Wepoint: Smart and Simple Gesture Controller

Gesture recognition device solves many hassles.


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  • The Wepoint Gesture Controller allows the users to easily and precisely control their device comfortably without having to interact with them directly.
  • The Wepoint Gesture Controller has a unique and a convenient design and mechanism which enables it to be useful with a large types of devices.
  • The Wepoint Gesture Controller is powerful, sleek and lightweight at the same time providing you good use and comfort at the same time.


We are currently living in the age of wireless technologies. From Phones to Televisions everything allows you a wireless experience. You can easily control these devices remotely through the remotes or other ways for controls. But taking this a step further, Wepoint has brought you their new and advanced wrist band which is way more useful than a regular wrist band. The Wepoint band connects to your devices like Laptop, Mobile Phones, Televisions, etc. through Bluetooth and allows you to control them through the movements of your fingers or palm. All you have to do is a little hand movement and the electromagnetic fields created by the device sense these movements to perform specific and respective tasks on your connected device. Whether it is watching a video, browsing the internet or just keeping the track of your social media handle, all the tasks are completed through little gestures easily with the help of the Wepoint.

Problem Solving By The Product


The Wepoint Gesture Recognition device solves many hassles of the people in their day to day lives. Whether they are watching videos or browsing their feed or the internet, it can all be done simply and conveniently with the help of simple gestures of your fingers. You no longer have to spend some precious minutes of your lives to find the remote to switch the channel or get up out of your cozy Blanket while using your computer to scroll or change the feed or shop online on it. All of these things have been taken care of with the help of the Wepoint Gesture Recognition Wearable Device. The Wepoint Wearable device also provides an accuracy and precision so that it can easily be used as a mouse or a pointer.

Detailed Specifications


The Wepoint Gesture Recognition Device conveniently turns your hand into a Mouse which can basically be used to operate anything from your Mobile Phone to your Computer. All you have to do is connect the device through Bluetooth to your desired device and start conveniently performing tasks on the connected device through simple hand and finger movements with the help of this amazing Gesture Recognition Device. The Wepoint uses simple Electro-Magnetic field to sense the movements or gestures you use. This gives the device the ability to be used in almost any environment and control the target device even from a certain distance. The sensors on the device are so advanced that you can control the target device by performing the hand gestures from even within your pockets.

What takes the Wepoint Gesture Recognition Wearable device further than the other Gesture Controllers is the degree of freedom offered by the device. The device can be used as a controller or a mouse for almost anything. Shopping Online, Browsing the Internet, Collecting Your Feed, Playing a Video Game, Watching a Movie and much more. All of these activities can be performed by the device as it gives the users the convenience and the quality and accuracy of controls at the same time. The pointer of the device works conveniently from 400 to 1800 dpi so that the speed of the pointer matches your comfort zone. The device is fast and precise at the same time making it a better choice over other wireless controllers or touchpads.

The device is powered by a simple rechargeable Lithium battery and can handle the load for almost a full day on a single charge. The functioning of the device is mainly managed by the Electromagnetic motion sensor including the EM field transmitter and receiver. The Computation mainly takes place with the help of the Arm Chip, the AD Chip and the signals are transmitted to the target device by a Bluetooth connection. The sensor system on the device works well with the E Cap technology which allows it to function accurately without any noise, drift or calibration.

The basic hardware of the device has 2 parts, a ring and a wrist band. The wrist band is where the main EM sensor is placed and the place which transmits the signals to the target device. The ring senses the movements of the fingers and makes the EM field more stable. This two way setup also ensures that the field is not disturbed by anything other than your palm or your fingers. The device is super lightweight, weighing only 36-40 grams so that you won’t even feel anything even if you’re wearing it for the whole day.

Plan For Launch

The Sowego Technologies had launched their product in June 2020 through its own Kickstarter Campaign. The Company had been working on various prototypes for the device since the past 4 years. They had developed and designed more than 5 generational prototypes with over a 100 sketches before finalizing the best one for the people. The Product Campaign for the product has also been supported by The Gadget Flow confirming the quality and advancement of the product. The Campaign is set to go on till 12th July 2020 after the success of which the company plans on completing and delivering the orders of the product by August 2020 to their backers.

Company Details

The Wepoint Gesture Recognition Wearable Device is developed by the Sowego Technologies. The Sowego Technologies always aims at providing the most unique and advanced hardware which adds up to the convenience people want in their lives. The designers and developers in the company had worked very hard on preparing the best device for the people. They came up with a total of 5 generational designs when they finalized the last one. With precision and a vision for better, the company always looks forward to developing more and more in their devices. With the stretch goal they plan on making the device even more advanced including VR Support and many more things.

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