Vortix Essential Muscle Massager

Relieve you from muscle fatigue, soreness, spasms & stiffness.


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  • Vortix Muscle Massager is a portable professional Massager which will relieve you from Aches, Pain, stiffness, fatigue, soreness by reducing the lactic acid accumulation and enhancing the lymphatic flow.
  • Vortix Muscle Massager is a DIY Tool that increases the blood flow and recovers your muscles quickly with six different vibrating speed to choose between.
  • Vortix Muscle Massager will reach all your muscles and trigger the pain spots with three different tip attachments to relieve you from the pain like a pleasure.


Product overview

Every sportsmen or Gym person often suffers with the muscle pain or soreness and even muscle tightened which stops your work and make you stick to your bed for long time.

Vortix Muscle Massager will help you to push your limits with the handheld muscle pain reliever which helps in reducing the spasms, soreness and stiffness along with the fatigue.
Vortix Muscle Massager will relieve your pain by increasing the blood flow in your lymphatic system which reduce the lactic acid build up with the repetitive strong vibration in different speeds depending up on the pain you can decide.

Vortix Muscle Massager comes with three different tips as customization attachments such are a large circle, a small circle and a cone depending on the type of Massage that the area of Muscle need.

With the Vortix Muscle Massager you can relieve your Muscle pain wherever you are not need to pay & go to massage centers or need help of another partner to knot at your back.

Problem solving by this product


With the Vortix Muscle Massager you don’t need to spend money for the massage centers one time and don’t suffer with the pain for long time or even don’t have effective massage centers near you.

Vortix Muscle Massager will relieve you from the pain quickly by reducing the lactic acid in the spot and increase blood flow by enhancing the lymphatic system.

Vortix Muscle Massager will also relieve you from muscle fatigue, soreness, spasms & stiffness and helps you to recover your muscles in shorter span, Vortix is a DIY tool so that you don’t need your partner help you to knock you in the back you can do yourself wherever you are whenever you want.

Vortix Muscle Massager comes with six adjustable vibrating speeds depending up on the intensity of pain you can you them to relieve quickly and the portable design will make the Muscle Massager to be carried along with you.

Vortix Muscle Massager has the three different tip attachments to reach all the muscles in your body and you can specifically target the pain spots with these attachments and relieve yourselves quickly.

Detailed specification


Vortix Muscle Massager which helps to increase the lymphatic flow and reduce the accumulated lactic acid in the muscle after the workout in order to help with muscle fatigue, soreness, spasms and stiffness.

Vortix Muscle Massage is a scientifically proved patent proven vibrator which will increase the blood flow in the area of pain and relieve you from pain and recover your muscle in shorter span of time to push the limits of your body.

Vortix Muscle Massager is like a professional massager with six adjustable vibration speed with the combined amplitude and frequency which gives you custom experience depending up on the pain on that area.

Vortix Muscle Massager is DIY tool which is simple to use and comes with three different tip attachments like a large circle, small circle and a cone that helps you to reach your neck, feet, legs, hips and arms.

With the six different vibration speeds you can trigger the pain spot and massage the area up to the intensity that you feel comfort which don’t need third person to do that.

Vortix Muscle Massager is made with unique and elegant design which is portable to carry along with you wherever you go and get recover from Aches & Pain fast with a professional massage in the home.

Vortix Muscle Massager is made with ABS material which is durable and eco-friendly and has the built in rechargeable battery to use multiple times when you need or while on the go.

Color Black/ White
Material ABS
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 2 inches
Speed frequencies 6 adjustable speed vibrations
Attachments 3 tip attachments
Rechargeable battery yes

This Vortix Muscle Massager is available in two different colors they are Black and White and priced at $399.

Plan for launch

This Vortix Muscle Massager is made available in the market in the year 2019 June with the concept of relieving yourselves from the pain & soreness along with fatigue after the changes in the design and modification in the earlier years and added the functionalities like the customizable tips and speed of vibration, the product will be shipped in the later quarters of the year after the manufacturing in 2019.

Company details

This Muscle Massager is developed by the company called Vortix, which is a health & wellness company with a mission of keeping their customers health conscious and push their body to the maximum limits to make sure that they perform well in every aspect and they have developed many products when they come across the problem of muscle pain and make their customers cure themselves with the products.
They have developed unique products which will cure the pain of muscles, ABS, eye and many more parts of the body.

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