Vibraslide Brilliant Infinite Guitar Pedal

An infinite guitar pedal slider which can suite to all of the guitar you have.


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  • Vibraslide can works with any guitar made with hand-blown glass and you can use this as ebow for the standard guitar which helps your play harmonic and stunning sounds.
  • The pedal controller of the Vibraslide connects to your guitar and Vibraslide, you can even connect wah-wah pedal to dynamically control over the harmonic tones by pushing the right knob on pedal controller.
  • Vibraslide is also capable to create loop effects and sustain over the tone as long as you like and gives you command over the theremin type sounds by changing the volume and tone.


Product overview

Vibraslide system consist of a hand-blown glass slide and a controller pedal which is very simple to use by Just plug the guitar and slide into the pedal controller turn that on and sustain your sounds for as long as you like. For harmonic modes you can press the right foot switch on the box like a Nirvana pedal to the effects insert to bring the effect in a subtly as you like without changing your original guitar sound.

You can also plug in the wah-wah pedal to dynamically control which harmonics are feeding back and the Vibraslide works on the standard guitar too and you can also use like an ebow by pressing that close to the bridge.

With the Vibraslide you can control the pitch of theremin type sounds by altering your volume and tone controls you can bring the Vibraslide close to pick up when strumming for distorted sounds and using the insert points Vibraslide will pick out the various overtones in a cord on both standard and a slide guitar without any modification needed to your guitar instrument.

Problem solving by this product

No need to look for different guitar string slide. Vibraslide will perfectly suits to all your guitars including the standard guitars as an ebow.

The pedal controller of the Vibraslide will connect to your guitar and Vibraslide and allows you to play the guitar as you like and the pedal controller has the knob which can be changed for harmonic modes which can be operated by a footswitch.

A volume pedal also can be inserted to the pedal controller in order to bring sustain the base sound as per preference of user and wah-wah pedal can also be plugged in to dynamically control the harmonic tones and feedbacks.

Vibraslide is made with hand-blow glass and all the parts like bridges, nuts along with string are made with solid brass and crafted with hand which gives your professional experience when you are using them.

The instruments are protected with waxy compound layers which makes them durable enough and with the Vibraslide you can also create a loop effect above your tone.

Detailed specification

Vibraslide is an infinite guitar pedal slider which can suite to all of the guitar you have. The Vibraslide system consist of a hand-blown glass slider and the pedal which can control the resulting sounds.

The Vibraslide has the unique and sleek design which can infinitely sustain your guitar strings and works as an ebow when you are using a standard guitar and helps you getting harmonic sounds with rich tones.

Vibraslide end of the pedal allows you to control the effects like tone and sustain along with the loop effects so that you can add your own sounds to the sustained tone and the wah-wah which can dynamically give you control over the harmonic tone.

The Vibraslide is operated by a footswitch which can access the harmonic modes and a volume pedal which is plugged in to bring sustain to your sound. This is specially made by Gareth Whittock and crafted with hand in the workshop at England for all the electronics like sensors and the pickups while the bridges, nuts are made with solid brass and the instruments are protected with the waxy compound for tonewood.

You guitar will connect to the pedal controller and the Vibraslide to sustain your sounds. The pedal controller has two knobs where you need to press the right switch on the pedal controller for harmonic modes. You can also insert the Nirvana pedal to add the effects in a subtly as you like.

With the Vibraslide you can also control the pitch of theremin sound types by changing your volume and tone controls and for distorted strumming sound you can bring the Vibraslide close to the guitar.

This Vibraslide with the pedal controller is priced at 230$ for preorders.

Plan for launch

This Vibraslide infinite guitar pedal is made available to the market in the year 2020 June after the launch of the product in online platforms in May 2020. The prototype of the product is made available in earlier 2020 after the changes in design & modification the product is shipped to the customers in November 2020 after the manufacturing process in later quarters of the year 2020.

Company details

This Vibraslide infinite guitar pedal is developed by the company called Aum Guitars and made by Gareth Whittock. The company will design and build original, unique and innovative musical instruments for music composers and performers along with the sound engineers who are looking for something different & convenient.

They are currently created two instruments and each instruments will be crafted & created in a small shop which is located in England from pickups to sensors all the parts and electronics are soldered by hands while the string guides and nuts along with bridges are made from solid brass by them.
There are striving to develop unique and maximizing their sonic potential for the artist with the cutting edge technology.

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