Wyze Cam A Perfect wise Outdoor Camera

A wire-free weather-resistant cam.

Wyze Cam Outdoor

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  • Wyze Cam Outdoor is a completely wireless camera that can last long 6 months with the included battery and with-stand any weather conditions with IP65 weather-resistant.
  • Wyze Cam can record Full HD 1080P videos and protects your home even during night time with night vision and record 12-sec motion-activated video.
  • Wyze Cam has a passive infrared sensor that helps in reducing false detection, two way audio and offline video recording.


Security cameras are very essential to always care about who is coming and going to your home when you are out there. Finding a perfect camera is still hard since we need to consider all factors.

Wyze Cam outdoor can record 1080P full HD live stream and comes with a rechargeable battery life of up to 6 months, while the battery life varies depending on the daily alerts.

Wyze outdoor camera is a wire-free and battery-powered mount for your home and can withstand any kind of weather and can be placed even in the hardest conditions.

With the help of the RIP motion detection, you can capture the people and animal with 12 seconds motion-activated, recordings are saved automatically, you can cover every corner of the room.

Problem Solved by this product


Wyze outdoor camera can sustain any weather condition with the IP65 weather resistant and dust resistant and can survive in even hardest conditions.

With the Wyze cam you can move wire-free no hassle with the wire and the battery last long for 6 months depending on the usage and go where ever you want with the small and compact design that can reach any place.

You can either mount the camera or can carry with you using the traveling mode allows you to access the cam even without the base-station.

They are offering 14 days cloud storage without any subscriptions and there is dedicated SD card slot on both the camera and base station. There is two way audio so that you can communicate in real time and can know who is coming to your home.

This cam can capture videos up to 1080P and has night vision to protect your home during night times as well and capture 12 sec motion detection video with PIR sensor that uses the infrared.

The base station can connect up to 4 cameras and covers your entire home, you can also capture time-lapse, live stream, record. You can also set auto schedule or create rules to capture details.

Detailed specification


Wyze Cam has a solid built and crafted to withstand any weather conditions with the IP65 Weather & dust resistant and can also be used in even the hardest conditions.

Wyze Outdoor cam is square in design with very minimalistic and you can reach out anywhere without hesitation and go wire-free and battery-powered with up to 6 months depending on the usage you do.

With the Wyze Outdoor cam you can seize the entire day with Full HD 1080P for crisp & clear video recording and even do live streaming from 25 ft. There is also night vision support on the camera which safeguards your home during night times as well.

With the Wyze cam RIP, motion detection features you will always have a look on who is coming to your home and who is leaving out when you are not in the home.

The Cam will take 12 seconds of motion-activated video and store them on the cloud, these recording will be there on the cloud for 14 days for free without any subscription, using the infrared sensor, motion detection will sense the body heat.

With the compact size of the Wyze cam you can cover every corner of your home with the low profile base station and can connect up to 4 cameras to the single base station and view all vide stream in the Wyze app.

They are also providing the Wyze app for both Android & IOS and has the same way adjustment stand on the base of the camera so that you can directly place on any surface or you can even mount to the wall using the quarter 20 threads or even you can mount the base with the screws.

There is a micro USB charging port underneath the water-proofing rubber backside to the camera as well as the on/off switch rocker along with the reset switch as well.

There is a dedicated micro-SD card slot to the bottom of the camera & sync button alongside while they also provide USB-A to micro USB charging cable and a flat Ethernet cable for the base station itself.

The base station of the Wyze Outdoor cam has the two antenna which is flexible to move or status/alert light on the center of the base station. On the side of base station you have sync button & micro-SD card slot.

There are lot of vents for air-flow to keep this base station cool all the time, even they also offering USB-A slot on the base station, a power plug and Lan connector on the back. Even you can mount the base station to the wall.

With the Wyze Cam you can respond in real-time with the two-way audio with the help of the built-in microphone and speaker, helps to communicate to the guest or the delivery person in-front of your home.

There is also Time lapses feature in the camera, there is plenty of option the app when you connect to the camera like you can start live streaming or start recording or speak or hear through the camera.

You can also set notification alerts and enable motion detection when you need, you can schedule automation or create rules and there is a traveling mode which allows you to access the camera even without the internet.

Camera Dimensions 2.3 x 2.3 x 2.8 inches
Weight 9.8 ounce
CPU 900HMz
Sensor 1/2.7’
Power method Battery powered
Mounting method Camera mounts to base via magnet Base mounts to wall or celling
Camera is compatible with 3rd party 1/4”
SD card Supports up to 32GB
Battery 2 x 2600 mAh
Battery life 3-6 months of battery life with normal use
Weather Operating temperature -40F to 1200F
IP Rating IP65
Image Resolution 1920 x 1080 (1080P)
Field of view 110
Night Vision LEDs 8*850nm LEDS
Night Vision distance Up to 25 feet
Camera lens aperture F2.5
Camera Focal length 3.3mm
Framers per second Day time video 20fps
Nighttime 10fps
Zoom 8 times

This Wyze cam outdoor starter bundle is priced at $49.99.

Plan for launch

This Wyze Outdoor cam made available to the market in Jun 2020 after the launch and will be shipped to customers home in later quarters of 2020, when they have enough stocks after the manufacturing process is completed.

Company details

This Outdoor Starter bundle camera is developed by a company called Wyze, which offers smart home cameras and devices packed with all features at a price that is accessible for all.

They started their journey with Wyze cam which is a result of the problem faced by their Co-founders and they are passionate about providing customers access to high-quality products at a great price.

With a team of experienced & enthusiast, they have developed many home appliances to keep their customers home smart and simple.

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