Wacaco Nanovessel Vacuum Flask

Wacaco Nano Vessel Vacuum Flask
  • Wacaco Nanovessel Vacuum flask is a three in one working as a Flask, tea fuser and Insulated water tank.
  • Wacaco Nanovessel Vacuum flask is fully compatible with the Nanopresso & Minipresso so that you can make the coffee instantly anywhere & anytime.
  • Wacaco Nanovessel Vaccum flask is Small in weight & easy to carry with the Stainless-steel insulated coating which keeps water to stay hotter for longer duration.

People from the colder countries always need to stay warmer from their surroundings to keep them working healthier than before, many ideas of carrying coffee in a flask has failed them since they cannot enjoy the taste & odor of the coffee perfectly, They carry the load along with them and the flask remains only to maintain the liquids in its state not more than that.

Wacaco Vacuum Insulated Flask is like a free in one hand flask which can be used to drink coffee and you can use it to infuse tea, Most importantly it screws on the underside of the Nanopresso so you can avoid the usage of the plastic water tank and replace it with a proper stainless steel water tank, So that you don’t need to preheat the water which is great.

Wacaco Nanovessel is a 3 in 1 vacuum insulated Flask, which can be used as a Flask to carry the water or a tea to hold them tight on the same temperature when they are poured into the flask, Nanovessel can also works as an the Tea infuser which is compatible with the Nanopresso and the Minipresso which are used to make a good & fresh coffee instantly at any spot.

Thirdly Nanovessel works as the insulated water tank to carry the water in it for multipurpose and maintain the water as hot as possible for the longer time.

Problem solving by this product

Wacaco Nano Vessel Vacuum Flask

Wacaco Nanovessel is a multi-purpose Vessel serving the owner as a Flask, Tea Infuser and as Insulated water tank.

Nanovessel is easy to carry either individually or combined together with the Nanopresso or with Minipresso as a single unit.

Nanovessel can hold the temperature of the water in the vessel to be remained same for longer period of time, which will be pretty helpful to the people lives in colder areas.

By taking the Coffee or Tea powder in the Nanopresso or Minipresso combined with the Nanovessel which holds the preheated water can instantly make coffee or Tea wherever or whenever you want.

No need of carrying the cups too they are fitted to the Nanopresso or with the Minipresso one to hold the powder of the coffee or Tea while the other is to give you drink and put it over again to the Presso.

Simple to use as a Tea infuser just add Loose Leaf tea on the Nanovessel and pour the hot water into it and there you go for a good tea to be tasted at your hands.

The Nanovessel mounted directly on the Nanopresso both combined can be used as a large insulated water tank.

Detailed specification


Wacaco Nanovessel is a three in one vacuum insulated flask, Tea infuser and Water Tank which is a good graded one and made up of the stainless steel 304, Nanovessel keeps your liquids and drinks hot or cold long enough to preserve all flavors and freshness.

Nanovessel is equipped with the filter mesh so you can brew it your tea directly into it, the filter part and the twist off lid can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

Nanovessel is designed to fit most automobile cup holders, Nanopresso has the two screwed tank cups both on the top as well as the bottom, the top one is used for the coffee seed powder while the bottom cups holds the two tiny cups on it and to be attached to the Nanopresso.

While filing the water to the Nanovessel you should be careful and fill it up to the tea fuser, because tea fuser got good depth to the Nanovessel and if you screw to the tank this may lead to overflow.

If you using the Nanovessel instead of the water tank provided on the large Nanopresso kit, so that you can use the water tank and the cup as the cups to drink coffee for two persons, because you can fit two double- short cups in them.

The Nanovessel is very compact in size and easy to carry to anyplace along with the Nanopresso or Minipresso so you can share a perfect coffee to your friends and enjoy every sip of the coffee instantly.

The weight of the Nanovessel is only 190 grams which is the weight of the usual daily things carried along with you. Looks very tiny in hands with the capacity of 210 ml in it can easily make 4-5 cups of coffee with the Nanopresso.

The Nanovessel is priced at $24.90 (Rs 1,842) Nanopresso will not come along with the Nanovessel you have to buy it separately.

Dimensions 146x62x62mm 5.75×2.44×2.44inches
Weight 190 grams 0.42 lbs.
Water capacity 210 ml 7.10 oz.
Materials Polypropylene (PP) and Stainless Steel 304

Plan for launch


This Nanovessel is made available to the market in the year 2018 November after the launching and modification to many prototypes and in its design as well.

Company details

This Nanovessel Vacuum Flask is designed and developed by the company called Wacaco which is founded in the year 2015, Wacaco is a startup-based company in Hong Kong. Wacaco originally started in the year 2012 as a personal project all in the way to create a small, light and convenient handheld espresso machine.

The Founder of the company Hugo Cailleton and master degree holder in industrial design also involved in the manufacturing of the home espresso machine prior to the initiate development of the Minipresso. Then the idea of the portable espresso machine which makes user to pull their own drink on the way.

They believe that path to achieve the dreamed device is not so easy, over many prototypes built to test different mechanisms, coffee extraction, product interaction and design.

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