whatsapp reached 2 Billion User base

hatsApp has officially reported to reach 2 billion user-base. In the 2017 they have reported to reach 1.5 Billion users in World Wide presence. They have announced on last Wednesday about their latest milestone achievement of adding new 500 Million users base.

The smartphone messaging app was launched in 2009 by the co-founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum. They were former employees of Yahoo!. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 with a giant 19 Billion USD deal.

WhatsApp used End to End Encryption Methods to provide security to all users and their chats. By the rule even WhatsApp cannot read or analyze those WhatsApp messages.

But this topic of encryption method has brought different discussions about the security reasons. In different Governments want to access the chat messages under the new regulation model. Also other countries like Australia, United Kingdom government also doing discussion for the same. Their main agenda is to access terrorists and different hate speech access through the WhatsApp while it is required in the matter of national security.

In recent time also like in October 2019 William Barr, US attorney General has asked Facebook to not to implement the similar end to end encryption on the Facebook messenger platform. This may increase the terrorist group’s discussion eventually. They want to impose more regulations first before the implementing the private and security models in near future.