Urbie Air: The Complete 3-in-1 Eco Air Purifier

Urbie Air

rbie Air is a unique product in the market segment which makes use of 100% biodegradable air filters for a maintaining a sustainable environment along with purifying your air. In this age of ever-increasing air pollution in the urban and rural centres, the need of an air purifier for cleaning the air is eminent. It is a 3 in 1 device consisting of air purifier, Dehumidifier and self-watering smart plant which eliminates indoor air pollution. The Urbie Air works in three stages: it works to remove excess humidity, to filter volatile organic compounds and to amplify fresh oxygen production.

Problem Solved By This Product

Urbie App

With the rise of air pollution and air borne diseases threatening the humans, the role of a reliable and effective air purifier for your indoors is more important than ever. Moreover, an air purifier which doubles up as a dehumidifier and filter for volatile organic compound is a unique take and a must buy. The Urbie Air is also designed to be sustainable and is made of bio-degradable materials keeping climate change and our environment in mind.

Detailed Specification

Urbie Air Spec

Making use of an eco-friendly bio-filtration process, the Urbie Air cleans and purifies your indoor air. Some of its characteristics are:
1. Saves energy and water: The Dehumidifier keeps the humidity at the optimal levels and recycles the water for your plant. This also helps the AC to function keeping the electricity bill from spiking up as AC doesn’t need to over-clock in humid conditions.
2. Smart Purifier: According to the activity indoors like cooking, cleaning etc, the purifier optimizes its performance.
3. Toxin Elimination: By detecting harmful and volatile organic particles suspended in the air, it removes them from the air making it pure and safe for you to breathe. It can also eliminate odorless toxins. It removes and filters the following (to name a few):Ammonia, Benzene, Formaldehyde, Xylene, Mildew, Mold, Dust mite

4. Eco-friendly Carbon Filters : It contains activated Eco-friendly Carbon Filters that filter even smaller pollutants <2.5μ also known as Volatile Organic Compounds.
5. What makes it stand apart from the commonly available Dehumidifiers and HEPA air purifiers is that it has the following unique functionalities:

a. It provides for an eco-friendly filtration and has self- emptying water tank.
b. It removes mould and mildew odours and filters VOCs up to an surface area of 23 m2.
c. It comes bundled with a dedicated application to monitor and control its functionalities.

Urbie Air Design

Urbie Air Design

The Urbie Air is designed as a compact sized planter which has one of the most powerful fans in the industry designed to yield the max airflow to the plant. This empowers the plant to generate the maximum amount of O2 while eliminating high concentrations of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.
Due to this ergonomic design of the fam, the air gets cleaned vis biological, chemical and physical as it passes through the soil which also helps to transform and decompose chemicals and contaminants. This passage leads to removal of toxic air due to the activated carbon and also, in moisture condensation. The activated charcoal powder is available for free (100 g) with the product.

Urbie Air Compatible App

Urbie Air works with App easily

Urbie Air is an automated device in the sense that it optimizes its control according to the current situation in the environment around it and seamlessly relay the information to the app for monitoring and control. The App is designed to control the power to the device and its automatic watering function to the plant.
During dry season, you will receive a notification when the water tank level is low informing you to manually fill up the water tank so the self-watering feature resumes.
The Urbie Air is also compatible and can be set up using the leading assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Urbie Air Works

Urbie Air Form Factors:

  • Weight: 2.2 Kg/ 4.8 lbs
  • Energy: 12V, 1.8W to 120W
  • Size: 240mm (height) x 260mm x 210mm (plant area)
  • colours: rose and pearl. The Premium model includes a dedicated VOC sensor, water tank level indicator, Automatic precise watering and LED light.

Plan of Launch

Urbie Air Models

The research and concept development of the product began in early 2017. The item was listed on Kickstarter in August 2019 and the production in masse starts in January 2020 with the goal to deliver the product to the customers by May 2020.
The most basic model is available at $ 177(159 Euros) currently as an early bird offer while the premium model costs $ 199(179 Euros).
The Kickstarter campaign has garnered 160,198 Euros from 782 backer. You can more information about the product here: Urbie Air

Company Details

With Mathilde Richelet, leading Environmentalist and Bassel Jouni, Co-founder at the helm, the Urbie Air based out of Paris, France was built out of the motivation to beat the allergies, pollution, high humidity and dying plants in a very busy and upbeat urban life. The company believes that “the natural powers of plants with technology to create a smart self-watering dehumidifier and air purifier that can tackle pollution from many different angles is the need of the hour”.
The company is dedicated to bring out the best product as they spent nearly two years in R&D, testing and developing prototypes and finding that unique balance between functionality and practicality.

Editor’s Note

The unique and the only eco-friendly 3-in-1 air purifier, Urbie Air is an important take on the ever-growing air purification market. With the ideals of sustainable air purification using bio degradable substances, it is sure to be on the top selling charts and find a place in many homes across various cities anywhere in the world. With its ergonomic and modern design, it sits comfortably in any room setting providing that pure air you and your family needs.