Wattsugar 60W All in One Charging Station For Apple Devices

An all in one Apple device charger that can charge four of your Apple devices at once.

Wattsugar 60W All in One Charging Station For Apple Devices - 2
  • Wattsugar 60W charging station is all in one Apple device charger that can charge four of your apple devices at once.
  • Wattsugar has the in-built 5000mAh battery to serve as the wireless power bank when there are no outlets and magnetic Apple watch wireless charging area.
  • Wattsugar is MFI certified and has one USB-C port & USB-A port that supports power delivery 3.0 and Quick charging 3.0 with smart power distribution technology to charge your devices faster.

Wattsugar is the world’s first all in one 60W charger made for every Apple product. Wattsugar is small, compact and made to ho wherever you go. Wattsugar charger is MFI certified which ensure to safely charge your Apple devices like Apple watch, AirPods, iPad or your MacBook or your smartphone at the same time with just one outlet. Wattsugar charger your Apple watch magnetically so that the watch will never fall off and compatible with all Apple watch generations from 1 to 5. When you need to charge multiple devices, Wattsugar will help you to charge four Apple devices at the same time.

Wattsugar can also act like power bank and charge your smartphone wirelessly with the built-in battery when you don’t find any outlet to charge your devices, so you won’t ever worry about the power again. Wattsugar stops the cable clutter and charges all your Apple devices and brings you one charger for every Apple device.

Problem Solving By This Product

Wattsugar 60W charging station is small and compact charger that can be carried along with you anywhere you go, this is an all in one Apple device charger no need to worry about bringing different chargers for different Apple devices.

Wattsugar charger can charge four of your Apple devices at once, while two of the device’s charges wirelessly and other through wired connection.

Wattsugar has the magnetic wireless charging area especially for the Apple watch which supports Apple watch from 1st to 5th generation and wireless charging area on the top as well as on front for the Apple AirPods.

Wattsugar can also works as the power bank which has 5000mAh battery capacity to charge your iPhone twice without any outlets with the 10W QI Wireless charging on the side. The charger is MFI certified to ensure the safe charging for all of your devices.

Wattsugar offers two ports in which one of them is USB-C port and another is USB-A port with the smart power distribution technology that supports power delivery 3.0 and Quick charging 3.0 simultaneously to charge your MacBook in 1.5 hours.

Wattsugar is travel friendly which supports all the UK, AU and EU pins with the adapters support which makes you worry free when you are travelling international.

Detailed Features


Wattsugar is small & compact all in one Apple devices charger which has the 60W output, which can easily fit into any pocket to carry with convenience to anywhere you go.

Wattsugar charger works with any Apple device and charges MacBook, Watch, AirPods, Smartphone and iPad with just one outlet which reduces the clutter and tangling of the wires making complete mess on your table.

Wattsugar 60W charger can charge you all four apple devices at once using one cable and two wireless charging station which will charge your watch and AirPods while your smartphone & MacBook will be powered using cable.

Wattsugar charger can charge every wired and wireless device, with the magnetic charging area Wattsugar charges your Apple watch that will never fall and there are AirPods charging area both in the top as well on the front.

Wattsugar can also be used as power bank apart from the regular charger. When you don’t find any outlet in the near area, the side wireless charging area in the Wattsugar has the 10W wireless output which charges your phone and comes as a backup to keep you powered by all the time. The Wattsugar has the capacity of 5000 mAh which can charge your Apple watch 16 times, AirPods 12 times and charges your phone twice.

Wattsugar has one USB-C port and one USB-A port and triple wireless charging areas along with the magnetic charging area for the Apple watch. Wattsugar is MFI certified charger which ensures the safety while charging your devices for longer battery life.

Wattsugar has the multi-pin adapter support to make this charger to be uses anyplace without any worries when you are traveling international places. Wattsugar with the quick PD 3.0 port which delivers 60W output to completely charge your MacBook in only 1.5 hours with the smart power distribution technology that supports the power delivery 3.0 and quick charge 3.0.

With the USB-C port in the Wattsugar you can charge your Apple devices 2.7x times faster than the usual time to charge your iPhone 50% in just 30 minutes and Android phones 80%. Wattsugar can be used vertically or horizontally to charger your devices while using horizontally you can charge using 10W wireless area and by vertically as a normal charger.

This Wattsugar 60W charger is available in two versions, they are normal version and the pro version. The normal version is priced at $59 for early bird sale while the pro version is priced at $99 for early bird sale.



  • Dimensions 3.5×3.5×1.5 inches / 88.8×88.8×37.7 mm
    Weight 284 grams
    Input power AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 3A Max
    Max power output 60W
    Ports 1 USB-C and 1 USB-A
    USB-C 60W Power delivery 3.0, Quick charge 3.0, 5~15V/3A, 20V/3A
  • Charging Mode:
    USB-C output 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V3A
    USB-A output 5V2A 10W Max
    USB-C & USB-A total output Through USB-C: 45W
    Through USB-A: 10W
    QI charging output 2.5 W
    Smartwatch QI charging output 2.5 W
  • Battery Mode:
    USB-C output 5V3A 15W Max
    USB-A output 5V2A 10W Max
    USB-C & USB-A total output 5V3A Max
    QI charging output 2.5W
    Smartwatch QI charging output 2.5W
    QI Wireless charging for smartphone 10W

Plan For Launch

This idea of the 60W charging station is started with the product creation in July 2018 with the appearance and structure design done in August 2018, while the project development is done in September 2018. The product mould is done in December 2018 with the first version prototyping and debugging with the improvements in March 2019, while the second version of the prototype is has been successfully debugged and the trail products are made in small quantities in August 2019 and the second batch of the trail products started in December 2019 while the kickstarter campaign is started in March 2020 after the launch in online platforms and the global delivery will be made in May 2020.

Company Details

This 60W charging station is developed by the company called Wattsugar which is owned by another company called Ruineng Wireless Technology with a group of professionals having industrial experience in producing the electronics for consumers with innovation and technology. While naming the devices that they are developed they took inspiration from energy booster in the life which is sugar, Jun Yang is the CEO of the company while Jesdy Hou is the technical director and John Zhang is the chief design officer in the company Yang Fu dealing with the administration department in the company.

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