Wallet Drone – World’s Smallest Quadcopter Perfect For Beginners

Wallet Drone
  • The Wallet Drone is like a beginner drone that is portable and easy to use.
  • The Wallet Drone is perfectly capable of flying after a short 15-20 minute charging.
  • The Wallet Drone has 360 degree rotational yaw allows users to seamlessly adjust orientation.

Wallet Drone is like a beginner drone that is portable and easy to use, so it is great for those who are interested in flying the drone but are not sure how or where to start learning. It is designed to be carried everywhere. Since it can be charged inside the controller, charging it while running is simple. It emerges with the drone itself, a 2.4 GHz wireless joystick/flight control feature-sized pocket, a USB charger cord, and an additional set of propellers.


The Wallet Drone is perfectly capable of flying after a short 15-20 minute charging. With a 20-minute charge, the Wallet Drone has a flying time of five to seven minutes and can be powered through the provided USB cable (or, if a user on the move, the console acts as a charging station that charges the drone with four AA batteries on board). The gadget has three predefined speeds, rotational yaw of 360 degrees, gyro-stabilization of six-axis, and a tactic mode that makes it easier for the drone to roll and flip.

Problem Solving by the Product


Very Convenient: Users will enjoy great quadcopter flight wherever they go with it, either inside or outside – at the school, in the forest, in an apartment and even beyond. It is engineered to be so light and comfortable that you can easily put it in a pocket, bag, suitcase (wherever a wallet should fit), making it perfect for daily joy and exercise. Without cables, plugs or a device, being able to charge the Wallet Drone throughout the day, lets you take it on every sort of journey.

Brilliant architectural design: This drone’s overall design is certainly best matched to the hobby industry. While it has a lithium polymer battery, a robust shell, and high build quality, this drone’s architecture may not be as durable as some of the other full-size variants on the market. The enjoyable features such as the grappling claw and the BB gun attachment are among the best design features in this edition. However, these products may not be for every other drone user. If users are searching for a simple hobby drone, that’s an easy and friendly option.


Simple to operate: Its in-flight action is the most essential aspect of drone activity, and the company claims the gyroscope, accelerometers, and ultrasound system of the Mambo work together to provide an extremely stable ride. The drone can be operated via a Smartphone using a free app or using a discrete drone Fly pad console with its physical control sticks. So parents can be comforted to know that the Wallet Drone is maintainable enough to handle a beat from the first-time flyer and can fly indoors as well as outdoors with no effort.

Quality of Wallet drone flight: The Wallet drone in its flight tests is remarkably good. The takeoff and landing commands are excellent and the efficiency is quite decent for the drone’s size with the solid structure and quick charge time. Even though a bigger full-size drone might provide enhanced user experience, the parrot has done a great job designing controllers that are simple to learn and master for novice drone pilots.


Drones minimize potential safety dangers and maintenance issues: Many organizations need to perform a regular inspection to ensure their infrastructure is safe. Drones make it possible to inspect large and complex structures easily and safely, especially infrastructures such as power lines, oil and gas pipelines, wind farms, bridges, buildings under renovation, oil and gas refineries, flare stacks and pipelines. Therefore, drones are used for those purposes. It can be highly beneficial as it reduces the safety concerns and time commitments involved in putting employees into physically entering hostile environments where conditions such as height, water, tides, temperature, and pollution may lead to accidents or health problems. Drone inspection panels Periodic aerial surveillance will lead to significant changes in infrastructure construction, leading to better results and increased growth.

Drone Racing: It is another popular attraction that’s getting into our lifestyles. Nowadays a huge number of people engage in this sport and pursue it as a hobby. It’s like playing a video game but users will experience real-life situations and they can fly a real drone. Drone racing is not an unusual event in the bushes. Also, it can accurately represent super sport bike racing with a ton more excitement as the user will be regulating the gadget from a distance. For this reason, you may need an efficient drone capable of making fast turns and graceful motions. In this scenario, the architecture of the drone can be just as critical as the drone racer’s abilities. Consumers fasten in a Virtual reality headset so that it is like they choose the movement of the drone via their own eyes and it is extremely fast-moving activity.

Specifications of the Product


The patent pending design allows drone to charge while docked inside controller and due to the portable design it can be carried or store securely. The drone features tiny and lightweight PCB with the gyroscope and flight stabilization. The PCB is perfectly fitted inside the drone and the entire drone is 1mm shorter. It features an additional antenna for extended control range. The drone has LED lights that are on underside of the wings or arms. It has a battery on the bottom of the gadget that is rectangular for the better performance and handling. It has a completely re-design charger port.

The ultra compact 2.4 GHz launcher and docking station of dimension 10.75cm x 8.5cm x 2.8cm. The world’s smallest quadcopter dimension is 4cm x 4cm x 1.75cm. The fight time per 20 minute charge is 5-7 minute and it can be charge through controller or USB cable. Three speeds pre-defined for desired level of flight sensitivity. The 360 degree rotational yaw allows users to seamlessly adjust orientation. It has pre-design trick mode algorithm provides fantastic flips and flops. The wallet drone is available in four different colors Green, Yellow, Orange and Blue.

Company Details

Morrison Innovations was established in 2007 and Robert Morrison is the founder of the company. Morrison Innovations LLC is comprised of an increasing line of pioneering technologies and headquartered in East Rochester, New York, United States. The company offers services such as retail products, creative marketing solutions, wholesale promotional items, unique products, consumer goods, e-commerce, consumers, consumer internet, internet, information technology & services. Axis Drones, a Morrison Innovations LLC section, began a campaign on Indiegogo to collect funds for the Wallet Drone. The Wallet Drone is the Smallest Quadcopter in the World, it directly fits into its launcher and copyright-pending development even enables it to be powered within the pocket-sized device.