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Enjoy Tone Factory
  • Tone Factory is like old classics reborn with the new technology.
  • Tone Factory can play your old classics music collection with Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Tone Factory is lightweight and easy to carry.


ONE Factory is a revolutionary product that will take you to the good old days of the gramophone. This is a modernized version of the same product with subtle technological variations that will improve your overall experience.

A turntable designed to fulfil all your musical needs. The company has covered much ground in the development process. That being said, the product they are offering are still prototypes, so you can expect slight differences in the product that will be delivered to you.

TONE Factory is compact and ultra-light, weighing only 2.8 kilograms, so it is effortless to carry around. Made of stainless steel and brass, it is available in 3 colors, namely, black, white and green.

Tone Factory Can Work WIth Bluetooth Speaker

The design is minimal and looks super futuristic. TONE Factory can enhance the appearance of the room where you keep it. The company also received many accolades for the product design in Austria.

The vital difference between any other turntable and TONE Factory is the base which gives it a super flat and futuristic look. It can play 33 and 45 RPM records and features an electronic switch for speed change. Its wireless technology enables you to connect it to any device of your preference.

Why Tone Factory

Tone Factory Can Play Your Old Classics

Are you a music lover? Are you one of the few music lovers who like authentic sound? Do those vintage phonographs appeal to you? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you should read this article. Here we are introducing a product that was designed mainly for the avid music lovers.

For people who want some authenticity in their sounds and are more driven towards the artistic side of the music, this product is for them. The owners of the company are vinyl lovers and have designed this product, especially for them.

The product is currently set for a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. TONE Factory is a product of Europe where vinyl records and turntables are trendy. It has been designed in Austria and handcrafted in the Czech Republic.

The company started the idea of TONE Factory two years ago with an ambition of providing an affordable turntable to the public. The company has also made some environmental commitments which we will be talking about in a while. Keep reading to know more about this brand new product.

Problem Solving by the Product

TONE Factory is designed for the music enthusiasts who are vinyl lovers and enjoy analogue music. Many people like to listen to their music in an old fashioned way. This was possible by installing costly hi-fi systems.

TONE Factory provides an affordable solution to this problem faced by many of us. An elegant way of calming yourself to the quality sounds of analogue music. Sure you must have thought about it at some point in your life. TONE Factory is a unique blend of the past and the future. After the onset of digital media, analogue music slowly faded out.

This product has been targeted for those who still remember the olden days and want a walk down the memory lane. The compact and lightweight design allows you to carry it everywhere with ease. Moreover, the beautiful acrylic dust cover provides an effective shield against dust and other pollutants that will keep your device safe.

In other words, the TONE Factory is an affordable solution for you if you are an admirer of analogue music and vinyl records. You should consider pledging on Kickstarter and get a great deal while you can. You can get multiple accessories including felt mat, stylus brush, dust-cover and record brush.

Detailed Specifications

Tone Factory

Here are the detailed specifications for you.

  • Dimensions – 360 x 360 x 54 mm (W X D X H)
  • With dust cover – 360 x 360 x 85 mm (W X D X H)
  • Weight – 2.8 kg
  • With dust cover – 3.5 kg
  • Speed – 33/45 RPM (automatic speed change)
  • Drive principle – Belt Drive
  • Platter –5 mm
  • Main bearing – Stainless Steel/Brass
  • Effective arm length – 218.5 mm
  • Overhang – 18.0 mm
  • Effective tonearm mass – 6.0 g
  • Tracking Force range – 17.5 mN pre-adjusted
  • Outputs – RCA Line, Bluetooth
  • Included accessories – power supply (EU, US, UK), drive belt, single adaptor, felt mat, setup guide
  • Power Supply – 110-240V/50, 60 Hz; 15V DC 500 mA
  • Power Consumption – 3 watts max

Plan for Launch

TONE Factory is currently available for crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform. The company launched the campaign on 19th December 2019 and were able to successfully achieve its target funding on 9th January 2020.

At this rate, the TONE Factory should be optimistic about their future. They are far ahead in the development process, but still, most of their products are prototypes. The company is positive that they’ll be able to ship the per-ordered devices by the middle of June 2020.

They are hoping to be on schedule unless any unexpected events cause a delay in the shipments. After dispatching the pre-orders, the company should plan for full-scale production and gather funds for the same.

This is a unique offering to a niche market that acknowledges the need for such a product. That too at an affordable price.

About The Company

TONE Factory is a group of designers, engineers and managers from Europe who are looking to provide a graceful solution to a genuine problem. They have a brilliant idea which has been well recognized by their backers on Kickstarter.

Within only a month, they were able to raise over $120,000 in from more than 400 backers. Apart from this, the company has also made some commitments to the environment and nature.

They strive to make long-lasting products in environment-friendly factories so that the planet faces minimal damage. Their manufacturing site is only 200 km from their headquarters so that they can cut down on logistics costs.

They are keen on developing innovative products like TONE turntable and focus on sustainable practices at the same time.