Vuo Camera: Can Capture Life Moments With 3D And 360 VR Together

Vuo Camera: 3D 360 VR Camera-7
  • Vuo Camera is the world’s first camera that is capable of recording the 3D 3600 and 3600 videos with 1800 pair lens on the camera.
  • Vuo camera can also record the VR videos side by side or top and bottom with two distinctive one & two eye modes.
  • Vuo offers you unparalleled realistic videos just like from your eyes without using any algorithms and can share your moments instantly on social media.

Vuo is the first 3D 3600 VR camera which allows you to capture 3600 videos anywhere and anytime and view them lively on the Vuo mobile app which is compatible with the iOS and Android. Vuo offers two distinctive modes, the one eye mode which is used for 3600 videos and two eye mode which are detected smartly by the gyro sensor in the Vuo. The planet view of the videos and images instantly and capture 3600 viewing reality more precisely just as same as your eyes.

The two-eye mode in the Vuo offers you VR view mode as left/right and top/bottom, with the spherical 3600 view capture all of your surroundings easily and share them directly on social media via connecting through your smart phone.


Vuo allows you to make stunning 3D & 3600 content either in side by side view, you can relive the special moments with unparalleled realism with Vuo. Vuo is tiny and portable with compact design and having only two lenses juts as your eyes separated by 65 mm distance and four LED lights on the camera to represent on/off whether you are in image mode or movie mode.

Problem Solving By This Product


Vuo allows you to capture 3600 moments in your journey anywhere and anyplace you go that can be viewed on the mobile app.

The one eye mode in the Vuo 3D VR camera offers you to capture 3600 videos and see them in planet view, also gives the viewing reality as same as your eyes while capturing in 3600 video mode.

With the two-eye mode for 3D & 3600 Videos in VR view side by side or top/bottom, also allows to record 3600 spherical view.


Vuo 3D 3600 camera will directly connects to your smartphone either using the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or allows you to share your content on social medias directly.

3D and 3600 video content is the amazing combination offered by the Vuo camera. The main feature of this Vuo camera is producing unparalleled realistic 3600 3D videos.

With compatibility of viewing the content of the Vuo in Pc or with VR headset and 3D content on TV.

Detailed Specification


Vuo is the world’s first 3600 camera which has binocular capability in 4K that is replica of the human eyesight equipped with the 1800 lenses which are placed 65 mm apart resembling the average distance between the two eyes of human.

Vuo allows you to capture 3600 surroundings just like your human eyes can do which supports viewing of 3D movies, 3D 1800 VR and 3600 VR videos in you tube and face book.

You can enjoy VR mode as well as 3D mode with top and bottom images in Vuo cam and also use Vuo as single eye mode by holding the Vuo vertically.

Vuo has two distinct modes which are changed by holding the camera when Vuo is held vertically which uses the two lenses in one eye mode for filming the 3600 videos just like other camera in the market.


But when you use the two-eye mode by holding the Vuo horizontally which is detected by the gyro sensors automatically with capturing stunning realistic 3D videos. The Two-Eyes app which controls the Vuo virtually by simple two button shooting controls via connecting wirelessly, you can also edit the 3600 videos or 3D or any other VR videos.

The things which are captured by the Vuo can be experienced in an array of views with the head mounted display with immersive visual and audio in virtual reality. You can use the more casual and affordable VR headset to view your moment in Vuo, for 3D videos you can use the 3D glasses.


You can share your images and videos directly to the social media via the Vuo app to Instagram or Facebook or any other 3600 compatible flat forms instantly.

With the stereoscopic 3D technology Vuo denotes the process of two photographs of the same object which are taken with slightly different angled are viewed together by creating an impression of depth and solidity.


The parallax effect with the human eye is not reflected in the 3600 cameras irrespective of the distance between the human eyes, while some 3600 cameras use the algorithms which simply copy the same image and adjust a little bit. But the Vuo truly captures the reality around you more precisely in the same way as your eyes.


Vuo comes with the two different color variants one is black and other is white. Vuo 3600 3D camera is priced at $249 and $469 for two Vuo 3D cameras.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions : Width 98 mm, Height 35 mm, Depth 40 mm
  • Weight : 200 grams
  • Battery : 2000mAh lithium ion polymer battery
  • CPU : 4K processor
  • RAM : 1 GB Ram
  • Supported Lens :  F 2.0 fisheye
  • Image sensor : CMOS 1/2.3 inches
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi 802.11 (2.4/5 GHz), Bluetooth v4.1
  • Storage Internal : 128Gb
  • Image Resolution : 8000 x 8000 jpeg
  • Video Resolution : 3840 x 3840 mp4 (30 fps)
  • Gyro sensor : X, y, and z axis
  • LED display : RGB four colors

Plan For Launch

The Concept for the Vuo begin with R&D with applied patent in the quarter 1 of 2016 and the patent is get registered in quarter 3 of 2016 and introduced in the CES 2017 January. With the electronic and mechanical design in the first quarter of 2017 along with the lens and software in fourth quarter of 2017.

In January 2018 CES introducing again with the redesign in electronic and mechanical parts along with testing and debugging with tooling in July, with the certification in August and final product validation and mass production with packing & shipment in November 2018.

Company Details

This Vuo is developed by the company called Two eye tech team, with years of experience in developing and designing the hardware to allow people to capture and create two different things at a time which mimics the human eye, their goal is to bring out a better quality of life for people with their products.