VEZO 360 – AI Powered 4K Smart Dash Cam

Smart Dash Cam with 4K Resolution

  • Vezo 360 Camera supports 4K video capturing.
  • Vezo 360 Camera supports 4G Connectivity for Remote Access.
  • Vezo 360 Camera has AI support for live event detection.


ash cameras are the one’s which are purposefully designed to carefully records every details that’s take place both on the road and as well as inside the car while you drive it, which will help you an efficient proof for defending yourself in case of crash or any hits to the car.

The Vezo 360 camera will capture everything around you with the built in AI things and notifies you smartly with an added feature of 4G along with Bluetooth, GPS which is the first dash cam to have the 4K recording capabilities and it is the truly the smart one present in the market today, Along with some of additional features of alerts, sharing etc.

Vezo 360 Dash Camera with 4 K Video support

Detailed Features

Vezo 360 in car

  1. This is the first Dash camera which supports the super high-definition 4K videos in 3600 degrees.
  2. You will have no blind spots thanks to the Ai which also has the addition feature of Auto- accident detection which records the collision in crystal clear quality.
  3. The Footage which is recorded automatically will not be overwritten until you extract it using the Vezo mobile app which ensure you the security.
  4. With this Dash cam you never need to worry about the naps that you will take while driving the car its AI facial recognition will detect your face signs and rings an alarm that alerts the driver to wake up.
  5. This Dash camera will have the crystal clear and sharp images and videos in all lighting conditions, Each lens has an aperture of f/2.0 with a wide view of 180 degrees along with the Advanced 1/2.3 CMOS sensor, 3D noise reduction comes along with HDR & backlit compensation which ensures the high quality image at low lighting conditions also
  6. You can always stay connected to the dash cam with your Wi-Fi and 4G connections by which you will receive live updates & notifications if any suspicious event occurs even while you park the car which enhances the security that lies in your palm.
  7. You will need a guard for your car like a dog for your house which always keep you safe, the dash cam monitors your car 24/7 and push you a notification and it also has a led which blinks when it identifies a thieves with the help of the motion sensor.
  8. The internal battery is used for the constant monitoring of your car.
  9.  Vezo 360 is way smarter than any other dash cam with its loop recording prevents the data loss on its Micro SD memory card with up to 256 GB you still got more space to store the data and you can permanently move them to cloud if you want.
  10. It is very simple to install this dash cam while the other’s in the market are not simple, Vezo uses a specially designed mount that allows both angle and height adjustments so that It can be installed all the cars easily, Magnetic mount makes it easily to change the micro SD cards.
  11. Dash cam uses the machine learning along with AI which is not even provided in the luxury cars, whereas the normal 360 cameras uses only the single lens which results in the warped picture while the dash cam uses the dual lens.
  12. It has a single view as well as split view in which one side you can have your foreground and, on the back, you have background, it also possesses the 360-degree view.
  13. The Vezo 360 has a magnet under it which is used to mount it on the mounting pad which is also an adjustable one when it is placed on a fixed location with an adjustable height.
  14. There are two models for the Vezo 360 dash cams one with the AI compactible and other is the standard one, the standard model is cheaper and comes with every single feature except the drowsiness detection alerts.
  15. You will also have the shutter button on the bottom side of the dash cam to take the picture inside the car or even you take it outside.
  16. You will be provided the reset button and memory card slot on the side of the dash cam.
  17. The battery last longer and uses the internal charging when the ignition of the car is off and Vezo enters into the sleep mode and wake up only when it detects the unusual activity and it will recharge automatically when you turned your car on.
  18. It also has the air flow cooling vents in the body of the dashcam to withstand even in the high temperature.

Technical Specifications

Vezo 360 Some Technical Features

  • Dimension : 86x82x58mm
  • Lens :  F/2.0 with 7-layer clear Lens
  • Field of View : 180 degrees
  • Image Sensors : BIS Sensor CMOS 1/2.3”
  • Image Processing :3D Noise Reduction Backlight with Multi-Exposure HDR
  • CPU : 2.2 GHz quad core processor
  • Video : Advanced H.265 Compression
  • Memory : Up to 256 GB SD Card
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth, Wi-Fi with 4G
  • Sensors :3-Axis magnetometer, Accelerator.
  • GPS : PPP Based GPS Module
  • Audio :Built-in Microphone
  • App : Android, IOS
  • Weight : 150g
  • AI detection for Alerts : For Vezo 360 expert version
  • 4K Recording : Available
  • 360 Degree View : Available
  • Auto Event Detection : Available
  • Crime Detection Led Lighting : Available
  • Social Sharing : Available

Vezo 360 – Price and Availability

This product is priced at 169$(12,000 approx.) for early bird with an offer for some limited editions. And with kickstarters special you also get a memory card 32GB for 199$(14,000 approx.) for memory card and for dual pack (279$) and a quad pack for (549$). The AI edition of the Vezo 360 (219$) which is super early bird.

Vezo 360 – Unique Proposition

Vezo 360

The normal edition comes with Vezo 360 mobile app and charging cable along with power plug with Windshield Mount out of the box, and for the AI one you will get the Vezo 360 AI instead of Vezo 360.

Vezo 360 – Plan for Launch

The idea if the Vezo 360 Dash cam idea and customer market research in September 2017. Product Identification is done in December of the year and the all other things like product design, IP Registration, Algorithm Development and Prototyping. The shipping to the ordered customers takes place in the month of November 2019.

About The Company

This product was brought to you by the company called Arvizon, This Company was involved more on the automotive solutions which follows the EEE Motto which signifies the “Enable, Enhance, and Evolve” which helps in creating a better tomorrow, and The Co-Founder of the company was Vivek Soni who has a great ground on the AI Level of Technology to enhance the people life and to protect the one those who loves family and had trust on them for this they have invented the Vezo 360.They have two offices located one at USA and one at the Korea.

Vezo 360 – Editor’s Note

There are merely no Cons for this product to be mentioned, though the details are not specified in depth the battery will last longer to 1.5- 2 days when your car is stationary, Well this is usual for the people who keep their car in parking for a long time it might be a problem and they have to buy and additional power extender.