New Features in WhatsApp You cannot miss


hatsApp always tries to introduce upcoming features and security updates to users. If you are tech geek you can join the Whatsapp’s beta program to get the new updated easily. As the developers make many features to test, some of them lands in the global users. Currently as we see the trends that some new cool features are coming in next time updates soon. Like we can see the fingerprint lock is available for mass level in current updates. In this post we shall reveal the other features which are under construction and coming soon to your mobile.

WhatsApp : Multiple device support

This is one of very much waited feature. Many of us having multiple phones and want to run the same Whatsap account in the different devices. Currently this is ot supported in the WhatsApp. But as per resource very soon, you should be able to run your multiple phones with same WhatsApp account.Whatsapp is reportedly working on a new feature called “Registration Notifications.” This will basically allow you to get a notification about your second mobile login on your first mobile. The message will be received and the recipient’s device list shall be changed. This will also ask you confirm the new security code. After the verification of the security code, two devices can be used simultaneously with messaging.

WhatsApp : Dark Mode Feature

Most big web apps like Instagram, and operating systems like iOS and Android are started supporting the Dark Mode recently. This is also very much waited feature in the WhasApp. This mode basically you can invert the color scheme of the WhatsApp. As per the current information WhatsApp’s this new feature will be almost similar the native operating systems color scheme. There may be separate option will be available where the WhatsApp color scheme can be updated automatically when you change the native operating systems color scheme.

WhatsApp : Netflix Streaming Support

You may have noticed that the Youtube videos can be played in picture-in-picture mode directly on the App. You dont have to leave the application to the Youtube app. Similarly WhatsApp is adding a new feature to support the same picture-in-picture mode for other third-party applications like Netflix. According to information, you can soon get to watch Netflix trailers within the application directly. You shall see a video playback icon to on which you click and see the video playback without leaving the application – similarly what they show to the YouTube links on the app.

WhatsApp : Fingerprint lock Support

In the case you have not checked it yet, if you are an Android users you can lock/unlock the WhatsApp through fingerprint sensor. Earlier this feature was available to the iPhone users. Also to support additional security you can also use Face ID lock feature if you have latest iPhone. You will still be able to respond to video and audio calls while your app is locked with fingerprint sensor. Read our “How to enable WhatsApp fingerprint lock” post to get latest updated process.