Winston: Personalised VPN To Take Back Control of Your Online Privacy 24×7

  • Winston Home security network protects you from all possible information thefts
  • Winston shield services protect your privacy even without considering any privacy policy
  • Winston block the websites from collecting any more data.

Browsing over the internet is a major part of our lives in today’s world. Everything we need can be found on the internet. From social networking to streaming movies or shopping over it, everything always goes through some server which may or may not sell your personal information it collects to someone else.

Although all this is covered in the Privacy Policies of the software or the servers, no one really cares about reading them while signing up to the website.


Although many of these products claim to be free, they most often sell the information they collect from you to certain private as well as government organization to either monitor you or show you adds of products and services you might use.

The Winston Home security network protects you from all these possible information thefts. Every data you transmit over the internet goes through the Winston secure channel allowing your data to be safe from the organizations which threaten your privacy.

Problem Solving by the Product

You might be using many products like free social networks, free VPNs, shopping websites, etc. Although they say they are free but actually what they take as a payment is your privacy. These companies constantly collect data from you over your browsing and later sell that data to multinational corporations or the government to monitor you and recommend ads.

Many websites also monitor your activities which then use that to manipulate advertisements and the prices of the products you tend to buy. You may feel like all this is not right and they should not do that but you already agreed to the Privacy Policies of the website without even giving it a glance.,w_695,g_auto,q_auto,dpr_1.0,f_auto,h_460/xeeodtngnzr1fonx0eqj

The Winston shield services allow you to protect your privacy even without considering any privacy policy you may have agreed to and block the websites from collecting any more data.

Detailed Features

Winston privacy network provides you with the in depth privacy protection to all the devices in your home whether it is your PC, Laptop, Mobile or your TV. Yes you heard it right, for the first time has a privacy service provided full protection to even your TV. The streaming services also tend to collect your watching and streaming history over their network to other networks which show you recommendations based on your streams.

The Winston home security server monitors all the incoming and outgoing traffic from all the devices of your home and encrypts the servers and the information to prevent the hackers and other ISPs to intercept your personal information and gain access to your personal space.

It prevents the Third-Party data recollection too. It also blocks all the unnecessary ads and pop-up windows and filters the cookies which take up a lot of your internet transfer speed to give you a smooth and uninterrupted fast internet browsing experience. It anonymously helps you protect all your information and services from your home.

The rich Winston library blocks over 90000 malicious and tracking websites by default to grant you a safe browsing experience. It also allows you to control what you want and what you don’t want to see or let others in your home see over the internet.


Although other VPNs may be slow, the Winston VPN grants you all the safe browsing encryption of data without reducing the speed of the internet. In addition to the standard data transfer devices, the Winston VPN also secures your TV which has not been a feature of any other VPN service.

Winston also prevents the hackers and other ISPs to hack into your home camera to find out when you’re not at home. The Smart TVs send info about you to the critics and other rating websites. The Internet routers you use send data about you to their manufacturers.

It stops all of them. It blocks the hidden cookies in the websites you browse which you were never able to do before. And it provides you with the complete Incognito experience which you have never had before. You can now browse in private worrying about no other service collecting your data.

The Winston supports almost all the major streaming and gaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Play Station Vice, etc. And it supports Firefox, and Google Chrome for safe browsing extensions with Safari to join soon.


The Winston device has to be plugged in between your router and your modem in your home server. Once connected the smart Winston software component quickly encrypts all the data transfer within 60 seconds.

The Winston VPN service reroutes your data through 20-30 other Winston units which are selected randomly every hour to make it impossible for the trackers to relate a user to a defined IP address at a time.


The Winston comes equipped with a privacy filter a gigabit Ethernet cable and a power adapter. The Winston device has an inbuilt dual core processor, 1GHz ARM A53, 64Bit Marvell Armada. It operates on the Linux operating system with a gigabyte of RAM and consumes only 12V DC with less than a Watt of power.

Plans for Launch

The idea of Winston was first initiated in October 2017 and the first design was created by the Winston Company in November 2017. The Winston Company started initial prototype testing in March 2018 and the Field Trials were started September 2018.

The Kickstarter campaign was launched in May 2019 and was successful and the mass production was started June 2019.

Company Details

Winston’s was founded by Richard Stokes, who was in the ad-tech industry for over a decade. He was a very successful Global Head of Innovation for a very large multinational company. He always was aware of the policies of different software and websites.

All the information you search, the purchases you make, the things you watch, have been stored in a cloud somewhere. There is no respect for an individual’s privacy. Which is why he and his team came across the idea for Winston.

The Winston team has one sole purpose, to allow the users to take back the control of their own Online Privacy.