Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Detailed Audio Experience

An Ultimate Speaker For Music Lovers.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

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  • Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 has surprisingly bigger and bassy 3600 sound with crystal clear sound with outdoor mode with play, pause and skip button.
  • Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 will play 13 hours of music and comes with IP67 Water-proof, dustproof and you can pair for stereo boom effect.
  • Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 has a range of up to 30 meters and compatible with all devices.


There are many wireless speakers out there, but some of them are not clear & rich enough, they are not waterproof and the only pair to one device at a time, many other drawbacks.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is super rugged, bigger and bass and the athleisure fabric design and has 3600 sound for an immersive experience.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 can be connected to two devices at a time and has water-proof, dustproof and drop-proof with stereo effect, while they offer Micro-USB to charge the device.

Wonderboom 2 will last long for 13 hours with a single charge and will take 2.6 hours to charge completely and has a connectivity range of 30 meters.

Problem Solved By This Product


This Ultimate Wonderboom 2 has the dust, waterproof which makes this speaker works perfectly fine even when you drop the speaker accidentally on the water or from you hand no issues on that.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the Ultimate Wonderboom 2 is hundred feet which is very high end and offers crystal clear sound without any stutter in the connections within the range.

While the Ultimate Wonderboom 2 has the dedicated outdoor mode which offers crisper & louder sounds when you are in outdoor which is again very decent feature.

When you want to switch between devices, while in the regular speaker you need to un-pair and then pair again which is annoying while in the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 you can switch between two devices with ease at any time.

The battery of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 will last long for 13 hours which is the best in class for the Bluetooth speakers, while you can charge the Wonderboom 2 in 2.6 hours.

You can hear the sound in 3600 with a maximum sound level of 86dBC.

Detailed Specification


Going to the physical features Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is small and portable that weighs only 420 grams and made with the solid material and quality.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 has the dust, waterproof which works perfectly fine, when we are checking on the top there is simply Bluetooth pairing power and right in the center there is pause, play and skipping forward button.

When you go to the bottom of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 there is water resistant flap there, where there is a Micro-USB port to charge your speaker.

In the downside of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 there is a button which is unique with icon style of forest tree that claims to be the outdoor mode which enables louder and crisper sound which include pre adjusted equalizer meant for outdoors.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth has the hundred meters range, which offers very high-end connectivity, your connection never even stutter, you can pair two device to the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 at a time.

You can also sync two speakers to play the same which is an improved features of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 and also offers true stereo separation with left & right sounds.

Wonderboom 2 has improved battery backup of 13 hours with single charge with 3600 audio where you can place that at the center for entertaining and everyone experience that.

The Wonderboom 2 will float on the water and even play the music clear, even in sweat and it is drop proof so you can clip it, drop it and rock it and made with Vibrant 2 tone knit fabric after getting inspired by athleisure with wide range of stunning colors.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 will get charged completely in under 2.6 hours.

Dimensions 104 x 95.3 mm
Battery life 13 hours
Water and dustproof IP67
Double Up Double the sound + true wireless stereo
Design Athleisure inspired two tone fabric
Equalizer Outdoor mode
Weight 420 grams
Audio 3600 Degrees
Pair Devices 2 max
Pair two Boom For Stereo effect

This Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is priced at $100 and available in five different colors options they are Just Peach, Bermuda Blue, Radical Red, Crushed Grey and deep space black.

Plan For Launch


This Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is launched in the year 2019 and will be made available to the customers in later quarters of the year after the completion of the manufacturing process.

Company Details

This Wonderboom 2 is developed by a company called Ultimate Ears which starts from the streets of the world to the biggest stages with beautiful and premium audio.

They have launched Pro in-ear monitors and portable wireless speakers and custom made wireless earphones as well, started in the year 1999 with a simple mission to create a kick-ass in ear designed music products in the industry.

Then the Ultimate Ears is born and then two decades later entered with the first mobile speaker with 3600 degree sound and they have been delivering the ultimate sound for performers, loud & bassy amplified sound for fans with a passionate team of engineers.

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