WonderSense – Programmable Smart Motion Sensor For Your Robots and Wearables

Recognize the human behavior in real time like walking, idle etc.

  • WonderSense is the smart sensor node that collects the data and visualization in real time with the three sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope and the magnetism sensor.
  • WonderSense will connect to your mobile wirelessly using the Bluetooth 4.2 and collect the data & store in database for later analysis with the 300Hz touch sampling rate.
  • WonderSense offers you 10 hours of battery backup and will be charged by using micro USB, which can recognize the human activities in real time along with the 2D trajectory angular data.

Wonder Sense a smart wearable motion tracker works very well with the built-in accelerometer and gyro sensors along with the magnetism. Wonder Sense also track the rotation of the sensor and tracks the 2D path. WonderSense also recognizes the activity what you are doing, you can even control the character of your favorite game with the WonderSense with the three sensors with the 10 hours of battery backup using the wireless connection 4.2 of 300Hz wireless sampling rate which is light in weight.

WonderSense weighs about 7.7 grams and charges using the micro USB cable, WonderSense is open SDK which is compatible with both iOS and Android as well with the basic function app.

Problem Solving By This Product

WonderSense Motion sensor will collect the data in real time out of the box without developing any other application to make the sensor to collect the data.

WonderSense has the three sensors which are accelerometer, Gyroscope and the magnetism sensors which captures the data in waveform for analytics and stores the data in the database and rest API for future use.

The orientation of the Sensor with in the coordinates will be estimated while the data is being collected, WonderSense is capable of tracking the motion trajectory which estimates the speed, direction and translation from the collected angular data in 2D path.

WonderSense Motion Sensor will recognize the human behavior in real time like walking, idle etc. WonderSense can be used as game controller to interact with the game character without any console in VR games.

Detailed Specification


WonderSense has been the world trending consumer sensor node which offers high performance TDK 9 Axis IMU sensor with the maximum 300Hz wireless sampling rate and highly efficient data processing algorithms and easy to use API for the developers included all these features in a tiny little form factor.

Their smartphone app which is being provided will collect the data very quickly so that you can mount or wear WonderSense on the limbs, trunk or head to collect or visualize the motion data which will be stored into the database for later analysis.

WonderSense is a tiny form factor which can perfectly fits to any application just like a wristwatch and weighs less than 8 grams including with the 180mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery, WonderSense provide out of the box data collection and visualization as a basic function application in which you can use them directly without developing a new application.

They also providing the open SDK for multiple platforms so that you will be focused on developing the application, their SDK will support for iOS/ Android and C# as well and more platforms in the future. WonderSense is very easy to install and use within a few steps to start collecting the real time data.

WonderSense has the three different sensors such as Magnetism, accelerometer and Gyro Scope sensor, you can collect the waveform of sensor data using the WonderSense BLE sensors using them either individually or combined together. WonderSense collects the data and the orientation of the sensor in the absolute coordinate is estimated at the same time.

With the WonderSense you can track the path & motion of the object in trajectory with estimating the speed, direction and translation from the collected angular data with acceleration in a 2D path. WonderSense also allows you to recognize the human behavior in real time using the classification algorithm tells you the activities that the WonderSense carries is being performed and detects the current state of the person showing them in the application real time.

You can use the WonderSense as a game controller which intuitively interacts to the character in the game by creating an application of VR game without a controller.


  • Sensors Acceleration +-2/4/8/16G
  • Gyro Sensor +-250/500/1000/2000 dps
  • Magnetism +-4800 micro T
  • Resolution 16bits
  • Wireless Communication Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2
  • Battery 10 hours
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Button Power Control
  • Connector Micro USB
  • Dimensions 28x24x11 mm
  • Weight 7.7 grams
  • Application Mobile App/ Database/ Desktop
  • SDK iOS/ Android/C#

Plan For Launch

WonderSense BLE version 0 is started in the year 2018 and comes with the developed version 1 in 2019 with the both software and hardware development. The WonderSense is launched in the online platforms for crowd funding in 2020 with again improvements in the software as well as hardware and the verification of the software along with the hardware is done in 2020 July while the mass production and the shipping of the WonderSense will begin in 2020 September.

Company Details

This WonderSense Smart Motion sensor is developed by the WonderWonder team which is originated from the CNLab at the Aizu University, with a mission of developing a motion capture platform which can fill the gap between the ideas and innovations. They have developed many novel applications like ring, toothbrush, schoolbag and gloves and many more but, WonderSense is developed as a general-purpose sensor for improving the functionality and usability of the inventors.