ViATOM Wrist Overnight Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Monitor your heart rate and the blood oxygen level overnight continuously.


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  • ViATOM device can monitor the heart rate and oxygen saturation levels in the blood overnight continuously and offers the medical grade results ready to be shared to your smartphone.
  • ViATOM wrist monitor sends you the silent vibration alerts which are adjustable when the oxygen levels are low in the blood which help you to change the sleeping posture for the demanded oxygen.
  • ViATOM blood oxygen wrist monitor can work stand alone with the internal memory for four session and last longer for 16 hours with single charge.


Product overview

ViATOM SleepU is a wrist wearable device which will monitor your Blood oxygen saturation levels over night along with the heart rate continuously which is patented ring silicon sensor that sit in the thumb finger and soft to be wear for long term duration.

The ViATOM Blood oxygen Monitor has the adjustable vibration alters when your blood oxygen saturation levels fall down over the defined levels to make you aware of the condition and remind you to change your sleeping posture to improve the blood circulation and reduces the snoring and let more oxygen into your body.

You can also share the daily Blood oxygen levels from the ViHealth App which is compatible for both IOS and Android and offers you the real time monitoring of the heart rate and O2 in the smartphone or in the tablet and with their PC software you can even exports the repots.

ViATOM SleepU well elegantly designed with the compact and soft structure with USB rechargeable and last longer for 16 hours with a single charge which is perfect sleep aid to monitor the effect of your CPAP machine.

Problem solving by this product

ViATOM SleepU is well designed with compact structure and lipstick sized device which is comfortable for wearing overnight without the ring slipping from your finger unlike the other devices with the soft material.

ViATOM SleepU wrist will monitor your heart rate and the blood oxygen level overnight continuously in each second and gives the medical grade results and has the built in adjustable silent vibration alarm which helps you change the sleeping posture to take in more oxygen when the oxygen levels are below the recommended value.

The vibration alert will be silent instead of being sounds which will not irritate your sleeping partner, with the ViATOM SleepU wrist monitor you will be benefited from Snore, Sleep Apnea, COPD, Pilots, Asthma and Pneumonia.

The oximetry technology sensor used in the ViATOM blood oxygen monitor helps you to see whether the CPAP machine or the oxygenerator are working effectively or not. The device will send all the results to the ViHealth App making the CSV report.

The ViATOM wrist monitor can work even alone with the built in internal storage for four session and long last for 16 hours of usage with single charge.

Detailed specification


ViATOM SleepU monitor is compact and lipstick sized simple wear for your wrist that actually monitors the heart rate and the blood oxygen saturation levels over the full night with the every body movements every second.

ViATOM SleepU pulse Oximetry technology which gives the hospital grade results and trusted by many organizations that helps you in snoring, Sleep Apnea, COPD, Pneumonia, Pilots and Asthma.

ViATOM SleepU wrist blood oxygen monitor comes with the patented ring sensor that silently vibrates with the alarm which is adjustable to change the sleeping posture when the blood oxygen level is lower than the prescribed level and changes your posture to allow more oxygen to breathe in.

ViATOM SleepU is equipped with the wearable pulse oximeter which tracks the oxygen levels and heart rate over night and also helps you to see whether the CPAP machine or the oxygenator are working fine or not with the reports.

Their patented ring sensor which sits on the thumb finger not unlike clipping to the finger which will make your finger numb to never slip out of your finger. The ViHealth app records all the data overnight with the detailed analysis of blood oxygen levels, heart rate along with the body movements and check whether there is hypoxia events with an interval of 4 seconds.

With the ViHealth app you can track the real-time heart rate and oxygen levels and also you can share the notes and reports, this app facilitates to prepare the reports in CSV form with more specific results. You can also set the vibration intensity and the threshold level. They are also providing the PC software so that you can even share the results over the PC to your doctor as PDF or in CSV format.

ViATOM wrist blood oxygen saturation monitor can also work alone without any device connected to the Bluetooth and stores all the data in the internal memory for four sessions and 10 hours for each session.

Weight 1.09 oz / 31 grams
Dimensions 1.6 x 0.9 x 0.5 inches
Ring Perimeter 2.0 – 3.0 inches / 50 – 76 mm
Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Battery Life Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 16 hours of usage with single charge
Vibration source Low oxygen levels
Dust & water resistance IP24
Recorded Parameters Oxygen levels, pulse rate, motion
Compatible computer system Windows 7/8/10, Mac software will be available in 2020
Oxygen level range 70 – 99%
Pulse rate range 30 to 250 bpm
Measure intervals 1s
Display interval in app 4s
Built in memory 4 sessions , up to 10 hours for each session

This ViATOM wrist blood oxygen saturation monitor is priced at $178.

Plan for launch


This ViATOM SleepU wrist Blood oxygen saturation monitor is made available to the market in the year 2019 June after the changes in the prototype and design, the ViATOM wrist saturation monitor will be manufactured and shipped to the customers in the later quarters of the year 2019.

Company details

This Wrist Blood and Oxygen Saturation Monitor is developed by the company called ViATOM distributed by Wellue which is a healthcare expert company with many innovators, their mission is to develop the products which can assure the medical grade accuracy and consumer friendly.

They have developed many health benefit devices and currently they are finding an easier way to monitor the disease on your body to change the lifestyle of living and elevate the standards to live with a peace of mind and enjoy healthier life than before. They have developed many products like sleepU, O2ring, WearO2, SnoreZ, Pulsebit Mate and EX, with their products they have earned trusts and authority with the customers all over the world.

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