Vmate – Palm Sized Gimbal Camera For Capturing Best Moments

  • Vmate is a palm-sized camera which fits right in one’s hand to function right away.
  • Vmate’s build is a solid structure.
  • Vmate has been built in such a fashion that it doesn’t fail in any aspect.

Relishing the lived moments is the best refreshing and emotional activity one can do. Everything that one has lived comes as flashes in mind. Capturing the fun moments of the present can occur as a day well spent cherishing the same in the future. But this is easier said than done. It is quite difficult to capture the right thing at the right time. Not only the task demands an attentive mind at all times but it also requires proper equipment.

Having a camera or a smartphone all the time is a real challenge because it tests one’s patience and strength at the same time. Even though by having the right equipment, the launching time of the device may set you off from capturing the perfect picture or video. This task requires an efficient and space effective product. So, to fill the void present, the Vmate camera steps up to the demand.

Vmate is a palm-sized camera which fits right in one’s hand to function right away. The camera houses many features that make it the top choice when it comes to having a camera so small and with no compromises with quality at all. The product from Snoppa Technologies is a small packet but is packed with a set of extraordinary features such as stabilization and high resolution. It allows one to make videos and capture photos on the spot with minimal effort.

Problem Solved by the Product


The Vmate camera straight away replaces heavy camera equipment such as DSLRs which are required for videography and photography. Due to its small size, the portability of the camera is very much. It can fit easily in a pocket and can be held in one’s hand. As the creators worked on decreasing its size, they also focused on decreasing the complexity. The device is really easy to use. The product is intelligently made and is one to consider.

Vmate’s build is a solid structure. The camera comes into a case which provides protection to it and also acts as a mobile holder. Any smartphone can easily be accumulated in the case and can be connected to the device for a better and bigger view of what the camera sees. On the bottom of the device, their lies a strap. One can easily wear it and avoid the falling of the product.

The spec list of the Vmate camera is never-ending. The former houses a Micro 3-axis stabilizing system. This system has been adopted by the company well before the launch of this product. The mechanism behind this is that the camera doesn’t move but its axis does. The camera stays stable no matter how much one’s hand is moving. The end product is always sweet and smooth without any shakes or sudden movements. The system is much more efficient than the conventional way of Optical image stabilization.

Details Specifications


The quality of the camera alone is an eye raiser. The focusing speed of the camera is pretty fast. Unlike many cameras, the auto-adjusting of focus is fast and is done automatically. It requires no manual touches. This keeps your image in a proper structure with adequate sharpness. It has an aperture of F2.0, a massive 81 degrees of field of view and a 1/2.3-inch image sensor. It can shoot a 4k video at 60 frames per second. Ultra-slow-motion videos (1080 p and 240 fps) can also be shot along with 12 megapixels stills. All these features are powered by a CPU containing A53 cores.


On the front of the product, lies a 1.22-inch touchscreen display. Its maximum brightness is 850 nits and it shows what the entire camera is seeing through its rotatable lens. The easy 90-degree rotation of the lens allows the user to turn from portrait mode to landscape mode in just a few milliseconds. It also includes a built-in microphone with passive noise cancellation. Any other microphones or truly wireless sets can be connected to it for a deep audio recording. At the base of the camera, is a USB 3.1 port which can be used to charge the device and transfer the files with a beaming speed of 80 MB/s.


Vmate has been built in such a fashion that it doesn’t fail in any aspect. It has an application readily available to download on app stores. Through the app, the smartphone connects wirelessly to the camera and provides fast transfer rates for image and video files. One can shoot with Vmate without even holding it in their hands through the extensive wireless network provided within the device.

The camera has numerous photo and video modes. For photo modes, it can shoot a panorama, light field, night shots and light paintings. For video modes, it has a number of lapse filming and slow motion. Some intriguing modes such as POV and Broadcasting provide a fresh view to videography. The former is a first-person video and the latter allows the user to use both the front smartphone camera and Vmate at the same time. This cut short the time required for editing videos. One of the stands out features is ‘Auto tracking’. The feature keeps you in the centre of the frame no matter where you stand or move.


The pricing of Vmate is very reasonable and it starts from as low as $299 (current pricing) and started on a price of $189 as an early bird offer. The package includes the product itself with its accessories such as the multi-functional case, a USB 3.1 to USB Type-C, a wrist strap, a memory card (64G / 128G) and a Vmate adapter. The adapter and the memory card storage depend upon the amount you will be putting in towards the project. The product is already in its R&D and the shipping is expected to start soon.

Company Details

Snoppa Technologies have been in the filming industry for some time now. With the aim of providing tools to facilitate filming and turning it into a robust experience, Snoppa has released a total of 5 products. The fifth being the Vmate Camera. The firm expresses its love for fun, sports and videography and insist that their hobbies have led them to their goals.

So, check out the new revolutionary way to shoot videos and capture photographs. Hold the power of a fully functional camera with extensive features in just your palm. Give Vmate: the palm-sized gimbal camera with all your needs a try.