VOAMOKO USB-C Portable Numeric Keypad

Boost your productivity.

VOAMOKO USB-C Numeric Keypad

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  • VOAMOKO USB-C Numeric Keypad has two USB 3 ports and one USB-C port that make this keypad as a USB hub as well when you need it.
  • VOAMOKO Numeric Keypad has a built-in battery that will last long for two months & will be charged when you connect to devices.
  • VOAMOKO Numeric Keypad has 34keys and connects to your devices wirelessly using Bluetooth connection and make with premium quality material.


On the modern keyboard, the numeric keypad will be skipped to make the keyboard simple & clean but when it comes to those people who use their time with the keypad they find it really hard.

VOAMOKO USB-C is a professional slim aluminum designed keyboard which is made with premium durable material to increase productivity and to fir your hand’s natural posture including 34 keys.

Wireless Bluetooth technology in the VOAMOKO Numeric keypad to establish faster & better connections like iOS, Android and Windows or any other devices.

VOAMOKO Numeric Keypad has high capacity rechargeable batteries with a built-in 160 mAh lithium battery and the included Type-C port to charge the keypad and the auto sleep function extends the battery life.

Problem Solved By This Product


There are many modern laptops that use a stylish keyboard that has no numeric pad & people who used to be using keypad more often miss that. VOAMOKO USB-C Numeric Keypad will solve this.

VOAMOKO USB-C Numeric Keypad has 34 keys along with the arrows you need, this keypad can connect using Bluetooth as well to any device like windows, android & iOS instantly.

VOAMOKO Numeric Keypad has rechargeable batteries, so you don’t need to bother about charging when you connect the keypad that will charge automatically.

This Numeric Keypad has some keys which come in handy like search, print and calculator buttons and has a sleek & elegant design that offers great comfort to increase productivity.

VOAMOKO Numeric pad has two USB 3 ports and one USB-C port and act as USB hub which will reduce the usage of the port on your laptop and easy to carry along with you on the go.

Detailed Specification


VOAMOKO USB-C numeric keypad which is really primarily a keypad with all the numbers on it as you would get from a traditional keyboard with old-school layout along with cursor and arrow keys.

VOAMOKO keypad is a sleeve keypad with a total of 34 keys, but also a USB hub, which has on/off switch on the side and there is a little button on the below to connect with Bluetooth that automatically pairs with recent devices.

On the top of the VOAMOKO keypad, there is a light that gives you the status but there are three plugs one of which is USB-C and comes with USB-C to USB-C, while the other are USB 3.

You can also use this as a USB hub and connect the VOAMOKO keypad to the computer and you flash drive will start showing up on the device and as a Bluetooth device, this supports any device that work Bluetooth so you can use this with iOS, iPad or iPhone or Android or Anything.

When you are using this VOAMOKO Keypad with Windows there are some buttons on the top notably calculator search and print, search and insert, home and page up button.

When you charge the VOAMOKO Keypad which takes couple of hours to charge and which has two months sitting on standby, while the wedge design make this feel more comfortable and fits well.

VOAMOKO Numeric Keypad is 138 grams which is lightweight and almost a fashion accessory with comfortable scissor keys which gives a satisfying feeling when you press them.

The design of the VOAMOKO Numeric keypad is simple & elegant and don’t need additional batteries on the top, you can simply connect the keypad to your laptop, so the keypad will charge automatically.

This VOAMOKO Numeric Keypad will increase your productivity and made with premium quality aluminum material and has the elegant design.

This VOAMOKO Numeric Keypad also has the arrow keys which will be useful.

Dimensions 5.75 x 0.35 x 4.49 inches
Weight 7.8 Ounces
USB ports Two USB 3 ports 1 USB-C port
Keys 34 Keys
Bluetooth Available
Battery 180mAh Li-Battery
Charging Time 2 hours
Working Time 50 Hours
Standby Time >2 months
Support macOS /iOS/iPad/Android/Windows/Linux
Connectivity Bluetooth 3.0
Material Aluminum + ABS

This VOAMOKO USB-C Numeric Keypad is priced at $48.99.

Plan For Launch

This VOAMOKO USB-C Numeric Keypad is launched in the year 2019 and will be made available to the market in later quarters of the year after completion of the manufacturing process when they have enough stock.

Company Details

This USB-C Numeric Keypad is developed by a group of people, who are passionate about tech inventions and always look into the best products to deliver their customers & individuals.

They want to make sure that everyone has every tool they need.

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