Walkera Vitus Intelligent Camera Drone

Walkera Vitus Intelligent Camera Drone - 1
  • The Walkera Vitus device will fulfill easy and quality aerial photography
  • The Walkera Vitus’s smart sensor system cover drone from 3 sides to avoid any collision
  • The Walkera Vitus also has the Augmented Reality support

The Walkera Vitus is a new next generation camera drone from Walkera which provides its users with the Best camera drone experience they may get with any other device. The Vitus has a unique design which allows it to be foldable and carried inside a backpack just like any other small device or component and the longer flight time allows the users to capture the best shots and experience their favorite places from a different perspective without any hassles which a normal drone would give them.


The smart and steady camera allows the Vitus to stand above the rest of its kind over taking any photo and record any aerial video. All these features allow you to use the Vitus easily without you feeling any hassles with the small and smart remote controller.

Problem Solving by the Product



Many of us like to do aerial photography of our favorite places but are only held back by the thoughts of how hard it can be. The Walkera Vitus is the one device you will need to fulfill your dream of easy and quality aerial photography. It has a smart sensor and software system which allows you to not worry much about the shot or the drone.

The smart sensor system cover your drone from 3 sides so that it may avoid any collision. The stability may be an issue with other aerial photography drones but with the Vitus, the mechanical Gimbal and the smart GPS software allows your drone to hover and record without any shakes or vibrations in your video. The stable 4 propeller design keep it stable while in flight.

Moreover the Vitus is portable and allows you to fold in the 4 propellers so that you can easily carry the drone anywhere. The process of aerial photography may also be long and boring sometimes. The Walkera Vitus also covers this aspect as it provides a range of Augmented Reality Games which you can play with your drone to pass some time and refresh your mind.

Detailed Specifications


The Walkera Vitus has a wide set of useful specifications which help you accomplish the needed job. The Walkera Vitus is equipped with a camera with ½.3 “ CMOS sensor which allows it to capture sharp 12 MP images. The Horizontal field of view of the lens is 85 degrees.

The camera has an aperture of f/2.8.The electronic shutter speed of the camera can range from 1 second to 1/8000 seconds. The Camera mounted on the Walkera Vitus can shoot pictures at a resolution of 4000 x 3000 pixels and 3840 x 2160 n the JPEG format. The video recording feature of the Walkera Vitus can shoot 3840 x 2160p video at 30 fps and 1920 x 1080p video at 30/60 fps.


The Walkera Vitus has a fitted Image Stabilizing Gimbal with the camera which allows it to shoot smooth images and videos with its camera. The Gimbal has 3 axis stabilization and has a pitch of 90 degrees to 0 degree. The inbuilt memory slot can hold a micro SD Card up to 64 GB in storage capacity.
The Walkera Vitus is powered by a Lithium Ion Polymer battery. The capacity of the battery being 5200 mAh, it operates at 11.4 Volts and 3 S. The battery can easily power the Walkera Vitus for a little over 25 minutes.

The Walkera Vitus has a Brushless motor with 4 rotor design. Each of the rotor works well with the GPS and GLONASS support to stabilize the drone while hovering above a place. The Vitus can operate at a temperature of -10 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius.

The Drone has a diagonal span of 7 inches or 177 mm and weighs about 1.96 lb or 890 grams. This small size and light weight design allows the drone to be very portable.

The Walkera Vitus has a maximum flight time of 25 minutes with a hovering accuracy of 1.64 inches or 0.5 inches with Vision Positioning. Better part of its accuracy is because of its sensors which have a GPS as well as a GLONAS support in them. The Vision system is mostly downwards.

The Velocity of the drone is approximately 50 km/h at 2 m. The maximum altitude level for the Walkera Vitus is 3 m with a frequency of 50 Hz downward. The Walkera Vitus also has Infrared Obstacle Sensing from 0 to 23 inches or 0 to 7 m.

The Remote Controller of the Walkera Vitus has an operating frequency of 20 GHz and can easily operate the device from a distance of 1.93 Km at 2.4 G. The package comes with a fitted battery inside the remote controller.

The battery has a capacity of 2200 mAh and is of Lithium-ion Polymer type. The battery operates at 2 S or 7.4 Volts.

The Walkera Vitus also has the Augmented Reality support which allows it to have many other features like Hand Wave or Gesture image capturing, object following and most importantly the AR Games.

The AR Games include games of the kinds of Racing, Combat and Coin Collector Games. All of the activities of the Walkera Vitus can be controlled with the Walkera Vitus android app.

Plans for Launch

The product was first introduced by the Walkera Company over their social media platforms in June 2017. It was then at the pre-order stage which the company fulfilled in the coming months. The product has since been available at various shopping platforms to be bought and shipped without any time difference.

These platforms include Amazon as well as various similar websites. The Company currently ships the product worldwide with minimal time of shipping. Users all over the globe have been utilizing and enjoying the services provided by the Walkera Vitus.

About Company

The Walkera Technologies Company was first established in 1994. The company had been utilizing its research and development departments in building innovative technologies which would help people in the fields like Fire Proofing, Agriculture, Forestation and Photography. The company masters over aerial use of devices and has built several aerial devices to make life easier and convenient as compared to devices and technologies from other sources.

The Walkera aims at building the technologies of the future which may change the way people use technologies in several aspects of their life. The Walkera Technologies is currently subsidized completely in North America and Europe and has been shipping out the innovative and new technologies to more than 100 countries all over the world.