Vivid High Quality Electric Bike

Experience the joy of riding all circumstances.

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  • Vivid High Quality Electric bike is faster and affordable with the Befang high contrast LCD display which gives all the information you need on the go even in the direct sunlight.
  • Vivid has the removable battery with the key lock system that offers 30 to 40 miles of assisted travel with the power rating of 350W Bafang hub motor.
  • Vivid has the built in USB port to charge your devices and phone holder to hold your phone, equipped with the hydraulic disc brakes with power cutoff mechanism for safety.

Vivid High Quality Electric Bike is faster, greener and relatively more affordable with a 20 miles an hour power assist, Vivid is a relaxing and enjoyable way to connect to start your work with full of energy. Vivid helps you to get fresh air while riding the eBike with the advanced & powerful Shimano Alivio 9 speed gear system which gives you the choice to go hard or easy at your fingertips, safety will be always top priority fort the rider’s Vivid integrated light system makes your ride safer and more convenient at night times, the German engineered light guarantees you a clear view without disruption oncoming traffic.

Vivid is engineered to be high quality reliable eBike that adopts the Befang mid-drive/ rear drive motor system allowing you to experience the joy of riding all circumstances combining the best components with the elegant design, Vivid helps you get up hill without breaking a sweat.

Vivid never lets you down with the all-terrain tires with the Velo saddle with the full suspension which makes your rides smooth even in the bumpy roads and do exercise by simply turn the pedal assist through the display and select 21 shimano speed gears.

The high contrast LCD display delivers the information that you want even in the direct sunlight, with the battery integrated on the Vivid on a single charge Vivid can take you up to 50 miles to enjoy the peace of mind with thrill of the road.

Problem Solving By This Product


Vivid has the integrated German laser light system which ensure safety while riding the eBike in night time, which is German engineered for clear view even in the crowd traffic.

Vivid has the built in USB port to charge your devices on the go with the phone holder holding your mobile, the high contrast LCD display that provides you all the information you need to ride and even set the speed limits in the display.

The Vivid eBike is made with high quality 6061 aluminum alloy which is putty treated for smoother design at the edges and fitting, no unlike the other eBikes.

Vivid eBikes offers you the great comfort and smooth ride on the road with the Zoom integrated seat suspension and Suntor front fork with the puncture absorption tires to start your day with full of energy.

The battery powered 350W Befang motor assist you to uphill the eBike without breaking sweat with a speed of 20 miles per hour and range up to 30-40 miles with the battery, even you can expand the battery if you want.

The battery in the Vivid comes with the built-in key locking mechanism to prevent stealing of the eBike battery.

Detailed Specification


Vivid the world first greener, faster and affordable eBike with the high-quality components with the Befang electric motor system with the high-power output up to 20 miles per hour of power assist, with the 350W Befang Mid/Rear drive motor which provides 80 N.m torque to uphill the eBike without sweat.

With the high contrast Bafang LCD display in the Vivid which allows you to customize your settings like speed limit and gives you all the information like speed, distance along with the 6-level pedal assist and the battery left in the tank.

Bikes are most for the riders with the Vivid materials and surfaces which has zero tolerance towards flaws in the design and joining the parts with the putty treated aluminum frame which is very beautiful and makes the edges and joints smoother for perfection, with the 48V 10.2A detachable Samsung battery which is present on the Vivid Spectre model which gives you 40-50 miles of power assist on traveling with single time charge.

Vivid offers you the gentle and smooth rides all the time with the Suntor front fork and puncture absorption all terrain tires with the Velo saddle with seat suspension, there is a phone holder in the Vivid eBikes which is very useful with the integrated USB charger that power your devices while ride on the go.

Vivid will always keep the rider safe since, they believe that the safety is the first priority for the riders, with the integrated lightning system which makes your journey safe with the German engineered technology to see the thing on the road clearly even in the heavy oncoming traffic, they have also included the laser tail light on the back of the eBike to ensure the safety.


Vivid is packed with the Tektro Hydraulic disc brake with power cutoff function for controlling the bike with just pulling the lever which cutoff the motor instantly with the reliable braking system with the consistent modulation under any weather conditions.

The battery in the Vivid comes with the secure locking system as an accessory to prevent losing the eBike in the hands of thieves.

The Vivid High Quality eBike is priced at $999, available in four color options.

Plan For Launch

This Vivid High quality Electric Bike conceptual ides and the eBike market feasibility analysis is done in September 2016 with the frame design & initial Vivid elements decision in quarter four in 2016, collaborating with the factory in 2017 with the development of the first prototype in 2017 March with the design revisions and engineers joined with the third prototype 3.0 in refinement of the quality measurements & component sourcing process with the upgraded brake solution to hydraulic disc brakes and launch in online platform Indiegogo and the shipping will be done 2018 December.

Company Details

This High Quality Electric bike is developed by the company called Vivid Bike, which is a most fascinating riding team with the biggest pleaser range from riding prime single track to open gravel roads in South Africa, Vivid team’s mission is to place the south Africa on the map as the leading cycling destination. Vivid team is of 5 bike enthusiasts from different backgrounds, successful in providing the simple looking, go green and affordable eBikes with using the high-quality components without compromising with an aim to promote the bicycles as a way to life.