TUPLUS S2 Dazzling Suitcase Travel Companion

A perfect suitcase for traveling.

TUPLUS S2 Dazzling Suitcase Travel Companion

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  • TUPLUS S2 is made with solid aircraft aluminum for both strength & beauty with an engineered wheel that hardly makes noise.
  • TUPLUS S2 has the patented one-touch open mechanism for quick access along with the built in TSA lock system for your gadgets.
  • TUPLUS S2 has an adjustable pull rod with 3 different heights and a zipper privacy layer with an attachable cover make packing more fun and easier.


Traditional Suitcases uses the zipper mechanism which left you tedious work on opening the compartment you need, even sometimes leads to anxiety.

TUPLUS S2 aluminum suitcase has the patent one-touch open mechanism which allows you to reach out to all the things you need and has the adjustable rod to suits your height or depending on your usage.

TUPLUS S2 is engineered with a solid wheel that is perfect for all floors and emits a hardly noticeable sound during motion with the advanced in-built TSA lock system with just one click it open so that you can get access to those gadgets you need.

A zipper and detachable cover that makes packing more fun and organized inside the TUPLUS S2.

Problem Solved by this product


TUPLUS S2 offers you the new & advanced one-touch patented open mechanism to access your things quickly, while the traditional suitcase will make you stress in opening the zippers on the go.

This suitcase looks stunning with the beautiful design and will be grace for the people who carry it, made with high-quality aircraft grade material to ensure safety and security.

This TUPLUS S2 suitcase also has the TSA Locking system making the whole suitcase appear pretty simple and allows you to access your gadgets on the go quickly.

TUPLUS S2 also has an adjustable pull rod which has 3 different heights with solid handling and engineered with an ultra-quiet wheel that won’t make any noise even it is hardly audible while in motion, while traditional wheel will make noise in different platforms.

TUPLUS S2 has a zippered privacy layer with a detachable cover which differentiate the interior of the suitcase and make packing more fun in the way of organizing the things you want and can carry luggage for 5 business days.

Detailed specification


TUPLUS S2 will carry the most of your luggage while you comfortably travel to the place you want, and offers you quick and easy access to your belongings.

With the one-touch open mechanism enables you to open the TUPLUS S2 with a single press and also provides you two open angles to make it even easier to grab what you need on the go.

TUPLUS S2 is made with high-quality premium material that is used in aircraft which offers beautiful & luxurious feel while traveling and securely carry your belongings on the go.

TUPLUS S2 is more durable and attractive and will be a compact carry on goes beyond your imagination manufactured with top-notch techniques and engineered with hardly noticeable wheels for any platform.

TUPLUS suitcase has an adjustable pull rod that can be adjusted to three different heights for solid handling to carry your suitcase in different scenarios.

In-built TSA lock system with just one click on the TUPLUS S2 which gives you access to those gadgets that you will need on the way and inside the suitcase, there is a zippered and detachable cover that makes packing more fun and organized.

TUPLUS S2 can carry up to 5 days luggage with a capacity of 30L which is perfect for even long business trips and 16 inches size which is perfect for gentleman’s and ladies of grace and elegance

Dimensions 42 x 42 x 20 cm
Weight 4.25 Kg
Department Unisex- Adults
Capacity 30 L
Material Aircraft aluminum and magnesium alloy

This TUPLUS S2 is available in four different color options they are Rose Gold, Black, Red and Silver while the suitcase is priced at $409.

Plan for launch

TUPLUS S2 Suitcase is launched in the year 2018, while the suitcase is made available to the market in later quarters of the year after the manufacturing process is completed.

Company details

This S2 aluminum suitcase is developed by a company called TUPLUS started in the year 2015 with a research team with more than a decade of experience, while the developed products are distributed by the Hessen Group in the US.

With a team of professional designers & engineers, they dedicated over two years for their first suitcase to get into the market with their first masterpiece that creates unique pieces and personalities while using the suitcase.

They always believe that traveling is a beautiful journey to the destination and the suitcase should encompass all the qualities of secure, comfortable, and strong.

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