI MoGo Mini pro has the media controls very simple and straight forward play, pause and volume up and down touch controls rather than the physical buttons on the top of the projector.

MoGo Pro doesn’t look like there is any way to rotate or lift up and down the lens, so you just have to basically sits the MoGo Pro wherever possible place it over a surface, it actually have a tripod orifice down below the projector, if you want tripod action you can try that up to specific height.

There are comprehensive number of ports on the side of the MoGo Pro with the Power port, USB 2.0 and HDMI port along with the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the MoGo pro remote also comes with a minimalistic elegant design with all the control on it like volume and music control, google assistant etc.

XGIMI MoGo pro comes with the true 1080P with new DLP technology that allows to project the sharp, crisp and clear images with a resolution of 1920×1080 Pixel, which sounds it is fully capable of Full HD and 225% more clear pictures than the old 720P projectors.
Also capable of projecting video format up to 4K Ultra HD.

The brightness and the colors from the MoGo Pro are amazing with the picture forms more colorful, brighter and sharper images even in any conditions of the light from the background that grabs your attention to the screen.

MoGo Pro is powered with the Harman-Kardon sound system offering fantastic sound quality with its advanced dual 3-Watt speaker units. The sound is tuned professionally using the Gold Ear philosophy, with well-balanced sound output for any kind of music you put on. You can connect to the MoGo Pro using Bluetooth or 3.5mm headphone jack cable or use it as an external Bluetooth speaker.

Unlike the other projectors that are powered with the low luminance and offers a dim and grainy images in the lighting conditions, whereas the XGIMI Mini Pro offers 300 ANSI Lumen power which provides a cinematic images with stunning clarity.



XGIMI MoGo Mini Pro offers you to see a private cinematic experience movie with a great sound with a screen size of 30-100 inches, MoGo Pro works with the Google play store, can use 5000+ native apps like tons of games and streaming apps which opens a door for entertainment for you in Android TV.

You can even connect games to the MoGo Pro and play the games in the wide screen projector, you can even directly cast of your favorite apps, movies and TV shows and many more powered by the google assistant by pressing the mic on the remote and command by saying hey google.

The MoGo Pro is powered with the brand new Amlogic T850X2 TV chip and MaliG31 GPU with 2GB ram and 16Gb Rom providing the most advanced image quality and more smooth and stable in the image processing and video.

  • Dimensions 5.7×4.1×3.8 inches
  • Weight 1.98 pounds (0.89Kg)
  • Connectivity Technology HDMI
  • Ports HDMI,USB 2.0, Charging port and 3.5 mm port
  • Display Technology DLP
  • Image Contrast Ratio 10000:1
  • Resolution 1080P
  • Battery capacity 10,400 mAh

The price of the MoGo Pro Mini Portable device is $550(Rs 40,700 )

Plan for launch

This MoGo Pro Mini Portable projector is made available to the customers in the year 2019 November after the modifications in the prototyping and changes before the launch.

Company details

This MoGo Pro Mini Portable projector is developed by the company called XGIMI, XGIMI are young and energetic team composed of a group of experienced Research & Development and marketing elites, the company only designs and manufactures multi-functional high-performance laser TV’s and smart projector, They determined to improve the audio-visual experience to the users. XGIMI created a many products of giant screen projectors with critical partners, such as Harman/Kardon, Texas Instrumental, Baidu and Google.

They launched their first generation smart projector in 2014 which gives an outstanding experience to the users in the industry, XGIMI mission is to bring the best value for money giant screen projection products in the world and to create outstanding home theaters for every family to enjoy the screen projection technology.