Wavee Presents the W-1: Alexa Powered Toothbrush Speaker

Wavee Presents the W-1: Toothbrush Speaker System - 3
  • Wavee W-1 is the first electric toothbrush in the world features an effective Bluetooth charging speaker.
  • Wavee W-1 Compatible with Amazon Alexa: Wavee will transform multi-tasking into a chill in the morning.
  • Wavee W-1 is the key piece that will further turn the general bathroom area into a tranquil paradise.

Wavee is a three-speed configuration electric toothbrush associated with the smart speaker system that provides high modulated sound. To improve the bathroom experience of daily life with a new idea that combines effective oral care with modern technologies, now Wavee is available on Kickstarter. It is the first electric toothbrush in the world features an effective Bluetooth charging speaker that amplifies the morning schedule with a complete, enjoyable, hands-free stereo. Wake up and go along with choice songs performed in vibrant, enhanced sound or ask Alexa how the climate looks. Users will be assured to have a flawless clean brushing with a built-in timer of 2 minutes and will start their day on the right notes with Wavee.

Benefits of the Product


Team of the company has used modern technology and creative design to combined two features to create the first electric toothbrush and built-in speaker product on the market-creating a completely new and innovative customer experience. The W-1 is the key piece that will further turn the general bathroom area into a tranquil paradise, optimizing the time spent by visitors (often up to 60 minutes/day or more) before starting on the day.

Daily dental hygiene is considered a necessary safety measure against infection, disease, irritation, and other chronic health concerns that can impact not only our mouths but our whole body. It is a dentist-recommended electric toothbrush that offers efficient and silent brushing in three different configurations, each with a simple two-minute timer and a strong long-lasting, 25-day lithium-ion battery.

Dental evidence certainly indicates that when used twice a day, electric toothbrushes boost dental heath by almost 10 times. It genuinely believes that the best way to improve oral hygiene is making it a routine rather than a chore. Wavee uses the best techniques and develops a unique ever before bathroom experience.


Studies show that listening to music has many advantages-including raising the overall mood, reducing stress levels, increasing productivity and enhancing cognitive skills such as learning and memory. Many find music to be the first ‘ miracle drug ‘ and Wavee is designed cleverly to help users optimize every minute of a day.

Start a day with the appropriate playlist; get set with some bumping rhythms for a night out; and relax on some toned-down tunes for the weekend. There’s Wavee to assist set the mood. Wavee should breathe energy into your bathroom and remove your normal repetitive activity.

1. No more smartphone speakers with under power.
2. No more trouble getting a mic in and out of the bathroom.
3. No more concerns over harm to your amplifier or mobile.

The Wavee speaker device has been built for one reason only that works in the bathroom area. The company made sure to go to every different user situation in the bathroom and also prepared for whatever user bring at it.


An electric toothbrush enables dental cleaning faster, further systematic: For each quadrant, electronic toothbrushes are set at the same rate, providing a smoother, faster cleaning and a perfect fresh feeling. Kids are sometimes among the largest users of electric toothbrushes. Most children clean but don’t see the entire residue between meals. Children with braces are particularly vulnerable to this phenomenon. An electric toothbrush is a good option as users can count on reaching all those areas that children skip with manually brushing hard to reach.

Using an electric toothbrush may help eliminate body odor: Bad breath is a sign of food and grease stuck between your teeth and along your gums in the nooks and crannies. An electric toothbrush and daily flossing will work together in identifying and removing the bacteria behind the teeth to get rid of bad breath.

Avoid brushing too rough: Generally, users try so hard to get their teeth nice and clean, which makes it very difficult for them to brush. Almost always, that implies they are hurting their gums, eventually causing a contraction in gums. Brushing very aggressively may also strip the enamel from the surface of the teeth, increasing exposure to temperature, heat and other sensations.


One of the big advantages of electric toothbrushes is that it’s almost difficult to clean them so vigorously when you wouldn’t be doing the brushing. Users simply hold the brush and let its rotating bristles do the job with an electric toothbrush. Users re-position the brush around various parts of their body, but not allowed to push the brush back and forth aggressively and probably shouldn’t exert pressure. Wavee is a fantastic option for those who are inclined to use a little so much energy while brushing.

Wavee Compatible with Amazon Alexa: Wavee will transform multi-tasking into a chill in the morning. Use voice to start music player, build a to-do list, set up an alert, download a show, and play audiobooks, comment on the environment, traffic, sports, and news. Some smart devices may also be enabled by Alexa as a home automation device. It is sent to the Amazon warehouses for formal Alexa testing in December 2019.

Specifications of the Product

The Wavee brush head, when it comes to dental hygiene, uses lightweight bristles designed to clean germs, microbes, and eliminate plaque – while being tender on the gums. The full range of Wavee apps includes:

1. An LED Light
2. A Removable Cleaning Sleeve
3. An Easy Wipe Top Surface
4. Inductive Charging
5. An IPX 5 – Water Resistant Speaker
6. Superior Voice Pick-Up
7. Amazon Alexa Compatibility through HSP
8. A Wall Mountable Feature
9. A two-minute timer with 30 second intervals for cleaning the four quadrants of the mouth
10. Three Brushing Modes – (Standard (41,000rpm), White (48,000rpm), Sensitive (33,000rpm)
11. Eight-Hour Playback
12. A 48,000 RPM Motor
13. Omni directional Sound
14. Bluetooth 5.0 Compatibility

Company Details

Wavee Group Inc. aspires to encourage and promote a lifestyle of good dental hygiene through advanced technology and excellent product design. The brand, established in 2018 by two sets of brothers, is on stage to develop a new category with innovative items that will change the dull bathroom routine. Branding-fueled and seasoned, Wavee introduces a fresh and exciting company into the realms of dental hygiene, entertainment, and technologies. Wavee technology enables users with their favorite songs, podcasts, and audio-books and also has compatibility with Amazon Alexa.