ToolSmart TS06: Measure and Track Moisture Easily

Detect the moisture in the materials more accurately.


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  • The ToolSmart TS06 is a useful device which measures the Moisture content in materials easily and accurately.
  • The ToolSmart TS06 allows you to manage and track the reading through the Mobile Application for the better planning of your construction work.
  • The ToolSmart TS06 allows the users to calculate the accurate readings of wood or other construction materials even in harsh conditions.


The ToolSmart TS06 Moisture measuring Meter is a new and smart way of finding the moisture content of various materials. This device is easy to use and gives you instant reading of the moisture content of the materials that you need. The device also has a mobile application support which allows you to save the readings in real time. You can easily see the readings of the current measurement as well as the measurements of past and plot a graph to obtain the pattern which can help the construction work proceed easily without any difficulties. The device can be used easily and provides the readings on the device itself as well as the mobile application to provide the user with a better visibility. The measurements on the device are also pretty accurate as compared to other moisture measurement devices.

Problem Solving By The Product


Building a house or a piece of furniture requires a lot of effort and carefulness. The materials you use to complete the task often need to be checked carefully before you can use them. Most of the times it is the excess moisture present in the materials which makes the items you use vulnerable to several kinds of problems whether you are using wood, metal or even concrete. You need to have the perfect idea for the moisture content of these materials. The ToolSmart TS06 stands up to this task perfectly as this small device allows you to check the moisture content of different materials as well as track these data through some time for you to see the moisture pattern and plan your construction work well. It also visualizes the data it achieves through the usage of graphs and charts for the ease and comfort of the users.

Detailed Specifications


The ToolSmart TS06 moisture measurement meter uses a pin based moisture detection system to detect the moisture in the materials more accurately. Moreover, the display screen of the device offers a premium white on black background so that you can see the measurements clearly every part of the day. The plain design of the screen also prevents it from reflecting or fading when viewed from a tilted angle for your convenience.

The ToolSmart TS06 device also comes equipped with a mobile application support which increases the field of use and the convenience for the users. The mobile application offers a second screen which displays the readings in real time to simplify two people jobs so no time gets wasted and both of the individuals have complete control over the job. The device connects to the mobile application through Bluetooth easily. Apart from acting as a second screen, the mobile application also has other useful features which makes your job easier and quicker.

The mobile application for the ToolSmart TS06 allows the users to download and track the data they achieve by measurements. The moisture data can be save of any material for a time being and can be tracked to see the possible variations and patterns in the moisture of the material. This feature represents all the data in graphical form for better visualization. This helps the users in planning the job and determining the usage of the materials accordingly to plan and perform the construction work in the decided schedule.

The ToolSmart TS06 moisture measurement device uses best in class sensors which provide accurate and fast readings. The reading in the ToolSmart TS06 are accurate to 2 percent. The moisture measurements for the device can range from 3 percent to 50 percent for wood and from 1.5 percent to 30 percent for other building construction materials. The testing pin used for the measurements is 9 mm long. The device is capable of operating in a temperature range of -4 degree F to 140 degree F at less than 85 percent RH.

The device is powered by a 9 V battery which is initially included in the packaging. The packaging also provides an extra set of test pins in case the original test pins get damaged. The device consumes a current of less than 50 mA making it very power efficient. For even more power saving, the device also has a feature which turns it off when the device is inactive for 3 minutes or more. The device has the dimensions as 178 x 70 x 42 mm (7.01 x 2.76 x 1.65 inches) and is very lightweight, weighing only 4.1 oz. or 115 grams when the battery has not been fitted in it.

Plans For Launch

The ToolSmart TS06 Moisture Meter was launched first on Amazon on 27th July 2016. The device had gained a lot of popularity and trust with people who used it because of its convenience and accuracy. Currently the device is available to be bought through several online stores all around the world. The device had also won the ProTool Innovation Award in 2016 for its usage capabilities and convenience because of the design. The ToolSmart TS06 Moisture Meter is available to be shipped all around the globe. The Company also provides active customer support to its users all around the globe.

Company Details

The ToolSmart TS06 Moisture Measurement Meter is developed and distributed by the General Tools Company. The General Tools is a company which masters in the manufacturing of useful devices and meters capable of providing quick and accurate reading along with the convenience of the users so that they can complete their jobs easily. The Company proudly offers more than 1,000 tools to the people all around the world. The tools provided by the company enable the people to complete any kind of work they want to do themselves whether it is a professional construction work or a small in house DIY, the tools from the General Tools company can cover them all.

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