VanMoof Smart X theft Proof Bike

VanMoof Smart X theft Proof Bike - 6
  • VanMoof Smart X is powered with the locking system and security features
  • VanMoof Smart X can unlock it by pressing the personal code
  • VanMoof Smart X is designed to bridge the gap between the user needs

Everyone loves their bike and used to ride them across the cities when they are about to do, they feel disappointed when they heard that their bike is stolen and cannot be returned, a bike that withstands all the weather and roads and offers you a great comfort all over the ride to you. VanMoof Smart X is the bike which is designed to bridge the gap between the user needs, offering the rider recognition feature and the theft protection with the tracking mode to locate your bike wherever it is, all the power for this bike is free from the pedal, and lot more features along with these.

Detailed Features

1. This one is designed with the compact size and to do big things, this design is made by taking consideration of the bikes stolen in UK according to the surveys.
2. This one got the rider recognition technology so that no can open it except you, all you need to do is keep your phone in your pocket for the bike to unlock itself.

3. If even you forget to bring the phone with you, you can unlock it by pressing the personal code for the bike which is set by you by holding the bell down.
4. They used the similar technology that we have seen in cars like making sounds and lighting when it is touched likewise this bike also make noises and flashes the lights when someone touches it.
5. It also sounds urgent alarms when someone tries to pick it up and when someone tries to take it off from you, then the bike will disables all the smart parts and it turn on S.O.S lights, you will give notification in the app that bike is stolen by someone.

6. This Smart X electrified bike is powered with the locking system and security features, the main features offered is the location tracking.
7. They integrated the frame with GSM so that you can find the bike’s position accurately yourself and find it.
8. If you don’t want to take that headache, if you are signed up in VanMoof Peace of Mind service offers you track your bike themselves and if they can’t find it for 2 weeks, then they will return a bike of similar or a new one.

9. The lights in the bike are as tough as airport runway lights, they are shattered proof LEDs that are on both front and back do double duty and there are no batteries for this, no buttons they get powered up with the pedal power.
10. Always stay connected with the bike using the VanMoof app to find where you parked the bike and adjust the sound and light preferences and get updated regularly over air.
11. This one built to look after itself, so you no need to look after it every time and enjoy your day. This bike needs minimal maintenance.

12. The front wheel dynamo charges the lights, speaker and smart tech automatically with your pedal power, they used the punctured resistance tires and the frame is made with anti-rust material and integrated gear tackle to sustain in any weather.
13. There is monthly subscription available for this to ride the bike as long as you want to with 25€ (2,000 Rs) per month.
14. This bike comes with four flavors you can pick any combination you want with two colors and two gear speeds; the colors are Fog White and Thunder Gray and speeds are three and eight Speed.

15. When someone tries to tamper with your bike while it is locked built in G-Sensor will activate alarm to scare them, you will also get notification through app, so you can catch the ones who tried to steal it.
16. There are four power levels that can be selected through the app or through the touchscreen panel on the frame to match your fitness, you need to pedal the bike to power up the batteries.
17. You can use your phone Bluetooth connection to unlock your bike or tap code to unlock it like pattern you used to unlock your mobile phones.



  • Frame Material :  Coated aluminium
  • Available Colours : Thunder gray, Fog white
  • Lock System : Lights Integrated dynamo powered automatic lock system
  • Wheels & Tyres : 24 inches rims with stainless teal spokes, Tires Schwalbe Big Apple puncture-protected tires
  • Gears : Internal gear hub , 3 speed Sturmey Archer with twist shifter and 8 speed Shimano Aldine with trigger shifter.
  • Brakes : Front and rear mechanical disc brakes.
  • Chain System : Fully enclosed drivetrain, Automatic chain-tensioning system
  • Sound System : Speaker Integrated sound system along with electric bell
  • Security & Theft Protection :  Integrated theft defense system, location tracking and anti-theft nuts and bolts ABUS shield rear wheel ring lock
  • Wireless Technology : Encrypted Bluetooth and GSM connectivity
  • Mobile App : Automatic disarm and wake-up, Alarm setting, Over air updates


The price of the bike is $898 (Rs 66,450) which is very high for a bike, though you get the theft protection for the bike, it is very hard to pay a lot more for subscription to make your work easy.


The subscription for the service is much cost that they will take $100 per year and $240 for three years. Unlocking bike using the touchscreen works only when your smartphone and bike comes into the Bluetooth range. The recharge time for the battery six hours which is very long and irritating. The electric filed e-version of VanMoof uses the e-lock port to unlock it with ease, so you don’t need to remember password or need keys, but this feature is lacking in Smart x. The Smart X is not suitable for all heights of riders they need to buy an extra stem for that to feel more comfortable.

Plan for Launch

This Smart X bike is launched in the year 2018 June and made available in the market to purchase it.

About Company

This smart theft proof bike is developed by the company called VanMoof, Which is founded in the year 2009 by Taco and Ties Carlier with the vision of perfect city bike, the reason behind the concept of this bike are four. First one is that they are obsessed with cities, the cities where the bikes are steeled and have to survive the road and weather conditions and defend themselves, make you feel a superhero while riding it. Secondly they ride out of the box protecting the bike form the thieves with the latest technology they have used in it, The Electric field in the bike makes it extraordinary, Third thing is that they have got our back you can ride the cities wherever you want and find your bike back when stolen, They also have the crew to find the stolen bikes, This company started in Amsterdam.