Wunder360 S1: Robust, Waterproof 360 AI Camera And Can Do 3D Scanning

Wunder360 S1: First 3D Scanning and 360 AI Camera-2
  • Wunder360 S1 is one of the most capable and compact 3D cameras available in the market.
  • Wunder360 S1 shoots and stitches the 3D modules in real time without any external software aid.
  • Wunder360 S1 also has an IP68 rating making the camera even suitable for clicking 3D modules underwater.

The Wunder360 S1 is one of the only cameras which allows its user to capture some of the best image and video 360 degree modules. The Wunder360 S1 offers extraordinary smooth stabilization to the video modules so that they are just near perfect and also can be presented professionally without questions. The Wunder360 S1 is just the device you’ll need if you’re looking to capture the world around you completely, storing every inch, every degree of it in detail.

The device also allows you to use it underwater with the help of its strong casing which makes it waterproof and also makes it durable to survive the harsh envir

onments in may generally experience. All these features take this convenient camera to another level.

Problem Solving By The Product


The ease of use and vast number of features available with the Wunder360 S1 provide its users with the best experience and also help them overcome many problems which they generally experience with the 360 degree module shots. One of the major being the blurred image due to jerks experienced by the camera. The Wunder360 S1 solves this with the super smooth stabilization feature. It focuses on the subject and counters any harsh movements experienced by the camera during shooting. The camera also overcomes the limitations of the general 360 degree cameras of them being bulky and sophisticated. The Wunder360 S1 fits right at the palm of its user and has a hard graded body which allows it to experiences harsh conditions including being underwater.

Detailed Features


Small Form Factor & Simple To Use : The main focus for the Wunder360 device is the vast number of features it offers although being such a small and compact device. The device allows you to click 3D photos in real time. With its powerful and fast algorithm, the device stitches the photos together while you are shooting so that you are not dependent on a bulky software to stitch the photos before you can finally look at them. Just click a photo and export it all at the same time, it is that simple.

Waterproof And Rugged Built : The camera has a customized hard waterproof case. This increases the durability of the device and allows the user to use the device in any condition to obtain the output they desire. The IP68 rating of the camera allows it to be conveniently used underwater. The Wunder360 S1 has the dimensions 74 x 50 x 35 mm and weighs less than a 100 grams making this device one of the most compact 3D camera devices currently in the world. The case for the camera is wearable and portable. You can strap it around you and take the camera wherever you like.


Image And Video : The Wunder360 S1 has a very capable camera which can click photos and videos up to 3K resolution for increased details. The device can record 3K videos at 30 fps and 1080p videos at 60 fps. With still photos, the camera can capture up to 4K resolution and all this alongside maintaining real time stitching of the 360 degree photos. The camera also needs no external gimbal. The next generation Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) provided by the camera ensures that the final product does not experience any blurs or jerks which have been experienced by the camera.

Battery And Storage : The Wunder360 S1 uses a 1200 mAh battery to operate. The device has 2 camera lenses using the CMOS sensor. The specifications of the camera lenses are f=0.94 F2.4. The camera software has an automatic Exposure and White Balance feature. The device has inbuilt microphone for recording audio. All the captured shots can be saved on a micro SD Card at the slot provided in the camera. The images and the videos stitched can be exported outside the camera by the USB 2.0 port.

Cloud Service And Storage : The Wunder360 S1 also has access to the vast cloud service. The all in one cloud service provides the users with a 3D reconstruction and viewing platform as well as 3D images storing and publishing online.


APP Control : The camera software can be controlled through the iOS/Android application easily. You can edit settings for the camera through your mobile phone. The camera has an active object tracking. You just have to click on the object to focus and the camera senses the motion of the object. The camera device also has an active depth tracking. The camera senses the depth of the scene to optimize the final picture or video by adjusting exposure and aperture of the camera to provide you with perfect 3D modules. The Phantom Clipper technology also allows you to create Multiplicity videos easily. This can be very handy in shooting athletic sports with the camera.

Plans For Launch

The idea for the Wunder360 S1 was established back in 2015. The Company had been trying to design and develop the next generation 360 degree camera which would provide the world with a new point of view. After a couple of working samples testing, the company came up with the Wunder360 S1. They presented the concept for the device in CES, Las Vegas in 2018 January. The Company ran its final tests and launched the Indiegogo campaign. After the successful campaign, the company quickly began mass production stage for the product in September 2018 and delivered the shipment to their backers all over the world by November 2018.

Company Details

The Wunder360 S1 is developed and manufactured by Evomotion. The company mainly focuses on creation and development of Artificial Vision technologies. It had been developing various Mobile Headsets, Panoramic Cameras, Surveillance IP Cameras, Mobile Robots, and various other devices which work with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and capturing 360 degree real time shots. The Company perfects all these technologies with the help of its SLAM algorithm, the algorithm focuses mainly on capturing panoramic and surround shots, facial recognition and smart object tracking. All these help the company create better camera devices for the people all over the world.