Wyze Lock – Minimalist Smart Lock to future Security



ecurity is one of the most important aspects of one’s life. Privacy and security hold a person’s secrets and important valuables. Being secure in this world full of frauds and theft activities is quite difficult. The number of bank breakdowns that happen over the year is increasing day by day. The fraudsters, with minimal information, can easily gain access to the most important details of one’s life such as bank account details, documents and etc. Not only a person should feel threatened by online threats but burglary is one of the most common offenses that occur. As a matter of fact, a burglary on an average results in a loss over approximately $2500 which is a no small amount. So, it is indeed important to keep your house secure. But again, the conventional locks that are being used get easily broken down and burglars can break and enter. So, to save you from reckoning, Wyze has presented Wyze Lock – A new and revolutionized security lock.


Home is a place that houses the most important assets of one’s life. It is the place where one feels safe and secure. But with the increasing threat of burglaries rising all across the world, Wyze Lock has stepped up to provide a more secure boundary for one. Wyze Lock is a wireless smart lock that features both minimalism and a much secure approach to home security. With amazing features such as enhanced encryption, easy locking and unlocking and robust design, Wyze Lock is set to replace all the conventional locks in your home and make it a smart and secure place.

The creators at Wyze have their focuses on a market that demands smart locks but due to the prices, cannot afford them. There was also a zest to make smart locks easy to install and operate and so did they. Wyze Lock offers a low price as compared to all other smart locks out there and it takes as low as 15 minutes to install it. The lock doesn’t require any kind of manual locking i.e. if one forgets to lock the door by mistake (which indeed happens a lot), there is no need to worry because Wyze Lock will take care of that.


  • Remote Control: Lock or unlock your door from anywhere in world.
  • Smart Sharing: Smart Authorization to family members or Friends.
  • Full Control: Just go to the door and have it unlock and then lock again once you’re inside.
  • Door Open/Close Identification: Know is the door is locked and closed properly. Wyze Lock comes with sensors to know the position of the door. You dont have to attach any new Sensor for doing that.
  • Fast Installation: Wyze Lock basically enhances your existing setuo and this is easy to install.
  • Maintain visitors Log: Wyze Lock doesn’t affect the exterior of the door. You can also use current existing keys to use in the house. You can see full log and Know how the lock was opened or closed.
  • Voice Control(coming Soon): Just as Alexa or Google Assistant to lock or check the status of the door easily.
  • Security Code: You can make advanced edition of the Wyze Lock with a separate Keypad. You can use a code to get in and out. This is powered by anti-peeping technology. That means even if someone saw your code while entering you can update the security code on the go and still unlock the lock.
  • One Click Lock: This comes with the Wyze Lock Keypad. Just on one click button the dorr can be simply control.


The engineers, after a thorough building and testing, engineered everything into a single unit, be it sensors or the locking mechanism. All this contributes to a user-friendly interface that the device offers. It happens more than often that in a hurry, we accidentally forget even to close the door. Wyze Lock, beings the smart device, it is, informs you immediately and doesn’t lock the door until and unless it has locked. It has no handle to turn on order to lock the door; it automatically locks the door itself.

The working mechanism of the lock is that as soon as you approach the door, the lock turns itself in and unlocks the door with no key required. And as soon as the door shuts, the Wyze Lock locks the door. In the upcoming time of early 2020, Wyze has promised to enable compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google’s assistant, ZigBee and also, Bluetooth. This will allow the smart-home device to control the lock on the go.

Wyze works on four AA batteries that need to be changed three times a year. On a single set of batteries, the lock will work for as long as 3-4 months. The device contains sensors which can automatically detect whether or not your door is locked. Wyze works with a Wi-Fi bridge (a gateway) that needs to be connected within 50 meters of the door that will house the Wyze Lock. The bridge at a single time can take charge of 10 devices.

The product also includes a water-resistant (Weatherproof IPX5 rated) and LED backlight keypad that can be used to unlock a door through a passcode. It also offers time-based guest codes which work till a certain amount of time. The codes, after a given time period, will turn invalid and restrict access to any unwanted guests. And to put a really smooth functioning, this all system is wireless!

The Wyze app is another way to unlock the lock. The app not only serves the former use but also keeps track of the door activity. Notifications such as open door, records of who, how and when the door was unlocked are all facilitated by the app. Furthermore, the product houses an AES 128-bit Encryption which is currently being used in banks and government matters. This ensures extra security of your data. A Two-Factor Authentication can also be enabled from within the app. It will allow only the authorized to have access to your home. As a safe side, Wyze app is secured by hardware encryption which protects from potential threats such as software hacking etc.


Wyze Lock is currently up for sale on the official website for an inexpensive price of just $89.99 + shipping charges. The keypad is sold separately but as an advantage for those who have backed the product from the beginning, the keypad is also shipped with the product. The box contains the lock itself, a single set of batteries, the gateway, adaptors and the plate. The product is set to ship by early 2020. However, the company officials have revealed that the product will debut its sale on Amazon by February 2020.


  • Product Color  : Silver
  • Product Size : 4.9″ Length x 2.5″ Width x 1.3″ Depth 2″(including knob)
  • Product Weight : .67lb (without batteries) Wyze Lock Gateway: .12lb
  • Robustness : Weather Resistance Indoor use only
  • Temperature Level : Operation Temperature 14°F – 131°F / -10°C – 55°C
  • Power Source : 4x AA Batteries (included)
  • Battery Life : 5-6 months (depending on use)
  • Communication Mode : Bluetooth, Zigbee
  • Smartphone Supports : Android 5.0+ & iOS 9.0+
  • Range of Control: 50′ | BLE to phone: 16′


Wyze started off as a camera company by releasing its first product Wyze Cam. The device was smart, effective and really cheap. It costs only $20! Since them, the company decided to step into the market of smart homes and has since released products such as sensors and plugs. With collaboration with LockIn comes their latest smart home project that has had a breakthrough campaign so far. The company has adopted the work principles of Amazon and have a goal to serve their customers products that are smart and affordable at the same time.


Wyze Lock is indeed the sturdiest and solid structured lock in the industry right now. Its price and the extra features on it just serve as icing on the cake. Switch to smart! Switch to Wyze Lock.