Wearsafe Tag Personal Panic Button

Wearsafe Tag Personal Panic Button - 2
  • The Wearsafe tag panic button is a modern day button to get the help instantly to make you feel a lot safer for you.
  • It works fast and it can save the life of your cared one.
  • There is a 1 touch call option also available so that you can call the emergency contacts right from the app.

In today’s world safety is the primary concern for family about their kids when they went out until they reach the home safely, even the smartphone can’t offer security for them when they are in danger, But the Wearsafe Personal panic button can do that with a single press of that button it will send the notification to your emergency contacts and get your friends know about your situation so that they will come to the spot and give you a help to save you, not only the location also sending the live sound/ voice of what happening around your surroundings.

Detailed Specifications


1. The Wearsafe tag panic button is a modern day button to get the help instantly to make you feel a lot safer for you.

2. This will get you help with from pressing the panic button which instantly send an alert message to the emergency contacts.

3. These alert message includes the GPS location of your current position and audio around you so that the situation could be known accordingly to get help faster.

4. It works fast and it can save the life of your cared one.

5. They have adopted the voice because location alone cannot explain what the problem exactly and the person can call to a police or not, the audio will give you an exact situation of what to do right now so it will be helpful.

6. It can be easily pair to the phone over Bluetooth and it will ready to help it when you need it.

7. When you press the button for a sign of trouble it will use the paired device to help to give you the real safety they added the vibration for which the tag vibrates to let you know whether someone has seen your seen your alert message or not.

8. Once the alert message is sent your emergency contact people will take care of that, the tag will send the location of you, with the help of the app your friends can see where you are and when you need them and it also sends the audio after the moment it was pressed.

9. Once it is done your friends can plan out their response and they can communicate and talk to others in the app and they figure it out what to do and whether they have to contact authorities like police etc…

10. Once you are safe the app will turn to blue colour, and let everyone knows that you are okay until then it will be in another colour.

11. You can even send the alert message form the 200 meters away from your smartphone which becomes handy to be helpful since in most of the cases the smartphones are taken away from the victim, since they see the smartphone as the primary source of communication.

12. They have did that with the group chat which adds more value and safety so that others can communicate that who is nearer to the person who pressed tag and others plan accordingly.


13. They is no paid version for this app to be used, it is free for responders, they need to pay anything or no need of installing app in their devices, when the tag is pressed they will get the alert and they can view it on the web.

14. This one has got the award in superior performance and reliability which is best in class and more effective and easier to use than any other panic button, which is proven secure, which is being used in 140 countries.

15. No need to be bothered the tag will send real time location so that even you may be moved from your location it will be known by your friends.

16. There is a 1 touch call option also available so that you can call the emergency contacts right from the app.

17. This one requires a minimal maintenance does not be recharged every time and no complicated installation and operations just you will need to replace the battery after 6 months this thing is also water resistant.



  • Dimension 3.2×3.1×3 inches
  • Item Weight 3.52 Ounce (100 grams)
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Water Resistant Yes


If a things possess good then it might have bad in the same way, they mentioned that it will help you within 200 meters distance, but what if your phone is far away or if you forget it. The Tag must be using some battery to be notified to the phone they didn’t mentioned that even after. What if your mobile juice ran out and if there is not internet in that location to be notified, what else there will be many cases than this to be unable to use this thing.
This device is suggested to be carried anyway since something will be better than nothing.



This device is priced at $150 which is seems to be spent because it the safety matters the most than any others.

They are also proving the 80 days Risk free guarantee so that after being purchased, you think don’t like it or really don’t need then you can return that will full refund within 90 days, they are also proving 3 years warranty with every device.

Out of Box

This device is available in 2 colours one is black and other is white, out of box you will get the tag and a quick start guide to how install the app and how to use it.

Plan For Launch

This device is first listed in November 2018 and made available to Users.

Company Details

This device is developed by the company Wearsafe which is technology based company and working on a mission to make the world feel more safer, they are the developers and engineers and marketers with creative and innovation, they believe that everyone has the right to feel safer, they care about protecting individuals wherever they find them, since society has change in the last few decades and they believe that our safety resources should too.

By using the latest technology advancements and immediate responses they bring safety into 21st century, in the digital and running world Wearsafe gives everyone the ability to connect instantly and get help in real time, allowing us to feel more confident and secure, the founders are David Benoit and Phill Giancarlo.