WalkingPad R1 Pro Treadmill – Home Gym Gear to Keep you in Shape

WalkingPad R1 Pro Treadmill
  • WalkingPad R1 Pro is foldable treadmill suitable for Urban Lifestyle.
  • WalkinhPad R1 Pro supports both Walking and Running Mode.
  • WalkingPad R1 Pro comes with attractive price range


alkingPad R1 Pro is a foldable treadmill that consumes much less space than a full-sized treadmill. The product provides comfort and control over exercise routines so that one never misses on their fitness. Not only this, the product is highly durable and tough which ensures retention of the product for many years. Walking and running has been considered key aspects of maintaining health. They both are indeed essential exercises as they support torso and leg movement. And what better way keep track of your walking goals than having a cost-effective treadmill.


Definition of a healthy person as per research is when he/she is both mentally and physically well. Health is absolutely necessary when it comes to persona. Mental health is based on how you grow your spirit and contain your mind whereas the physical health completely depends upon how much you keep your body fit. For keeping yourself fully fit, there are a number of ways to do so. Joining a gym is one of the options which will provide assistance and equipment. However, gym memberships are way too costly in this era and if one sustains any kind of injury, the whole membership goes in vain. Another option is that one can buy gym equipment but that too is another costly way of keeping yourself fit. But there is a way that can save you the cost of key gym equipment. WalkingPad Pro is an alternate version of a treadmill which can save your pocket as well as some space in your house.


The main motto of R1 Pro is to deliver the same experience as a treadmill but at the same time provide extra features and most importantly, space effectiveness. One of the major advantages of WalkingPad is that it can fit anywhere. While a normal treadmill can fold two times, R1 Pro manages to get fold by 3 times! It is easy to fold, easy to move and easy to operate. On hands review of the product also suggests that installing and operating it is indeed a child’s play. The device, unlike old-school treadmills, is very quiet in its operation. Its foldable design helps it to be kept anywhere in the house; be it under your bed, your sofa or whatnot. With all these, comes a different and unstoppable approach towards fitness. The weather outside cannot control your exercise routine; one can exercise anytime and anywhere that is suitable to them. All and all, WalkingPad R1Pro is a full package for one’s fitness at a very low cost.

YouPin’s master class engineering efforts have presented the world with a piece of gym equipment that is so robust and sturdy in its build. The three foldable parts are as follows: the mainframe (the walking pad) folds into two parts and the handle is the third. It is not necessary to pull out the handle whilst its operation but it gives a speed setback. The front bar on the R1 Pro can easily accumulate devices such as a smartphone or a tablet which puts exercise and entertainment together on the table. Also, it houses a section where a safety clip can be plugged so that it can prevent one from falling in case of any unbalance that happens.


The speed that WalkingPad offers is differentiated on the type of mode one selects. There are namely two modes: Walking (Provides one with a speed of 4 MPH) and Running (Provides a speed of 6.2 MPH). The controls of the device are very convenient. Again, the control sector can be handled in three ways. One of the options is to control the device with a remote which is provided with the product. The remote’s design is minimalistic, the size is small and it can be easily carried in hand while using the WalkingPad. Another choice is controlling the treadmill with your feet. This smart option enables speeding up when one is on the upper part of the running mat, gives constant speed whilst in the middle part and slows down when one is in the lower part of the mat. Apart from the other two, the device can be commanded via an app. The KS app shows stats like total running time, running distance, number of times treadmill used and the calories that were burnt during the exercise session. The app also provides fitness plans such as 21 days or 30 days walking challenges.

The mainframe of the device also houses sleek, LED panel which shows details like speed of the treadmill, distance covered and other work out details such as session duration etc. WalkingPad R1 Pro packs enhanced materials that help to be it an excellent product. The Aluminum build provides durability and the motor helps in reducing noise. The belt is shock absorbent and is anti-slip for a better grip. Furthermore, at the bottom of it, are two wheels that lend a major hand in the portability of the product.
WalkingPad R1 Pro weighs 38 Kgs and a speed range of 0.5 km/h to 10 km/h. It can hold a weight of 110 Kgs altogether. The main spec that highlights the product is that it is only 15 cm thick.


WalkingPad R1 Pro was started as a kickoff project in March 2019. The few months following the date, the product prototype, design and working, all were done and dusted. The product was launched on Indiegogo in October of 2019. The production has already started and the backers must expect the product delivery by the start of February 2020. R1 Pro can be bought on Indiegogo for a price of $499 (INR 36000). The box would contain the Pad itself, accompanied by the remote, safety clip, a wrench, oil, power cable and instruction manual.


YouPin is an E-commerce website that runs under Xiaomi. Xiaomi has considered the platform as its shopping platform. Xiaomi came under effect in March 2010. A firm that has grown in the world of technology by giving it the latest technology products at a price that is affordable to all. Xiaomi continues to shake the tech market with its unbelievably real technology.


  • Price : $399 On-wards
  • Size : 1460*720*900mm
  • Net Weight : 33kg/72.7lbs
  • Maximum Load : 110kg/242lbs
  • Maximum Speed : 10km/hr 6.5MPH
  • Handle : YES
  • Safety Key : YES
  • Dual Folding Mechanism : YES
  • Adjustable Handle : YES
  • Sport Mode : Walking/Running


So to all the fitness freaks and to those who want to come in shape, head up to Indiegogo and try WalkingPad R1 Pro. The product will surely not disappoint.