World Clock Miniature 12-Sided clock

World Clock Miniature 12-Sided clock-1
  • World Clock Miniature will give you 12 city timing by simply rotating the clock and also you can set the time and know other zone time at the specific time.
  • World Clock Miniature is decagon in shape and can be paced anywhere on the flat surface and great for traveling.
  • World Clock Miniature has only hour’s hand which will set automatically to the perfect time for that time zone when you selected.

Clocks are always cool with their design and shows time during our day, every tick of the clock signifies our work where we are and what we have to do at that moment. Some clock are special enough to show times of multiple zones at a time with precision and sometime ended up needing of more clocks to seed different time zones but again it is a tedious work to carry all of them along with you and look after them especially when you are off for travelling.

The World Clock Miniature 12-sided clock will help in the time of travelling showing you the 12 time zones at a time, will be useful to know the time zone what you want. This clock sits simply on a desk of table or shelf or anywhere you place it on a flat surface.

World Clock Miniature is a decagon in shape with the twelve city names written on the sides of the clock. World Clock Miniature will show the time of one of the cities when the name of the city is pointed upward. You can choose between Cape Town, Moscow, Los Angeles, Karachi, Mexico City, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, New Caledonia, Paris and London.

The hour hand will be set exactly on its position depending upon the city time zone. World Clock don’t have the minutes hand but still you can get the accurate time with the hours hand.

Problem solving by this product

The World Clock Miniature 12-Sided Clock gives you twelve different time zones at your hands.

World Clock Miniature is small and compact in size and convenient to carry along with you. Clock is Decagon in shape which have 12 cities names written on its side to know the time.
You can know the current time of the different time zones as well as specific time on that particular time zone by setting the Hours hand on the World Clock.

World Clock will be very helpful on traveling on being carried to know the time zone in different cities and don’t get missed your dear ones.

Though the World Clock Miniature has only hour’s hand it can show the time accurately and settle down when it is turned around to show the perfect time.

Detailed specification

World clock Miniature offers you 12 time zones, so you can stay connected to your loved ones in different time zone and different places on your hands. World Clock is decagon in shape that has twelve names written on each side to show the time, simply rotate the clock to the desired city once so that the name points upwards. Once it is done then the hours hand will automatically settle itself to the correct time for that city time zone.
World Clock Miniature is designed to show the time of the major cities in the world by simply rotating the clock main body. World Clock Miniature is a compact and elegant gift product which is best for the traveling to remember the loved ones to know about what an important person in distance doing now.
When you rotate the World Clock Miniature the bearing always keep the clock hand at the same angle, To set the world clock, first you need to remove the sleeve around the Clock and align your city name with the number 12 to set your time zone, put the sleeve back and adjust the time, rotate the dial to the desired time and rotate the clock to desired city to determine the other time zones
Though World Clock Miniature can show the time precisely, even don’t having a minute hand, Clock doesn’t support summer time but the supported time zones are Cape Town, Moscow, Los Angeles, Karachi, Mexico City, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, New Caledonia, Paris and London

The World Clock Miniature is available in three colors one is white, another one is Black and the last is Wood.
The World Clock Miniature 12-sided clock is priced at 46.35$(3,430 RS).

  • Size 83*83*33 mm
  • Number of Time Zones 12
  • Hands Hours Hand
  • Time Format 12 hours
  • City Names Cape Town, Moscow, Los Angeles, Karachi, Mexico City, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, New Caledonia, Paris and London

Plan for launch

This product is made available to the market in the year July 2019 after it prototyping and manufacturing, changes with the design.

Company details

This World Clock Miniature 12-sided clock is one of the products of the MASAFUMI ISHIKAWA Design’ product who is a product designer always trying to properly design what happen between people and objects, services or the environment. To achieve it more precisely he extended his field to another areas as business and engineering.
MASAFUMI ISHIKAWA is now chief designer at TOTO USA with lot of industrial experience about the plumbing products and he has ability to deal with different materials including metals and thermoplastic resign and combination of them. He is From Japan; he is effective and efficient enough to collaborate with the other people in order to achieve the most exiting goals.



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