Wellue Pulsebit Ex Life-Changing Smart EKG Monitor

Small and compact ECG monitor which is really as accurate as the medical devices.


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  • Wellue Pulsebit Ex EKG Monitor provide medical grade ECG noise free measurements with the reusable electronic pads for different Lead measurements.
  • Wellue Pulsebit Ex EKG Monitor has the in-built electrodes to record 30s and 60s scans and 5 min with the external cable for reliable results.
  • Wellue Pulsebit Ex EKG Monitor has the multi-user mode and can share the reports across PC and Mobile with the Bluetooth and PC software.


Product overview

Wellue Pulsebit Ex Monitor is small and compact ECG monitor which is really as accurate as the medical devices. The Wellue Pulsebit has the mini USB port on the side of the monitor to charge the device and there are different settings before you actually start the device like the user mode.

Wellue Pulsebit Ex ECG Monitor has the single user or dual user mode with the two different modes of using the Wellue Pulsebit they are one lead mode which is to use in the palm and the two lead mode to place the device just above the knee. There are also external checks if you insist using the external cables for the Wellue Pulsebit Ex monitor to place the cables on the wrist or on the specified spots.

Wellue Pulsebit Ex ECG Monitor has the reusable electrodes and the monitor shows you the ECG test records along with the heart rate if anything abnormal beats happens to the heart, you can connect the Wellue Pulsebit Ex EKG Monitor to the PC using the software or you can send the results through the Yhealth app, you can read 2000 reading for one full charge.

The electrode wires stick to the pad at one end and connect to Wellue Pulsebit ECG monitor on the other to the charging port to measure the ECG.

Problem solving by this product


Wellue Pulsebit Ex EKG/ECG Monitor gives you medical grade ECG charts and helps you in monitoring your health to keep you healthier with the noise free EKG at any case.

Wellue Pulsebit Ex ECG Monitor is portable not unlike the other medical bulky equipment’s available which is suitable to everyone and offers two prior Lead in taking ECG with the in-built electrodes to the Monitor and chest Lead with the wired electrodes.

Wellue Pulsebit Ex Monitor can monitor the ECG with or even without the external electrode cables along with the pads, instantly allows you to share the reports to your smartphone via Bluetooth and to PC using the PC software.

Wellue Pulsebit Ex ECG/EKG Monitor works independently without any other device with the built in battery and storage and also has the multi-user mode to store the health reports of the different users.

Wellue Pulsebit Ex Monitor has the customizable ECG duration for the consistent results 30s/60s and 5 mins with the wire electrodes and has the graphic color guidance with touch screen.

Detailed specification

Wellue Pulsebit Ex Personal ECG/EKG Monitor has the small compact display which is designed to give medial grade accuracy in the ECG reports and take care of your health.
There is small on/off button on the front of the display and the Wellue Pulsebit Monitor has the Bluetooth for transferring the data to your phone and also you can setup the connecting through the port to your PC for sharing the data.

With the Wellue Pulsebit Ex Monitor you can specify the ECG length as 30s/60s or 5 minutes when you want to use the external cable for more consistent results. There is user mode feature in the Wellue Pulsebit Ex ECG Monitor for which you can take two users or single user records.

You can also adjust the brightness of the monitor from the settings. Wellue Pulsebit Ex ECG/EKG Monitor provide multi-lead measurements Lead-I where you touch to your palm, Lead-II where you just touch to your navel and where you touch above your knee for the left leg and there is a chest Lead.

There is also External Lead where the Wellue Pulsebit Ex ECG Monitor uses the external wire electrodes by connecting to the mini USB port provided on the right of the device and connecting the pad to the body on one end and to the electrodes on the other.

There are three electrodes on the Wellue Pulsebit Ex Monitor one on the front and one on the back and the last one on the side of the Monitor which are useful for two Leads, before you actually going to take the ECG measurements make sure that the electrode point contacts of your body should be wet.

When you hold the Wellue Pulsebit Ex Smart ECG monitor stay still and the ECG chart will begin with the live color ECG will be recorded on the screen and after taking readings Wellue Pulsebit will show you whether you are having regular heart beat and heart beat per minute and you will be notified if there is irregular in heart beat and you can test again or you can see information about the results.

The history will show you the tests that you run previously to monitor your health with the ECG charts.

Dimensions 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.5 inches
Weight 64 grams
External ECG Cable Available
Record duration 30s / 60s / 5 min
Touch screen Yes
Battery life 2000 records and rechargeable
No of electrodes 3 electrodes
Leads Lead I,II along with chest and External

This Wellie Pulsebit Ex Smart ECG/EKG monitor is priced at 119.99$.

Plan for launch

This Wellue Pulsebit Ex Smart ECG/EKG Monitor is made available in the market in the year 2019 November after the changes in the design and prototypes, the monitor is manufactured and will be shipped in the later quarters of the year.

Company details

This Pulsebit Ex Smart EKG/ECG Monitor is developed by the company called Wellue which is a healthcare expert company with many innovators, their mission is to develop the products which can assure the medical grade accuracy and consumer friendly.

They have developed many health benefit devices and currently they are finding an easier way to monitor the disease on your body to change the lifestyle of living and elevate the standards to live with a peace of mind and enjoy healthier life than before. They have developed many products like sleepU, O2ring, WearO2, SnoreZ, Pulsebit Mate and EX, with their products they have earned trusts and authority with the customers all over the world.

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