UNILID – Fits all jars, with Lifetime Warranty


UniLid (Universal lid) is a patented storage lid that fits a wide range of shapes and sizes with unique leftovers tracking features. It replaces the space occupied by a wide range of plastic lids over the drawer with silicon made a stretchable airtight compact lid.

It occupies less space, as it is stackable, it could fit at any corner of your drawer. UniLid eliminates the headache of searching through cluttered racks to find the right-sized lid for the container at hand and cleans up messy lid drawer in your kitchen.

Imagine your lunch boxes, water bottles, jar lids, utensils can be covered with a single lid without using multiple for each of them. It Seal Dishes, Bowls, Platters & Cans of Almost Any Size! Covers up to 9″. It is leak-proof of any kind of liquid.


Works in the Refrigerator. It could be used in the micro oven too. It could withstand temperature up to 230degree Celsius. It comes with a detachable adjustable weekly dial that keeps track of when you stored food. It is eco-friendly.

These lids are a good substitute for plastic wrap and are just as easy to use without contributing more waste to our landfills

Problem-solving by this product:

reusable silicon lid

Universal compatibility:

The silicone lids are very versatile and durable. UniLid is a stretchable product that can be stretched to fit a wide array of kitchen vessels opening they are thicker than others out there and will provide an airtight cover on whatever they fit on.

Stackable & Space Saving:

.As it is made up of silicon rubber it can be wrapped and fits in the any corner of the kitchen. It is the perfect eco-friendly replacement of the plastic wrap.

 Adjustable Weekly Dial:

It comes with a detachable Adjustable Weekly Dial that Keeps Track Of the Stored Food. The dial is handy for keeping track of when food is put into the fridge. When the food is closed with the UniLid it has this weekly dial to fix with.

The particular day is adjusted so that you could the day when it is kept. It eliminates the rotten trash in the kitchen. The dial is handy for keeping track of when food is put into the fridge.


Silicones rubber is the major replacement to that of plastic. They can be easily recycled than plastic without contributing more waste. Moreover, it is BPA free.

Durable, Robust and Unbreakable:

It can withstand pressure and heat, strong and healthy; as it is made up of rubber it cannot be breakable.

Easy to clean:

It is easy to clean. Dishwasher is safe for utmost convenience. It will not stain or absorb odors’.

Unilid is launched in kickstarter


  • Category: Home technology
  • Made from: Silicon
  • Dimensions: It is available in five different types of sizes and all you had to do is to play by your eye and select the perfect size. These are the sizes available
    • Extra-large lid – 21cm diameter
    • Large lid – 16.5cm diameter
    • Medium lid – 12cm diameter
    • Small lid – 9.5cm diameter
    • Extra small lid – 6.5cm diameter

Unilid can be air tight

You can choose anyone which you’ll need for covering a particular product.

  • Color options: This lid comes with two color options, blue and clear.
  • Internal contours for grip: It consists of deep sides and internal contours which help you keep your food airtight and spill-proof.
  • Robustness: The UniLid is microwave and freezer safe. It’s made up of 100 percent food-safe silicon which is approved by both the FDA and the LFGB. This lid is a perfect replacement for the reusable plastic wraps.
  • Tabs to use for air seal: Keeping in mind about the biodegradability of the food inside the seal. They designed the tabs to use for air seal so that the food does not spoil for a long time.
  • Hangable Loop for easy and efficient storage: The amazing thing about it is… It is provided with a potholder through which one can hang on a hook of the concerned boxes covered with UniLid.
  • Care: Dishwasher safe,Refrigerator safe. Micro oven safe and can withstand temperature up to 230 degree Celsius or 447 degree Fahrenheit.
  • They also have excellent insulation properties and can keep foods warm for a significant period.
  • There’s also a tracking dial that helps you to understand on which day you’ve put the food inside the container. This will prevents eating and using expired food. We could easily maintain our refrigerator by removing the leftover samples.
  • Lifetime warranty:It also provides you with a lifetime warranty.


Plan for the launch:

This product was designed by two pillars, by a team of designers and creators with roots in San Francisco, California. The main aim was to build an eco-friendly kitchen and home goods that are innovative and make everyday living easier.

Through their work, they got this amazing product called UniLid (silicon made stretchable product, which acts as lids to all the products). They spent around two years in perfecting the design of UniLid. But the problem is they do not have enough sources to manufacture the product on large scale. So they launched the patent-pending product which is supported by an advertising agency and done campaigns on Facebook and Google ads.

Gradually these campaigns are been successful and got them a lot of sales meanwhile they received a patent for their product and the FDA approved the ultra-quality Silicon lids. But the problem is with funding to increase their scale of production. Ecommerce companies called Ingram micro to help them in funding and increasing the scale of production.

By 2018 they had over 18000 orders which came from 100 different countries now the scale has been increased. Now many online selling companies come forward to sell their product.

Company details:

 Company:Two pillars a San Francisco-based kitchen and home goods innovator |Founded:2017| Type:Privately help | CEO: Seva Mouler | Location:1161 Mission St, San Francisco, California, US.| Two Pillars’​focuses on creating eco-friendly kitchen and home goods that are socially conscious and make everyday living better. Their guiding philosophy is to create products that are thoughtfully designed, usable in any household and environmentally friendly.