amx ebike

Ebike is becoming major mode of mobility in the crowded cities. The ebike movements aim to solve the mobility problem in the crowded cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. Already there is traction of ebike sharing platforms on rise in India. Startups like Yulu are providing ebike in some cities in India as rental basis. But India is very big market. Many startups are trying to come into this area. But while other companies are trying to provide rental services, there is also rise in the personal owned ebikes in Indian market. If you cycling fan, then recently launched AMX ebike can be a good option for you. 

AMX ebike is basically looks like your normal bike but it is occupied with poweful motors and propeles. The AMX has been designed by Analog Motion. Very experienced product designers Nav and Jack are brain behind the AMX ebike. Their main aim is to solve one problem – commute in cities. 

Key Features 

  • Ultra-compact. With 138cm from wheel to wheel design AMX is smaller than most folding electric bikes on the market today.
  • Beautiful. With the motivation by Mini-Velos ubiquitous n the japan, the The AMX MINI is designed. The designers added only the minimum components to make it a bike.
  • Ultra-lightweight. With the weight 13 Lb this is lighter than most non-electric bikes!
  • One size. A bike which your entire family can use.
  • 27-mile range. Both the edition of the AMX STEP and the AMX CLASSIC (Capital and Limited Edition only) comes with 27-mile range. Don’t let its size fool you, it’s still good for a proper ride.
  • Powerful. Small wheels and a high torque motor is a potent combo for power. The AMX MINI accelerates like no other bikes in the  market in the segment. 

The AMX  comes with different models as below, which are available for crowdfunding in the indiegogo platform right now.