High Five Signature: Unique 5 in 1 Keychain Phone Charger

High Five
  • High Five Signature is world’s first 5 in 1 charging cable for the key ring comes with two major components.
  • High Five Signature has compact and elegant design is an eye catcher and makes it an easy carry around.
  • High Five Signature has a compact charging extension which extends its support for all types of portable devices.

The 5 in 1 charging cable by Vonmählen is one of the most stylish and productive charging cables available in the market. It is the connecting cable for your mobile device and being designed as such to remain on your keychain and hence, always with you. It is adaptable to all portable devices by providing USB-A, USB-C, micro USB and Lightning support all bundled into a single signature designed keychain. It is sure bound to replace all those ugly looking charging extensions and the need to carry multiple cables with you on the go to charge your various devices.

The 5 in 1 charging cable is a novel concept which sure will prove to be a boon for the people carrying multiple devices and running out of juice on the go. The compact and elegant design is an eye catcher and also, makes it an easy carry around. Given this, it also supports fast charging but only in the high-end models. Moreover, since the product has been in the market over a year, its prolonged use has propped up a few problems for few users but overall it has been a sure eye ball turner and an effective productivity tool which has opened avenue for others to try to achieve such a robust setting in such a compact design.

Problem Solved by the Product


The High Five is a compact charging extension which extends its support for all types of portable devices ranging from iPhones, iPads to even USB-C powered MacBook. This charging accessory can be easily fit into a keychain and designed to be compact though containing various ports from USB type A to USB type C. Hence, a compact design made up of robust materials and easy to carry around features make it durable charging support needed by most customers who are tired of handling multiple devices and their multiple charging cables in these modern tech days.

Detailed Specification


The world’s first 5 in 1 charging cable for the key ring comes with two major components, one being the charging cable (USB C to 2 in 1 connector) and the robust metal body which also serves as the USB A port. It consists of the following ports:

1. USB A
2. USB C port and connector
3. Lightning port
4. Micro USB

The Micro USB and Lightning have been designed so beautifully, that they are available for the user on a single 2 in 1 connector with one side being the Lightning port while on twisting turns out to be the micro USB port.


Clearly, it is touted to be the new convenience in the charging world tucking away simply inside your keychain. It comes in an ultraportable design with a length of 7 cm and super lightweight. Moreover, it ensures a tangle free operation and is a magnetic device keeping all the pieces securely together.

The following are the major technical specification of the device:
1. Measurements: 70 mm x 12 mm x 10 mm
2. Charging Speed: 2.4 A
3. Weight: 15 g
4. Body Material: Zinc Alloy with HDPE, Stainless steel, copper and TPE.
5. Certification: CE, ROHS, PAHS, REACH, FCC

Available in 6 vibrant colours to just suit you, the High Five has three variants namely, High Five C, High Five Colour and High Five. The colours being California sunset, San Francisco, Pink Panther, Ocean Wave, Central Park and Black Humour.


While the High Five C version is a simple 2 in 1 charger with 2 x USB C and an USB A connection while rest features same as the original High Five. This device promises a better charging speed at 3A and a data transfer speed of 480 m bits/s, The High Five Colour has 6 different colour variants along with an ABS body instead of the standard Zinc alloy body and weighs only 8g. It also provides the charging speed of the original High Five i.e. 2.4 A.

The High Five has been awarded the iF design award in 2019 for its sophisticated, elegant and robust take on a multi-support charging apprentice. It has been tested for its compatibility with Smartphones, Tablets, Headphones, E-Reader, Action Cams, and Music Players etc.

Plan for Launch


The idea first germinated in May 2018 went into final design and testing phase in September 2018. A crowdfunding campaign was launched in January 2019 on Indiegogo and was shipped to the backers in May 2019.

It was backed by 207 backers who raised Rs.367, 898 on Indiegogo. The High Five is priced at MRP of Rs.1574 while the High Five Colour model costs Rs.2360.

Company Details

Vonmählen is a start-up from Northern Germany. Their team consist of engineers, designers and world class craftsmen that bring to you the superior tech accessories for the modern-day hustling lifestyle. Their motto is “We find solutions to the challenges in our innovative world.”
The design for High Five was developed in collaboration with Emami Design under direction of Arman Emami.