In the generation of social media, we are often get misinformation and gets confused simultaneously. The misconception about 5G are in the market for very long time. There are many stories about speed of 5G, health hazards after using 5G in market. But if you look closely you will find that many of these information are ambiguous and there are many open questions about this points. We have consulted many of our known panel of experts who regularly advises in different technology has helped us to collect the key points about this. In this post we are going to cover  Top 5 myths of  5G internet connectivity.

You will need to buy faster phone for 5G

5G is bringing broadband speed in Smartphones

The main aim of 5G is to bring broadband like speed over the smartphone internet. But this will require the complete overhauling of the internet and telecommunication infrastructure. Obviously this will need better hardware in the smartphone end but that will be functional when there will be main infrastructure in place.

The Low Latency is the Key in 5G

5G will bring low latency speed

The 5G is aimed for provide internet to medical devices to industrial automation. Real time experience and low latency experience is the key nature promised by 5G. You will experience 10X low latency in the 5G.

5G is necessary for increasing IoT Value

5G will be adding more value to IoT

5G will definitely add supreme value addition in the IoT in industry or home automation. But IoT can be co-exist and also can be applicable without the 5G also. In near future you might see the transition, but this will take time to evolve.

5G will replace 4G overnight or soon


But this is not easy. The network infrastructure is not yet ready to deploy the 5G in full length. This will not be overnight. 4G is here to stay for a while. But 5G is in process.

User experience will be consistent 


5G aims to offer considerable potential for any digital hardware and services that requires high speed, near-zero latency, and high availability. To support higher speed requirement Mobile network operators must have to install a large amount of 5G setups to cover an area. The infrastructure only then bring the seamless user experience in the hand of users.

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